Alpha Shredding Review – Is Aaron Darko’s Workout Program Good?

C’mon Guys…!  We’re Getting More Than A Little Disillusioned With The Amount Of ‘Get Ripped & Shredded’ Programs Coming To Market.  And, We Have To Say, When We Came Across Alpha Shredded That Says What You’re Doing Is ALL WRONG, We Immediately Thought, What A Load Of Bull…!

But…  And this is a big but.  20 years ago everyone thought they had the latest info on how to get that body beautiful.  Of course, we now know different.  So what if the minds behind Alpha Shredded really are onto something…?

Naturally, this left us with only one choice.  And that was to get down and dirty with exactly what the Alpha Shredding Protocol was really all about.  We have to say that we’re going to take some convincing – after all, this is the program that promises that you can drop the fat AND build muscle at the same time.  Not only that, but that you’ll start to get shredded within 3 weeks!  Is that even possible…?

alpha shredding reviewSo, if you’re thinking of buying into the Get Shredded program, be sure to read what we discovered before you spend a single penny of your hard earned cash.  And although we say so ourselves, the couple of minutes spent reading the following is certainly time well spent…

What do you get for your money with Alpha Shredding?

So, what Alpha Shredded is, is a workout program that shows you exactly what to eat and the training you need to undertake in order to drop the excess pounds whilst still piling on the muscle.  And this is something that pretty much every trainer out there tells you is impossible to achieve – that you have to work on one of the other…

But, according to Alpha Shredding, this is all total baloney…!  Because the human body has adapted and evolved over the millennia, and we need to adapt a different strategy for long-term results.

And the Alpha Shredding program breaks down like this:

  • Component 1 – Alpha Shredding Workouts: The core of the program, this is the complete Alpha Shredding Workout Video instruction that will shock your body into transformation mode for ultra fast results.  You’ll discover the truly correct exercises in perfect form following proven pyramids and ladders strategies that’ll give you 3 times greater results thanks to doing the RIGHT exercises in perfect form.  You also get customized weight ascension charts for every level and every body type.  And that’s only the beginning…
  • Component 2 – The Alpha Intake Protocol: Here you discover a delicious yet simple and sustainable diet that will massively increase your shredding results.  (And hey, you’ll be amazed at quite how much of your fav foods that you’ll still be able to eat.  And discover the nutrient timing secrets.  Because WHEN you eat is almost as important as what you eat…
  • Component 3 – Alpha on the Go: Because we don’t all have an ‘at home’ lifestyle.  So here you get a massively useful easy access mobile workouts that you can keep on your cell.  This means that you’ll never forget a workout or exercise, and you can access them whenever you choose.
  • Component 4 – The Hotel Shred Protocol: This little baby shows you the exact workouts you can do absolutely anywhere – no gym, machines, or free weights required.  Superb workouts using only your body weight – perfect for the crazy 21st century lifestyle…
  • Component 5 – The Mega Supplement Cheat Sheet: Exactly as the title suggests, you’ll discover all the dirty secrets the supplement industry DOESN’T want you to know.  A truly valuable guide into which supplements are a total waste of money, which are OK, and – most surprisingly, why if you’d rather not spend your money on supplements, you really don’t have to…!

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Any other benefits?

OK, so the reason you’re gonna want Alpha Shredding is to drop the pounds and pile on the muscle.  And those coveted six-pack abs are the ultimate goal.  And whilst the program certainly delivers, there’s also a whole host of other benefits.  These include increased energy levels, a boosted immune system, staving off nasty diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

And – we have to say – many have seen incredible results in their success with the laydeees…!  A true advantage in itself, wouldn’t you say…?

Who is Alpha Shredding for?

aaron darkoWell guys…  If you’re looking for fast, long-lasting results in the body gorgeous stakes, then Alpha Shredding is for you.  In particular, if you’ve tried every other regime going, only to drop a few pounds, see a bit of muscle increase, only to gradually fade back to a fat, not-so-beautiful you, then it’s time to give something different a go…

The Pros and Cons of Alpha Shredding

The Pros

  • Alpha Shredding DOES NOT require you to sell your soul to the local gym. In fact, you’ll be amazed at quite how little exercise you need to do on a weekly basis for almost miraculous results…
  • Alpha Shredding DOES NOT require you to give up all your favorite foods and adopt a ‘fasting’ regime. Because it’s all about when you eat and what you eat – get this right, combined with the right kind of training, and the fat will fade away and your muscles will get ripped – both at the same time.
  • Alpha Shredding DOES provide you with a sustainable nutrition and workout program that you can follow for life. This isn’t a program that gives you a couple of months of amazing results and then leaves you high and dry.  It’s meant to be a complete transformation for life…
  • Alpha Shredding DOES treat you like an intelligent human being… Although it’s totally simple to follow, the workouts and nutrition plans can be tweaked to make them both personal to you AND to fit in with your lifestyle – giving you the knowledge to stay shredded all year round.

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The Cons

  • OK – so no matter what the glitzy advertising promises, Alpha Shredding does take some commitment and will power. There’s no easy route to that perfect body.  And, let’s face it, would you actually want there to be…?  Because if there were, everyone would have one, and then you being shredded and ripped would simply be the same as everybody else…

alpha shredding

The Bottom Line of Alpha Shredding

Well, we have to say that we honestly thought Alpha Shredded was just going to be more of the same old, same old.  But, we’re delighted to say, it really isn’t.  If you honestly want to put in the work to get that perfect six pack (and reap all the other benefits it brings), then Alpha Shredded will show you exactly how to do it.

Plus we love the fact that this is a program for life, not simply a quick fix.  In a nutshell, Alpha Shredded does exactly as it promises.  And hey, it also comes with an iron clad, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.  So trying it out really is risk free.

To sum up – Alpha Shredding is awesome…  A tiptop, great buy that we’re happy to recommend…

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