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Health AvengerI’m the Health Avenger, aka Stan, but you can call me Avenger for short. I’m glad you have swung by.

I started this site to help you find the BEST health and weight loss products and information out there. I know so many people who have been scammed and burned by many things on the Internet, so I wanted to create something where people could come to find the “truth” and give my recommendations so you can make it through without all the B.S.

I’m glad you’re here and let’s get to work.

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A Single Drink Product That Provides You With A Complete Superfood Fix!  No Juicing, No Blending, No Shopping, No Mess…  Does Such A Thing Really Exist…? One thing about our 24/7, 21st century lifestyle is that all have trouble ensuring that our diet is as good as it should be.  Eat this, eat that, get [...]

Green drinks are somewhat of a ‘buzz’ subject at the moment.  Of course, as soon as a few celebrities are seen to be using them, everyone wants a piece of the action.  And a whole host of A-list superstars can be seen supping away on a daily basis – names such as Anne Hathaway, Colin [...]

High blood pressure is a very common illness in our society, caused by things such as poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity and genetics. Statins, which are a classification of drugs that control blood pressure, are now some of the most prescribed drugs on the market. However, they have numerous negative side effects and some [...]

The Perfect Water Pitcher is also marketed as the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. The company claims that it is one of the highest powered, cutting edge purifying filters on the market today, designed to ensure you have the best tasting water, free from almost all chemicals. This means that you can finally drink water and [...]

So – Do We Honestly Believe That A Marine Based Dietary Supplement Can Honestly Lower Blood Pressure, Ease Fatigue, Cure Painful Joints, And Literally Slow The Aging Process?  If Only Such A Product Were Genuinely Available… We don’t know about you, but we’re getting pretty fed up with the continuous amount of ‘super products’ coming [...]