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Welcome my friend!

Health AvengerI’m the Health Avenger, aka Stan, but you can call me Avenger for short. I’m glad you have swung by.

I started this site to help you find the BEST health and weight loss products and information out there. I know so many people who have been scammed and burned by many things on the Internet, so I wanted to create something where people could come to find the “truth” and give my recommendations so you can make it through without all the B.S.

I’m glad you’re here and let’s get to work.

A new way of losing weight that is the biggest breakthrough since finding the calorie? How can that even be possible? As we learn more about the human body and how it interacts with food, more and more diets come on the market that promise huge results fast. The Metabolic Factor is one of them. [...]

Patriot Power Greens is becoming extremely popular in the health industry, and with more people wanting to learn about the man behind them, Dr Lane Sebring, we thought we would give some insight into his life. He is a very interesting doctor. He is not your average doctor who prescribes a pill and sends you [...]

A ‘Product In A Can’ That Can Heal Your Body And Halt The Signs Of Aging, Heal Sickness And Fill You With Boundless Youthful Energy!  Come On, If Something Like That Really Existed Wouldn’t You Have Heard About It By Now…?  If we told you that there honestly was a miracle ‘green’ drink that could [...]

A Way To Change Your Metabolism So Your Body Burns Fat Instead Of Sugar For Energy!  Is Dr Jonny Bowden’s Controversial New Offering Honestly Something That Works?  After All, If It Were So Easy, Wouldn’t We All Be Doing It Already...? The problem with diet and nutrition products is that we all soooo want to [...]

If you have acne, you know how horrible this affliction actually is.  It affects many of us and it has the ability to not just permanently and temporarily damage the skin, it also has the potential to significantly damage our own levels of self-esteem.  I have been suffering from terrible acne since being a teen [...]