Zenith Labs Brain C-13 Review – Will It Boost Your Brain?

A Supplement That Not Only Nourishes Your Brain, But That Actively Reverses The Beginning Of Cognitive Decline…? Not To Mention Staving Off The Chances Of More Serious Memory Related Issues In The Future…!

zenith labs brain c-13 review Wow…! Zenith Labs Brain C-13 must be a seriously strong concoction of drugs to make such claims, wouldn’t you think…? Well, according to their advertising, nothing could be further from the truth. Because this supplement doesn’t contain a single thing that’s anything but natural….

Hmmmm…. We have to say, we’re gonna take some convincing…. And boy, are we going to take pleasure in finding out the dirty truth behind the product. After all, your brain health is certainly not to be taken lightly. And some cleverly put together publicity and a flashy website does NOT mean that we should take their promises as gospel.

If you’re considering a purchase, then you really need to read what we found out. Because the last thing you need is to waste your hard earned cash on a product that simply can’t deliver. Or worse…

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Zenith Labs Brain C-13 Ingredients & Supplement Facts

zenith brain labs c-13 facts


What do you get for your money with Zenith Labs Brain C-13?

Right then… Zenith Brain Labs C-13 is an all-natural supplement that’s been brought to market by one Dr. Ryan Shelton. We’ll talk more about him in a little while, but the first thing to understand is that the product contains ingredients that combat what they refer to as ‘Invisible Mind Assassins’.

So what are these? Well, in short, they’re the very reasons your brain is going into age-related decline in the first place. The first one is that after the age of 40 it’s likely that the blood vessels that provide oxygen to the brain are contracting. And this means that less blood (and therefore lifegiving oxygen) is piped to the brain.

The second reason is that over the years your body produces less of the vital nutrients your brain needs to function at full speed. And the third…? Well, it’s one we all know far too well, namely information overload; you know, stress, worry, trying to keep going 24/7… Something that affects all of us in one form or another…

So, what Zenith Labs Brain C-13 is a collection of herbs and unique compounds that have been proven (in the latest of cutting edge research) to have a dramatic impact on reducing these three causes. Sounds good so far, wouldn’t you agree…?

So let’s take a look at what these miracle ingredients are:

  • Huperzine A: This is a Chinese plant that’s creating quite a buzz amongst those in the know. And this is because it actively increases the body’s level of an essential neurotransmitter that’s necessary to keep your brain cells firing and communicating with each other. Studies have shown that it stimulates short term memory by encouraging faster neural activity. And, if that wasn’t enough, it actively reduces stress and drives away unhealth moods.
  • Citicoline: This natural ingredient has an amazing effect on those all essential neurotransmitters. It literally lights up the part of the brain that’s responsible for memory recall, and it also has a massive positive effect on the way you feel. This simple ingredient as amazed researchers at Harvard Medical School, and convinced many that it really does have the ability to reduce age related cognitive decline.
  • Vinpocetine: An amazing herb that literally causes the blood vessels within the brain to re-open once again, allowing the life-giving oxygen to flow once again in the way it did when you were younger. This not only washes away mental fog, but actively flushes away the toxins that have been building up over the years, thanks to environmental toxins that we simply can’t avoid. Amazingly, Vinpocetine has been proven to improve reaction times and memory fatigue within 3 short days…!
  • Magnesium: Did you know that a massive proportion of Americans have a magnesium deficiency. And this is playing havoc with our mental health. It’s essential for the well-being of your brain, and recent research from MIT has shown that this deficiency plays a big part in the loss of mental cognition. But bring your magnesium levels back to where they should be and boom…! Your brain once again begins to fire in the way it used to years ago.

These are the main ingredients contained in Zenith Labs Brain C-13. But for its creator, they weren’t enough. So in addition to the perfectly formulated dosage of these,  9 other mind focusing ingredients have been added, all of which are scientifically proven to support mental awareness, boost your mood and energy, improve clarity and focus, and aid cognitive health.

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Who the heck is Dr. Ryan Shelton?

ryan shelton zenith brain labs c-13Well… If there was ever a person who was perfectly positioned to bring a product such as Zenith Labs Brain C-13 to market, then Shelton would have to be your guy. His whole medical career has been dedicated to the discovery of the world’s latest breakthroughs in holistic and alternative medicine. And, most crucially, to finding the natural answers to some of the world’s most pressing health problems today.

He’s a true genius when it comes to clinical and investigative research, and he’s also the man behind Whole-Body Health, his Kansas City based family health practice. He’s also held hallowed positions in institutions such as the University Compounding Pharmacy in Sand Diego, an industry leader in the field of nutraceutical research. In short, Dr. Ryan Shelton really does know his stuff…

Who is Zenith Labs Brain C-13 for?

Over the age of 40…? Worried that you’re memory isn’t quite what it used to be…? Maybe it’s that brain fog that’s so hard to shake off, or the fact that you can’t quite bring that word you need to the forefront of your mind…? What about remembering people’s names…? Or how much harder it’s become to learn something new…?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above, then Zenith Labs Brain C-13 really is the product for you, and one that will see those mental blocks fade away, bringing you back the sharpness and clarity of mind that you probably think you’ve lost forever…!

The Pros and Cons of Zenith Labs Brain C-13

The Pros:

  • Contains only the purest of natural ingredients, making this safe for anyone to take.
  • Not only does can the supplement massively increase brain health, it actively promotes positive moods, and reduces negative feelings an anxiety.
  • Works fast. Within days you’ll feel your brain fog reduce, stop having those embarrassing ‘senior moments’, and feel your mental clarity returning to the levels of your youth.
  • Paleo friendly, gluten free, and non-GMO.

The Cons:zenith brain labs c-13 guarantee

  • If we have to be critical about one thing, then it has to be the ‘blind you with science’ advertising. They really do use a lot of long words and scientific terms. And, let’s be honest, most of us don’t have a clue what they really mean. (But don’t worry, we really have dug deep to check that they’re not making false claims about the potency of the supplement).

The Bottom Line

Well, in short… If you’re looking for a supplement that not only can provide genuine support for the health of your brain, but that’s also based on the most cutting edge of holistic natural medicine, then Zenith Labs Brain C-13 is pretty damn awesome…! Not only is the formula carefully calculated, but the ingredients are of the highest quality available, and sustainably sourced.

It’s also made 100% in the USA, and comes with a no quibble, 6-month, 100% money back guarantee (yep, even if the bottle’s empty). Yes, Zenith Labs Brain C-13 really does walk the walk, something we certainly weren’t expecting when we started our investigation. If you’re looking for such a supplement, then this is definitely one of the best we’ve come across in a long, long time.

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