Ways To Keep Fat Burning Fun While You Get Fit

Keep Fat Burning FunEverybody knows working out is a necessity, but many people put it on the backburner because they assume it will be boring and physically demanding. While it will definitely require some activity in order to get any positive results, getting in shape doesn’t always have to be a drag. Yeah, climbing onto a treadmill for half an hour, followed by some reps with the hand weights seems like a snooze-fest, but there are plenty of ways to get healthy and burn fat without falling asleep in the process.

Enter a Contest

One way you can burn fat and make it more motivational and entertaining is by joining a competition. This can be anything from running a marathon or entering a dance competition to signing up for a bodybuilding contest. Even if it’s something you’ve never done before, taking on the challenge of changing your body for the better and seeing how far you can get with it will not only test your limits but make you feel good about what you can do for yourself. Whether you win or lose, the results will be tangible, and you’ll want to keep going because it made a difference in your life.

Get Dancing

Speaking of dance competitions, one fun way to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness is by dancing, whether it’s in a group or on your own. Linda Kaban of Chron suggests:

Turn your primal instinct into a workout session that will be fun, as well as help burn off some serious calories. In fact, a fast-paced dance routine can burn up to 223 calories in 30 minutes for a person who weighs 155 pounds, according to Harvard Health Publications.

There are many dance based aerobics classes being offered through gyms now, as well as at home DVD’s you can watch to practice solo without watchful eyes. If you want it to be less structured, you could just go out for a night with the girls at a salsa club or downtown, but keep yourself away from the alcohol which will stunt your weight loss. Instead, go for water to stay hydrated, and just have fun all dressed up and out on the town.

Do What You Love

Forget about finding something that will burn fat for a moment and just consider the things you enjoy doing that require movement. Dancing might be one of them, but what about ice skating, roller blading, hiking, and even rock climbing. Belief Net suggests:

An activity that you love will keep you motivated to lose weight and make the process more enjoyable. Depending on your area and the weather, you can switch up activities that interest you depending on the season.

You might be surprised to find that something as simple as taking your kids to the pool can burn calories and help you tone muscle while you play with your little ones. Getting involved in a game of tag with your family at the local playground is another way to get everybody involved and have a good time getting fit.

Play With Your Dog

Playing with your kids at the park is even more fun if you bring along man’s best friend, or just take your pet for a stress free walk in the evenings after supper. Sandy Braz of Oxygen magazine writes:

Studies show that having a pet helps relieve stress, a major contributor to your expanding waistline due to cortisol – the hormone released into your bloodstream in response to a fight-or-flight situation.

If you’ve got a fenced in backyard or a well-trained pooch you can take them out to play fetch; just be sure to move around a lot with your animal.