Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss Review – Is Rusty Moore & Mark Kilslich for Real?

Honestly! A Way To Get The Body Beautiful By Gorging On Carbs…?  Going Against Everything The Workout Industry Has Ever ‘Sold’ Us…?  Oh, And The Diet Is Also Beer Friendly…!  Seems Way, Way Too Good To Be True, Doesn’t It…?

Visual Impact High Carb Fat LossListen up, fellow fitness fans, fatties, failed dieters, and muffin tops…  How d’you fancy a diet that allows you to eat carbs guilt free, and even include the odd alcoholic drink in your regime (including – horror upon horror – BEER!), and still get that lean fit body you so desperately yearn for?

Yeah, us too…  So when we came across the High Carb Fat Loss program by Rusty Moore and Mark Kilslich that promises exactly that, we were all ears…  But mainly because we thought, hey – this just can’t work!

But they’d certainly piqued our interest.  And no doubt yours as well.  So we decided that the only course of action was to jump in headfirst, and immerse ourselves in the Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss regime to see if it really could deliver on it’s ‘crazy’ promises.

The following is what we found out.  And although we say so ourselves, we really do think you’ll find it fascinating…

What do you get for your money with Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss?
OK, so the Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss Program is provide in 100% digital format.  It’s accessed via a ‘members only’ area, a secure place where every bit of the information contained within the program is stored.

The following is just a slice of the masses of information you receive:

  • The truth about carbs: The thing is, we’ve all been led to believe that carbs are ‘bad’. That eating them is only going to increase your body’s fat content.  But the sad truth is that the diet and fitness industry has lied to us. It’s now scientifically proven that the body doesn’t (and can’t) store carbs as fat – it stores this as glycogen in the muscles.  And pretty much most of us will never eat enough carbs to saturate this natural energy conversion.
  • Why carbs are king when it comes to calorie burn: Compared to fats, carbs are THE food source you need to make your body burn more (not less) calories.
  • Why fats are your enemy: Fats are a major contributor to insulin resistance (and in some cases lead onto diabetes), obesity, and heart disease.  Discover why our western diet is literally causing us all to be fat and unhealthy…
  • Rapid fat loss: By following a stricter eating plan Monday through Thursday, with more flexibility over the weekend, even allowing you to have a social life (and alcohol if you want), without being a ‘diet bore’.
  • Healthy eating AND health advice: Learn once and for all about WHY you can eat carbs and still lose weight.  And more importantly, why you NEED to do this for all round body health.  There’s advice from doctors, as well as that from these two fitness and diet gurus.
  • Say goodbye to crushing your metabolism: The ‘other’ reason so many diets fail.  And guess what?  It’s all down to carbs…

And, of course, High Carb Fat Loss provides you with detailed information about the delicious foods you can enjoy whilst working towards your lean weight loss goal.

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So, who the heck are Rusty Moore and Mark Kilslich?

Rusty Moore And Mark KislichSo, Moore has been making his living as a full time fitness writer for the past decade.  He’s a fitness advisor to runway models, and is the creator of the Visual Impact Fitness Courses that many have used to ditch the excess fat with great success.

Kilslich is an Icelandic marvel – a guy who met up with Rusty Moore by commenting on his blog (way to go for an introduction!). This is the man who’s helped peak athletes – including Olympians – to get and stay in tiptop condition.

Together these two experts have managed to nail the ‘eat-carbs, don’t eat carbs’ conundrum, compounding the effects of including carbs within the diet because – and this is the important take home message – THE BODY DOESN’T CONVERT CARBS INTO FAT, IT CONVERTS FAT INTO FAT!

Who is Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss for?

Visual Impact High Carb Fat LossThe thing is, High Carb Fat Loss is going to appeal to anyone who’s ever tried (and failed) to lose weight.  And hey – there’s an awful lot of us out there…  But thankfully, at last, this is genuinely a diet to end all diets.  Because it’s not about starving yourself or sticking to stupid regimes.  It’s not about keto, it’s not about paleo, it’s not about high protein…  What this eating plan is about, is providing the body with the nutrition it was designed to ingest to work in the most efficient way possible.


So if you’re a little (or a lot) overweight.  If you’re looking to drop the final few pounds to get ripped.  If you want to eat for optimum health.  Or if you simply want to ensure you eat the best diet possible, then High Carb Fat Loss could well provide you with that ‘eureka’ moment…

The Pros

  • Visual Impact High Carb Fat Loss can be followed by both meat eaters AND veggies. Yes, even if you’re a true vegan, this diet will work for you too.
  • The program is totally designed to put an end to yo-yo dieting. Lose weight steadily and gradually, without every experiencing those frustrating weight rebounds.
  • There’s no ‘difficult’ shopping or cooking necessary to follow the High Carb Fat Loss program. In fact, you even get a diet template that mixes in more processed food that you purchase from the grocery store.
  • This is an eating plan with no cravings. Because other diets force you to cut out carbs, and the brain then sends messages saying, ‘hey, I need carbs to function – where the heck are they?’  But with High Carb Fat Loss the brain is content because the body is getting the nutrition it needs.

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The Cons

  • OK, so before you rush to buy thinking this is a ‘miracle’ weight loss plan, let’s talk realism for a moment. No matter what diet you follow, there’s always a simple equation: If you eat more energy (calories) than you burn, you WILL put on weight.  Simple fact!  There is no ‘magic bullet’ for weight loss.  However, what High Carb Fat Loss provides you with is a genuine eating plan that, if followed, really will see you dropping those excess pound.  And, we have to say, the meals it promotes are truly delicious too…

 The Bottom Line

Well, High Carb Fat Loss goes against everything that’s ‘trendy’ in the diet world right now.  And actually, that’s good – because if you’re struggling to ditch the excess pounds, then you know that regular diets simply don’t work.

The thing is, science and our understanding of the human body continues to evolve.  And whilst in the 1980s we nearly got weight loss right, there was one key element missing.  What High Carb Fat Loss does is put that right, and combine an eating plan with cutting edge knowledge to let you eat right AND ditch the fat.

In a fat-burning nutshell, High Carb Fat Loss works.  And with a no questions asked, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee, you’ve really got nothing to lose.  Except, that is, the lard…

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