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Hair Revital X Hair Regrowth Formula

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What is The Hair Revital X Product?

This innovative system combines four hair-restoring blends as well as pure Saw Palmetto extract into both a quick-absorbing topical spray and easy-to-take capsules.

Each batch of capsules is cGMP guaranteed for dosage, content, and purity unlike a lot of other hair supplements you’ll find on the internet.

As you continue to read our in-depth review we hope to answer all of your questions about the Zenith Labs Hair RevitalX but you can get all of the nitty gritty details right here as well.

What This Hair Regrowth Product & Formula Can Do For Your Hair Loss Problem

According to the creators of these products the following can be expected for both men and women when utilizing the treatment system of Ultimate Hair RevitalX:

  • Protection against future hair loss as well as the promotion of hair growth.
  • Increase the health of your existing and new hair, making it less prone to not only brittleness but graying as well.
  • Renewed intimacy with your significant other as well as an increased respect from both friends and coworkers as your confidence is restored when hair is restored.
  • Loving how you look when you walk out your front door each morning.

Oh and when we were reading the official site here’s what we found…

Hair Regrowth Extender Blend Results


How to Properly Use The Hair Revital X System for Best Results (for both Men & Women)

One of the benefits of this product is it is super simple to use.

To use, simply apply a thin layer of the topical spray directly onto the areas of your scalp where you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss.

The spray quickly absorbs into the body.

With the hair loss supplement capsules, simply take two a day and the same effect occurs, the body absorbs the nutrients,  promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Each dose includes four ingredient blends that have been Scientifically proven effective at balancing dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and stimulating hair growth.

Each dose includes Saw Palmetto as well as four-ingredient blends.

Sidebar: recently a Harvard doctor reported that ONLY one hormone triggers hair loss and if you flush that hormone you can end hair loss. He explains it right here, which if you’re trying to regrow your hair or stop hair loss, it’s worth a look.

What Are The Four Ingredient Blends Featured Within Hair Revival X Products?

Hair Revital X - Supplement Facts

Hair Revital X – Supplement Facts – Full Details here

1.) The Anti-Genetics Blend: This blend is designed to counteract the genetic predisposition you might have toward hair loss or thinning. It contains natural, potent ingredients that naturally reduce your DHT.

The following is a breakdown of the ingredients that make up the anti-genetics blend:

  • Oral supplement ingredients in the anti-genetics blend: L-Methionine, pygeum bark extract, nettle leaf extract.
  • Topical spray ingredients in the anti-genetics blend: Carthamus thistle, rosemary extract.

2.) The Regrowth Extender Blend: This blend treats the hair follicles, promoting increased hair growth. The ingredients in this blend have been tested and proven effective to encourage the growth of denser, stronger hair. One study even noted a 184% increase in denser hair.

  • Oral supplement ingredients in the regrowth blend: Zinc (a mineral), pantothenic acid (also called Vitamin B), Phytosterols (a sunflower seed compound), and Vitamin A palmitate.
  • Topical spray ingredients in the regrowth blend: Centella (also known as Asian pennywort) and apigenin (found in specific herbs like chamomile and parsley.

3.) Healthy Hair Blend: This blend ensures your hair grows back healthier and stronger than ever. After all, what good is regrowing hair if that new hair is brittle, gray or stringy?

This ingredient blend promotes thick, healthy hair in new hair growth.

  • Oral supplement ingredients in the healthy hair blend: Biotin, folic acid, phosphate (vitamin B6), pyridoxal 5, L-cysteine (amino acid).
  • Topical spray ingredients in the healthy hair blend: Panax ginseng, biotinoyl tri-peptite 1 (amino acid).

4.) The Deep Absorption Blend: This blend only applies to the topical spray. It aids in helping the other ingredient blends to absorb deep into the hair follicles and your scalp, successfully stimulating hair regrowth. The ingredients utilized in this blend are widely used in the health community.

  • Topical spray ingredients in the deep absorption blend: Capsaicin (a nerve stimulator you can find in red peppers), lecithin (thickener found in egg yolks), butylene glycol (a compound found in vegetable and fruit sugars.)
Hair Revital X - Hair & Scalp Serum Ingredients

Hair Revital X – Hair & Scalp Serum Ingredients (extra details here)

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The Safety of This Hair Growth Supplement

Science of Hair LossThe safety of this hair growth treatment system has been manufactured with the strictest of standards.

Each batch of capsules are tested in a cGMP certified facility, and the ingredients making up the blend are all pure and natural.

However, it is wise to ask your doctor before you begin any new health program.

In addition, Hair Revital X is backed by the doctor-formulated expertise of the Zenith labs.

Each supplement produced through Zenith labs includes precise combinations of ingredients that work in conjunction with the body’s natural ability to heal.

That’s just one of the reasons you want to buy this hair supplement direct from the source.

Here Are a Few More…

Reasons to Buy Hair Revital X

What if This Hair Regrowth Treatment Doesn’t Work?

Admittedly, not every person responds to treatment exactly the same.

The good thing is the ingredients within Hair Revital X are beneficial for everyone who takes them. However, not everyone will experience the same results as far as hair growth.

Thankfully, there is a money-back guarantee for this treatment system, which might help if you feel like you’ve been scammed before by low-quality products before.

You can return the product, even an empty bottle, for a full refund in the event you are not happy for any reason. In many cases, you don’t even need to return the product to get your refund.

The full details of their refund policy are right here.

How Much Hair Revital X Should I Order & How Much Does it Cost?

Great questions.

Because the Saw Palmetto supplier that Zenith Labs uses is a small company, there can be a bit of a delay in the production of these products.

Consequently, it is wise for people to order the largest amount possible on each order that they are comfortable with.

You also save money with this way of ordering.

For example, the 180-day supply will give you a savings of 30% when compared to the basic 30-day supply.

There is no reason to worry about the products going bad as Hair Revital X has a two-year shelf life.

The following is a breakdown of how you can purchase the Hair Revital X with direct links to secure your hair regrowth products:

  • 30-day supply (1 bottle topical spray + 1 bottle oral supplement)
  • 90-day supply (3 bottles topical spray + 3 bottles oral supplement)
  • 180-day supply (6 bottles topical spray + 6 bottles oral supplement)

If you subscribe for subsequent orders, you save money and we all like to save money, right?

What’s the One-Time Price to Buy?

The one-time purchase price for one bottle of Ultimate Hair Revital X is $49.00 a bottle yet we recommend taking advantage of the discount options.

You can make sure you get the BEST & lowest price on their official site here which also ensures you are getting the right product.

Why Choose this Hair Supplement by Zenith Labs?

Hair loss or thinning can be an embarrassing and confidence-wrecking condition, I personally had experience with it before so I know that all too well.

Thankfully, the Hair Revital X system by Zenith Labs can treat hair regrowth through a combination of a topical spray and oral supplements.

Therefore, if you have ever experienced the negative effects of hair loss, this is a great system you can use to fortify hair cells, promote healthy hair, and stimulate your hair to grow naturally.

If you’ve made it this far in our review well all of this + with a money-back guarantee should easily make it worth your time to try it out.

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While Supply Lasts

Hair Revital X Hair Regrowth Formula

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Revital X is Made in The USAWhere is the Hair ReVital X product made?

Zenith Labs is proud to manufacture the product in the USA.

It’s also GMO free and a 100 Natural product.

What are the supplement facts?

This is a great question.  Rather than typing it all out here’s a photo of the actual label for you :-).

Hair Loss Supplement Facts for Hair Revital X

Does Zenith Labs Use Any Animal Testing, Parabens or anything else like that on the Hair ReVitalX Hair Regrowth Formula?

First, we appreciate your interest in making sure Zenith Labs is producing a good product as well as doing it in a good way.  As you can see from the label below this doctor-formulated hair regrowth formula is Paraben free, petroleum-free and has NO animal testing.

Hair Revital X Supplement Usage

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