The Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review – Is Nick Pineault Program Good?

A Product Based About What The French Know About Diet And We Don’t…  Come On, Surely This Is Just A Clever Marketing Ploy?

So we all know about the wonderfully petite French race, and the misconception that they manage to eat yummy breads, cheeses and quaff copious amounts of red wine but still manage to stay slender and beautiful.  But this isTruth About Fat Burning Foods surely just a fallacy, because it’s impossible to do that and manage to have that body beautiful.

So how on earth can The Truth About Fat Burning Foods use the ‘French Paradox’ as its ethos for losing weight?  Is it just a clever way of yet more false advertising, or can this 24 hour diet makeover product honestly offer you the solution to ditching that unwanted lard for good.

Cue an in-depth review into The Truth About Fat Burning Foods, and if it really is the answer to that fat loss dilemma you’ve faced for so long.

And what we discovered might well surprise you…

What do you get for your money with The Truth About Fat Burning Foods?

So The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is all about changing the food choices you make, and performing a literal kitchen makeover to ensure that the nutrition you eat to program your metabolism into burning fat in a way that you might not believe possible.  However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak, and results speak louder than any amount of hype can.

What you can expect to discover includes the following:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes: that 99% of people believe is necessary to lose weight, but in reality actually stops your body from burning belly fat.
  • The crazy truth about salt: and why not all salt is bad.   In fact, there is a specific kind of salt that actually regulates your blood pressure.  Indeed, cutting back on sodium can actually be detrimental to your health and fat loss efforts.
  • The truth about cooking oil: and why some are good to use and the ones to avoid.  Plus how to instantly be able to tell the difference between the saints and the sinners.
  • The evil truth about sweeteners: and other specific ingredients that might well contain zero calories, but actually make you gain weight and fat.
  • The health food scandal: and why many contain hidden heavy metals that actually make you store fat, rather than lose it.
  • The dirty truth about whole wheat: and why it’s one of the biggest scams in the history of the world…
  • Chips, and why some are worse than others: but thanks to an included recipe, means you can create your own mouth watering delights that you can binge on to your heart’s content…

And loads more that we simply haven’t got the room to list here.

Truth About Fat Burning Foods Program

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Who is The Truth About Fat Burning Foods for?

Want to lose weight?  Want to ditch the lard?  Fed up with trying all those other ‘magic’ solutions that simply don’t work?  Then The Truth About Fat Burning Foods has been written specifically for you.

Young or old.  Male or female.  First ever diet or the latest in a long line of failures, then this honestly is the definitive answer that you’ve been searching for.  But be warned, although you’ll, be amazed by the simplicity by which you can honestly change your fat loss fortune, it you do need to give it your full enthusiasm, because miracles can happen – but you have to work at them…

Who is Nick Pineault?

nick pineaultCreator of the Truth About Fat Burning, Nick Pineault, is a regular guy – just like you – (or gal, no sexism here….), who got so fed up with the dirty tricks played by the big manufacturers who prey on peoples’ insecurities, that he decided to dedicate his time to finding out the real truth about healthy food.

He’s spent hours, days, weeks, months and years of his own time thoroughly researching foods, and the big lies that the manufacturers are trying (successfully) to palm off on us.  And this has culminated in The Truth About Fat Burning Foods – a complete nutrition plan and kitchen makeover that will amaze you, both in its simplicity and results.

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The Pros and Cons of The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

The Pros

  • It works, and works fast!  Because this series of manuals shows you the fattening and unhealthy foods to avoid, but also the ones you’ll be surprised that you should be eating.  It takes less than 24 hours to makeover your kitchen, and you learn rapidly about nutrition, meaning the results start coming as soon as you implement the program.
  • You won’t feel deprived of your favorite foods.  Honestly!  Because one thing that pretty much all dieters do is to be far TOO restrictive on their intake.  And by allowing yourself the odd ‘cheat’ a couple of days of the week actually helps your body to burn MORE fat, not less.
  • This is not a diet plan.  In fact, what The Truth About Fat Burning Foods is, is a program designed to get you to change your way of eating for life.  Just think, no more diets – ever!
  • The Truth About Fat Burning Foods comes with an amazing triple guarantee.  In fact, if you’re not a), amazed by the quality of the product and level of detail, b) stay leaner forever and c) get totally heroic customer support, then you can get every red cent of your money back – guaranteed!

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The Cons

  • So no-one is saying it’s going to be easy.  But then, when did anything worthwhile ever be simple.  All you need to bring along is the will to want to lose weight, the enthusiasm to start the program and the dedication to stick it through the first few weeks.  Because once you honestly change your diet for the better – not to mention see the fat begin to melt away – that’s all the motivation you’ll need to stick with the program.

The Bottom Line

Okay, so we have to admit that on first glance we honestly thought we’d be able to report that The Truth About Fat Burning Foods was just more of the same old, same old.  But we couldn’t have been more wrong.  The information contained within the books is some of the most advanced and up to date that you can get your hands on – and it works!

And whilst it will undoubtedly appeal to those who have some (or a lot) of fat to lose, it’s also jam-packed full of information for any health conscious individual who wants to learn more about nutrition.

In a nutshell, we love it!