Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review – Will This Stop The Ringing?

According To The Makers Of The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol, There IS A Cure For This Life-Debilitating Problem. And The Reason You Don’t Know About It Is That Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To…

tonkai tinnitus protocol reviewLet’s just make this very clear… If you don’t suffer from tinnitus, then you have no idea how awful it is. And if you’re one of the poor soul’ whose problem develops into Severe Disabling Tinnitus (SDT), then you’re very well aware that you suffer a constant living hell…

So when we came across the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol, a product that not only promises to cure your problem, but claims that the pharmaceutical industry is actively keeping this Intel from you, for that root cause of all evil -money – then let’s just say that we were immediately a wee bit suspicious…

But, for the tinnitus sufferer, you may well be so desperate that you’ll grab at any straw if it might mean an end to those whirrs, hisses, squeals, and ringing that blight your every waking hour. And that’s what makes a product such as the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol such a potential money earner – your wish for a cure… So if you’re considering a purchase, please (please!) take the time to read our in-depth report about exactly what the product is. Because the last thing you need is your hopes raised, and then dashed once more – not to mention losing a heap of your hard earned cash…

Our no-holds barred review will tell you the REAL truth about the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol – without the hype and the false promises. And then you can make up your own mind about whether or not to send them your money…or click here to get it if you already have your mind made up.

What do you get for your money with Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?

OK, so the first thing to know is that the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is NOT about drugs. And it’s NOT about distraction processes. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably been prescribed drugs of all kinds (especially those for anxiety), and tried all kinds of other ‘out there’ stuff. So the last thing you want is any more such treatments that simply fail to work.

The whole ethos of the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is based on the gradually emerging fact that the whole cause of tinnitus is because you lack a certain kind of nerve fat. And, if you eat the right kind of foods, you can literally give your body the nutrition it needs to create this nerve fat (or, to give it its correct name, the myelin sheath, that surrounds the auditory nerves that carry sound from the ears to your brain).

So let’s break down exactly what you get when you buy into the product:

  • The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol: The crux of the product shows you exactly what you need to ingest on a regular basis to give your body the potent combination of nutrients it needs to repair your myelin sheath. The thing is, this sheath can be damaged in so many ways – excessive noise, ear or head trauma, and even by the natural aging process. And when this gets damaged, so the signals of ‘noise’ get scrambled, and you suffer the symptoms of tinnitus. But it’s been recently proven without a doubt, that there are 12 amazing ingredients that, if taken in the right doses on a regular basis, will help your body repair this damage and ultimately improve your hearing.

The information within this protocol shows you the following information:

  • The 12 natural ingredients, where to find them, and how to combine them into delicious smoothies.
  • The two commonly used food additives you must avoid due to their ability to burn through and damage the myelin sheath surrounding your auditory nerves.
  • The five prescription drugs you MUST avoid.
  • The easy to get, inexpensive ingredients that contain the potent nutrients you need – all available at your local grocery store.
  • A complete breakdown of the Okinawan foods that inspired the Tokain Tinnitus Protocol (a remote island in Japan where their diet is so healthy that cases of tinnitus are pretty much unheard of).

The whole protocol is broken down into a 21-day program of delicious smoothies that you simply add to your daily regime. These smoothies are calculated down to the very last gram, and have been crated by a specialist team of nutritionists and food scientists.

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In addition, you also receive the following:

  • The Binaural Beats for Tinnitus Audio Series: Based on a process called ‘frequency following response’ you simply plug in and listen to put your brain in a state where it’s not so pre-occupied by the ringing in your ears. This isn’t intended as a ‘cure’, more of a way to lessen the noise whilst you wait for the protocol to work.
  • The Yoga for Tinnitus Video Series: Think yoga can’t have an effect on your tinnitus…? Think again. Because it’s been scientifically proven in a 2018 study that certain movements and breathing can not only reduce the sounds of tinnitus, but also lower stress levels too. Easy to follow, this is a walk-through series by a certified yoga instructor, and is suitable for all levels of fitness.
  • Tinnitus Trigger Foods: Discover the everyday foods that cause further damage to the myelin sheath. Avoid them, and help silence your tinnitus even faster…!

Who is Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol for?

Well that’s simple… If you suffer from tinnitus – at any level – then the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is for you. And because all it does is help you get the correct healthy ingredients, then it’s suitable for pretty much everyone – no matter if you have any kind of food intolerances, allergies, or are on prescription meds…

Of course, if you have friends or relatives who suffer, then this would make a life-changing gift for them. And because it’s so simple to follow, there’s virtually no effort at all involved in adding these delicious smoothies to your everyday diet.

Does it actually work?

We applaud your cynicism, because we were exactly the same. After all, why hasn’t your doctor told you about it, or the ENT people, or anyone else, for that matter…? And the simple reason is that this powerful combination of ingredients has not that long been proven. And as with anything new – especially in the world of medicine – things take a long, long time to trickle down to the attention of the ‘mere’ general public.

And hey – who’re we to say that Big Pharma is or isn’t trying to cover this info up? And actually, it doesn’t really interest us – all we care about is whether or not it works. The thing is, over 50,000 people (and counting) have used the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol to either drastically reduce or totally cure their tinnitus. And, as they say, the proof of the pudding really is in the eating…

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The Pros and Cons of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol

The Pros

  • Has been proven to fight the root cause of tinnitus, and to reduce or totally eradicate the symptoms within 21 days.
  • Not only do the ingredients fight tinnitus, but they stave off dementia, cancers, and heart disease, and increase overall health and longevity.
  • Works fast. You’ll start experiencing an improvement in your symptoms within days. 94% of people have a complete eradication of all the unwanted tinnitus sounds in an average time of 21 says. The other 6% experience a dramatic reduction in symptoms.
  • Comes with a 60-day, no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

The Consmoney back guarantee tonkai tinnitus protocol

  • Well, much as the smoothies are easy to produce, you do need to spend the time shopping for the ingredients and then making the smoothies each day. Thankfully all the ingredients can be found in your local grocery store, and it only takes a few minutes on a daily basis to make the smoothies.

The Bottom Line

OK, so we’re the first to hold our hands up and admit that we were wrong. Because we really were wrong about the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol. Yep – we assumed it was going to be a pure scam product – but it’s not… It really isn’t. If you suffer from tinnitus, then this could be the ‘miracle’ you’ve been desperately searching for.

And you don’t even need to take our word for it, thanks to the money back guarantee. You heard it here first – the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol works – and then some. You’ve nothing to lose by trying it out, but as a sufferer, you stand to gain a great deal. Perhaps one of the only such products we’ve seen that really and truly addresses the root cause of the problem, the Tonkai Tinnitus Protocol certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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