ThinMist Review of The Weight Loss Spray: Losing Unwanted Pounds with Increased HGH Production

ThinMist is a weight loss spray supplement that promises weight loss by boosting metabolism and increasing HGH production in the pituitary gland without the need to follow a strict dietary and exercise routine. The product was developed by Jesse Cannone, Robert Duvall, and Steve Hefferon of the Healthy Back Institute in an effort to promote weight loss without the need for pills or surgery. I decided to take a closer look at ThinMist because its concept is similar to that of the HCG product line. Also, I want to help readers determine whether the product really delivers on its promise.

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ThinMist weight loss spray is made up of all-natural ingredients that work together to increase the human growth hormone (HGH) levels in the body. At first I thought that it was in fact an HGH alternative, but upon closer inspection, it merely functions to help increase HGH production in the pituitary gland. To better understand how ThinMist works, I did some research on HGH and its relation to weight loss. What I learned was that these hormones help regulate various bodily processes including physical growth and metabolism.

Now we all know that increased metabolic rates help in burning fat, but the problem is that as a person ages, the levels of HGH in the body decrease. This results in a general slow-down of metabolism and the inability of the body to burn excess fat as efficiently as it can. ThinMist works by bringing back the balance of HGH in the body in order to regulate metabolism and trigger the fat burning process once more. To put it metaphorically, it brings a person’s body back to its younger years when the pituitary gland was quite capable of producing sufficient amounts of HGH to control weight gain and stimulate growth.

Unlike most supplements in the market that require users to exercise and go on a strict calorie-counting or shifting diet, ThinMist does not promote these practices. Although better results have been experienced by those who have added physical activities and have switched to healthier diets while using ThinMist spray, the developers of the product claim itis more than enough to affect a positive change in one’s body as long as it is used correctly. Graph Showing How HGH Levels Diminish with Age

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What’s in a Bottle of ThinMist?

There are several essential ingredients found in ThinMist which are worth mentioning in order to have a clearer picture of how it can actually work toward increasing HGH levels in the body. For starters, the product contains three types of amino acids which are known to promote and regulate various bodily processes to trigger the body’s fat burning abilities. L-Arginine is known to increase the levels of creatine in the muscles while at the same time improving blood circulation. L-Tyrosine on the other hand is responsible for appetite suppression and increased adrenaline production. L-Valine meanwhile promotes and helps muscle development – muscles that are needed to accelerate fat burning.

Aside from these amino acids, ThinMist also contains the right amount of Chromium to regulate blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity. The more your body is sensitive to the presence of insulin, the more it can burn fat faster and convert it in to energy. This is why Chromium supplements are sometimes prescribed to obese patients who have high insulin-resistance levels.

In addition, ThinMist also has three of the best muscle building and fat burning ingredients known in the medical and health and fitness community to date. It contains GABA or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid which acts as a stress reliever and muscle relaxant, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that boosts metabolism to commence fat burn, Elk Antler Velvet which is known to boost the immune system while increasing one’s muscle mass and density at the same time.

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How It Works

I decided to look closer if ThinMist weight loss spray could help one benefit from their promise of permanent weight loss.  One bottle which is good for about a month’s use. The dosage is quite easy to remember: 3 pumps of the spray 30 minutes before each meal or 9 sprays a day. If you miss using the spray for a meal, you can make up for it by taking it an hour before bed after the 3 sprays prior to dinner. I have seen some typical results as follows: The first week went by without me seeing any significant results, but by the second week, they were starting to feel more energetic and more capable of handling daily tasks and routines.  Weight loss although not as much as you would expect from someone who has been using ThinMist longer. Nonetheless, they should be able to prove that the product really works and that it can really hasten weight loss and muscle growth. I suggest one follow an exercise routine and a diet plan in addition to using the spray.

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Pricing, Thoughts, and Recommendation

A bottle of ThinMist normally costs $79, but the developers are offering it at $59 when you order from the official website. There is also a 3+1 package that costs $179 and a 6+2 package which will set you back $319. I am not so much a fan of the price because it can be expensive. However, the results you can gain from using the product is worth every penny you spend in my opinion.

If you’re the type of person who does not have the time to follow many of the training and workout programs online, ThinMist is one product that you can consider trying. As with all supplements however, I suggest that you consult your doctor before you purchase the product to make sure that you are not at risk.

All in all, I recommend ThinMist to everyone who wants to try a weight loss supplement which has been proven by research and various studies. The 90 day money-back guarantee is also something to consider, seeing you can try the product risk-free. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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