A Review of Debbie Siebers’ Slim in 6 Fitness Program by Beachbody

Slim in 6 is among the workout programs being marketed and developed by Beachbody and its roster of professional trainers. It is a 6-week diet and exercise program that guarantees weight loss of up to 6 pounds in 6 days.

The program is the brainchild of Debbie Siebers, a prominent figure in the health and wellness industry and one who has experienced the frustrations of trying to lose weight. When she teamed with Beachbody, she started creating and co-creating several weight loss programs with the company including Slim in 6.

Slim in 6 Landing Page

Diagram 1 – Slim in 6 Landing Page

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With weight loss programs being offered left and right, it is so easy to get confused as to which one to try or stay away from. What piqued my interest in Slim in 6 however was that it provided a specific guarantee – a certain number of pounds that can be lost in a specific timeframe. This is the main reason why I decided to try it out. After all, I have had enough of those programs that guarantee “results” but with no end in sight.

What Slim in 6 Can Offer

Slim in 6 is, first and foremost, a fitness program designed to help men and women lose unwanted pounds regardless of physique. Since it is a program which provides a definite amount of time before showing results, it has received a lot of accolades from many users – most of whom have tried a number of workouts indefinitely but have not seen the results they were promised to achieve.

The program is comprised of 5 DVDs that a user can watch in the comfort of his or her own home. When you purchase the kit, you will also be given a journal or motivational calendar, a nutrition guide, and a 6-day diet plan that you can follow along with the workouts on the DVDs.

What You Get with the Slim in 6 Kit

Diagram 2 – What You Get with the Slim in 6 Kit

So what can you expect from Slim in 6? First, you need to prepare yourself for a lot of strength training and aerobic exercises. The combination of these two types of routines will get the heart pumping and metabolism into high gear, thereby allowing the body to burn the fat and build muscle at the same time. If you’re not comfortable with aerobics or strength training or both, I suggest that you take a look at other programs being offered by Beachbody that can suit your preference.

What’s In the Kit?

The Slim in 6 fitness program contains 3 routines that need to be followed over a 6-week period, and these are demonstrated in 3 categories: Start It Up! which demonstrates and teaches users who to do the basic moves in order to burn calories and start reshaping the body, Ramp It Up! which teaches users how to increase the amount of calories being burned with each day that passes for maximum results, and Burn It Up! for more advanced routines in order to gain the best results in terms of body reshaping and toning. All of these should be used along with the nutrition and diet guide so as to achieve the 6-pound weight loss guaranteed by the program.

Slim in 6 is different from most Beachbody weight loss and toning programs because it offers none of the intensity that P90X or Les Mills Combat offers. What you get is steady weight loss in 6 days, and this is especially appealing to those who have not lifted a single weight or have tried working out in years. In fact, it can actually serve as a stepping stone to more intense workouts in the future because it conditions the body to recognize the need for exercise and allow it to adjust to a daily routine.

Along with the routines, Debbie has also included core and flexibility workouts in the Slim in 6 kit, so users will not only have strength training and aerobic exercise to help them get back into shape but they will also be able to develop their core muscles (the abs) and increase body flexibility at the same time.

Guaranteed Results in 6 Days

Diagram 3 – Guaranteed Results in 6 Days

My Experience with Slim in 6

I decided to try the program for lack of better options that can promise better results in a span of 7 days – the time I had until I was to go on a cruise with some friends. What I liked about it is that every detail is laid out in clear language so there’s no room to get confused when it comes to the workout you need to do or the types of food that you can eat. The DVDs and the nutrition guide took care of all that so I didn’t have any problems.

What I would like to point out is that the results I experienced fell 1.5 lbs. short of the Slim in 6 guarantee. It was mainly my fault cause I did some cheating.   However, I still felt satisfied with the amount of weight I lost in that time and I am not in the least discouraged about the product. Different physiques will have different responses to the training and nutrition guide, and some will lose more while others will lose less. The bottom line remains the same though – and that is Slim in 6 worked for me.

Pricing and Recommendation

For two payments of $19.95 or a onetime payment of $39.90 plus shipping and handling, users can try the Slim in 6 program with a 6-week money back guarantee. I’ve paid for the whole kit when I ordered on the Beachbody website and I have no plans of asking for a refund since it worked for me albeit to a certain extent.

6 Week Money Back Guarantee

Diagram 4 – 6 Week Money Back Guarantee

If you have an event coming up or just want to have something to provide that head start with a regular exercise program, I really recommend that you try Slim in 6 right here. It does not have the intensity of other workout programs in the market, but if you follow the training and diet guides to a T there’s no reason why you shouldn’t lose weight in less than a week. Plus, you can try it risk free if you’re skeptical about the program. If you don’t see results in 6 days, you are covered by the 6-week money back guarantee.