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Really!  A Simple Smoothie Drunk Twice A Day Can Result In Rapid Weight Loss, Vibrant Health, Increased Energy, And A Happier, Healthier, Future…?  You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Ever So Slightly Cynical…! So, something that tends to hit a lot of guys in their late 40s and early 50s is the dreaded ‘middle aged spread’.  [...]

Honestly! A Way To Get The Body Beautiful By Gorging On Carbs…?  Going Against Everything The Workout Industry Has Ever ‘Sold’ Us…?  Oh, And The Diet Is Also Beer Friendly…!  Seems Way, Way Too Good To Be True, Doesn’t It…? Listen up, fellow fitness fans, fatties, failed dieters, and muffin tops…  How d’you fancy a [...]

If you struggle to sleep at night even when you feel mentally exhausted, you are definitely not alone. Minor insomnia is really common among people all over the world. You are probably tempted to get some medication to sort out your problem but sleeping pills can be really addictive and are not always a good [...]

Really!  The Secret To 20/20 Vision Has Been Found In The Wilderness Of The Australian Outback?  And If You Buy Into This ‘Secret’ You Can Restore Your Eyesight No Matter If You Have Minor Visual Impairment Or Can Barely See A Thing…!  OMG!  This Has To Be A Scam… Listen up, folks.  There’s nothing we [...]

Oh No…!  Looks Like It’s Another ‘Fad’ Diet Promising Amazing Six Pack Results With Little Or No Effort…  Come On Guys, Give Us Some Credit.  We All KNOW That The Only Way To Get The Perfect Abs Is Through Damn Hard Work And Willpower… OK, guys.  We’re pretty sure you’ve all experienced that frustration that [...]