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Seriously!  A Way To Get Your Laundry Truly Clean Without Using A Single Drop Of Toxic Chemicals (AKA Regular Laundry Detergent)…?  You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Just A Little Bit Cynical… There’s nothing nicer than putting on clean clothes, right…?  But we have to say, us Americans are becoming more and more aware that those [...]

Oh Please…!  Not Another Foolproof Method To Fat Loss That Truly Outplays Everything Else You’ve Ever Heard Of…?  We Don’t Know About You, But We’re Gonna Be Pretty Hard To Convince… Are you fat?  Well, perhaps you are, or perhaps you’ve ‘only’ got a few extra pounds to lose…  Whatever your situation, let’s be honest [...]

Wow – Finally…!  A Weight Loss Program Specifically Designed For Women… Because (Light Bulb Moment), We’re Designed Differently To Men!  And There’s Certainly No ‘One Size Fits All’ When It Comes To Ditching Unwanted Fat – For Good!  But Can Dr. Jade Teta’s Program Actually Deliver On Its Promises…?  Well, That Has To Be The [...]

C’mon Guys…!  We’re Getting More Than A Little Disillusioned With The Amount Of ‘Get Ripped & Shredded’ Programs Coming To Market.  And, We Have To Say, When We Came Across Alpha Shredded That Says What You’re Doing Is ALL WRONG, We Immediately Thought, What A Load Of Bull…! But…  And this is a big but.  [...]

Oh Joy!  There’s Yet Another Supplement On The Market That Promises It’s The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread For Combating 21st Century Problems Such As Fatigue, Tiredness, Brain Fog, Joint Aches, Poor Digestion…  You Get The Picture.  But, Hey!  Is It Really Any Better Than Others Already Out There…? There can’t be many of us [...]