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patriot power protein review

So… It Seems There’s A New Kid On The Block When It Comes To Protein Drinks. But Does It Really Offer Anything Different From Others Out There…? And Can This Simple Drink Honestly Beat All Your Healthy Eating Efforts To Getting Stronger, Healthier, And More Youthful…? Especially As You Get Older…? When you’re training, or [...]

g plans review

Failed To Lose Weight In The Past…? (And Who Hasn’t?)). Then Why Not Do It The ‘Kardashian’ Way… Hmmm – Sounds Like Yet Another Celeb Bandwagon Product To Us… OK, perhaps we’re being a little unfair. Because Dr Goglia’s G-Plans is certainly not a Kim Kardashian diet plan. On the contrary, what it actually is, [...]

health sciences institute review

Oh No…  It’s Another Government Conspiracy…!  And This Time It’s To Do With Drugs, Hidden Research, And Your Health…  Come On Now, People – Haven’t We All Had Enough Fake News To Last Us A Lifetime…? The Internet has a lot to answer for, doesn’t it…?  OK, there’s a whole lot of good stuff, but [...]

organifi red juice review

So Now There’s No Need To Eat Your ‘5 A Day’. All You Need Is To Sip On This Fruit Cocktail Instead To Fight The Signs Of Aging And Lose Weight. And You’ll Feel Truly Energized As Well… Well, We Have To Say That We’re Going To Take Some Convincing With This One… If someone [...]

30 day keto fix review

So Now There’s A Way To Guarantee Weight Loss, Lose The Extra Inches, And Become Massively More Healthy With A Keto Diet That Promises To Work… Even If You’ve Failed Time And Time Again In The Past… We all know that keto is sooo in right now. And no-one can deny that many have successfully [...]