The therapy lights by Platinum LED are FDA Class ll medical-grade devices that are the best in the light therapy device market. With over 10 years in the industry, Platinum LED has revolutionized the way red light therapy is utilized by governmental agencies, universities, athletes and medical professionals, worldwide.

Platinum LED features two main product lines, their original series called the BIO series and the newest products, which are featured in the BIOMAX series.

It is this product line we will be exploring in-depth below:

Platinum LED BIOMAX Review

What Makes The Devices in The BIOMAX Series So Effective?

There are astonishing health benefits of red light therapy.

Many describe red light therapy as providing the body with the nourishment it needs to perform optimally.

Clinical research is just scratching the surface of the many healing properties of both red light therapy and near-infrared light treatments. What is known is that red light and near-infrared therapy provides healing to the body on a cellular level, which results in improved skin and a reduction in pain in the joints.

Nerve pain can also be positively impacted using the type of therapy provided by the devices in the BIOMAX series.

The Difference Between Near-Infrared Wavelengths & Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy and near-infrared wavelengths are absorbed into the cells of the body. Each tissue type responds differently and allows the light to be absorbed into the body at varying levels.

Therefore, ideally, you will employ both near-infrared wavelengths and red light wavelengths together in tandem to get the most noticeable effect. Read below to learn the primary difference between red light and near-infrared light wavelengths:

  • Red Light Wavelengths: Red light wavelengths range between 630 and 700NM. The wavelengths are the ideal length to penetrate the sebaceous glands and skin cells. This means red light wavelengths promote collagen production, smooths fine wrinkles, improves the tone and texture of the skin and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance overall.
  • Near-Infrared Light: Near-infrared (NIR) light wavelengths measure between 700MN and 1,100NM, which of course makes them longer than the red light variety. This increased length means they can penetrate deeper into the body’s tissues, even penetrating the bones. Consequently, NIR can be used to remedy joint pain, nerve injuries, muscle aches and to help in deep wound healing.

More About The BIOMAX Products

Below is more information on the BIOMAX series and what makes it effective at treating a wide range of issues:

The BIOMAX Advantage

The BIOMAX series by Platinum LED is the latest product line offered by the company. The devices in this line are each innovative, featuring the very best in red light and near-infrared therapy. The following is more about the BIOMAX advantage:

  • Advanced Spectral Output: The BIOMAX series is the only product line that offers an exclusive, patent-pending R+| NIR+ spectral configuration. This technology combines the benefits of NIR and multi-wavelength red light therapy.
  • Increased Irradiance: The Platinum LED BIOMAX series provides a higher amount of irradiance, higher than any other LED therapy light device. Consequently, the products in this series are the most powerful you can purchase.
  • Digital Internals: One notable improvement of the BIOMAX series when compared to the original BIO product line is the inclusion of integrated digital controls and an innovative timer system.
  • Modular Construction: The BIOMAX series are all physically and digitally linked, which means you can customize your device set-up to best fit your individual preferences and needs. The BIOMAX series features multiple configurations and solutions for a variety of clinical and in-home applications.

Selecting The Right Device Size And Array of Lights

There are four main BIOMAX models. You can then take these four BIOMAX models and mix and match them with the array of light options.

Platinum LED BioMax Series
  • BIOMAX 300: Combo Red: R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 19”x 9” x 3”: Best for Targeted Treatment: 92” x 82”: $569.00
  • BIOMAX 450: Combo Red-R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 19” x 12” x 3”: Best for Targeted Treatment: 92” x 82”: $649.00
  • BIOMAX 600: Combo Red- R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 36” x 9” x 3”: Best for Full Body Treatment: 108” x 82”: $899.00
  • BIOMAX 900: Combo Red- R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 36” x 12” x 3”: Best for Full Body Treatment: 108” x 86”: $1,149.00

Each BIOMAX series treatment device comes with a three-year warranty and has a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

What Comes With Each Therapy Device?

When you purchase any BIOMAX device, you will get the following items in your box, along with the device itself:

  • Power link cable
  • Digital link cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Panel linking hardware
  • Sunglasses
  • Door hanging kit
  • Therapy companion app. Downloadable app that will help you optimize all the features of your device.

Platinum LED BIOMAX Mounting Systems

Platinum LED also offers a variety of mounting systems that help you get the most out of each device option. They are outlined below:

  • Tabletop Stand: $99.00: This fully adjustable tabletop stand mounts either a BIOMAX 300 or 450 unit. With this tabletop stand, you can set these units at the perfect angle and height for precise application, either on a floor or table.
  • Mobile Rack Stand: $299.00: This wheeled rack system by Platinum LED can hold up to three BIOMAX panels plus additional panels that you can connect in a modular system for complete mobility and flexibility. The mobile rack stand is ideal for commercial or home use.
  • Horizontal Rack Stand: $249.00: Use this horizontal rack stand to hold either one or two BIOMAX panels of any size. It is ideal for home or commercial use. Dimensions: Base (26” x 30”), Adjustable Height: (40”-58”).

All stands are compatible with only BIOMAX units.

The Difference Between the BIO and BIOMAX Product Lines

Whether you purchase a product from the BIO or BIOMAX series from Platinum LED, it is worth noting that you will be purchasing a product that is the most powerful in the industry. Therefore, you can’t make a bad choice when selecting either one. Below you will find more information about what makes the two series different to help you decide between them:

  • BIO Series: As mentioned above, the BIO series is the original product line offered by Platinum LED. The light devices in the BIO series have an on/off switch. The purchase price of the products within the BIO series is more budget-friendly, which makes this series a great introduction to red light therapy.
  • BIOMAX Series: This is the most advanced, newest Platinum LED product line you can purchase from. The panels in the BIOMAX series can be connected and used together to create a larger treatment surface. Each device also has fully digital controls and a built-in timer. Finally, the various stands offered by Platinum LED work with any device within the BIOMAX series but are not compatible with the BIO series.
Platinum Therapy Lights

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

There are no known side-effects when using red light therapy. In addition, the specific devices offered by Platinum LED have all been positively reviewed to be user-friendly and effective.

You won’t have to worry about excessive heat or getting any type of burns using any device by Platinum LED, regardless of which series you choose.

Biomax Therapy Light Benefits

Is The BIOMAX Series by Platinum LED For You?

If you are searching for a way to treat joint or nerve pain, to promote wound healing, or to promote hair production, improve ache, or increase collagen production improving the look of the skin, then the BIOMAX Platinum LED series could be the answer for which you have been searching.

Achieving optimal health using red light therapy can be a great alternative to more invasive treatments that can come along with problematic side-effects.

While no one can make the decision for you in terms of purchasing a BIOMAX device, if you are desiring a safe, effective remedy to treat any of the conditions previously listed, you can’t go wrong with a Platinum LED device.

Shop BioMax Series

Definitive Guide to the Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea

Before we dive into our full review of Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea let’s take one step back and talk about the process of Eat Stop Eat that Brad Pilon popularized.

What is The Eat Stop Eat Process Exactly?

This process works like a diet, but is much easier and less arduous to adhere to for the long haul.

With regular dieting, you suffer daily with hunger, cravings and many other problematic situations.

Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat method works differently.

You diet or fast only two days a week.

However, it isn’t only about fasting, it’s about boosting your body’s ability to burn fat through the process. Surviving through the fasting or dieting breaks is made possible by the organic fasting tea that keeps hunger at bay.

What is the Fasting Tea in the Eat Stop Eat Process?

The Eat Stop Eat fasting tea is the key to making this method work.  It’s great for anyone doing intermittent fasting as well.

The following is what you can expect:

  • It accelerates the process of removing fatty acids from fat cells, which you then burn for energy.
  • It naturally blocks new fat cells from forming.
  • It triggers a self-destruct element that eliminates fat cells.
  • It reduces hungry and makes it easier to get through your fasting days.
  • It improves your mitochondria’s health, which powers your cells, giving you youthful strength and energy.
  • It boosts your metabolism, burning fatty acids at an astounding rate.
  • It reduces cholesterol levels.
  • It repairs damaged cells, reversing the signs of aging and increase antioxidant levels in the blood.
  • It prevents diabetes by improving blood sugar levels.
  • It rewrites your gene expression, making it more difficult for you to gain weight.
  • It reduces inflammation within your body, so you don’t get sick and feel better overall.

Is The Fasting Tea Tasty?


It is designed to be extremely tasty.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself looking forward to your tea on fasting days. It won’t seem like you are doing without, but instead enjoying a delectable treat.

What is the Purpose of the Fasting Tea?

The tea was created to give you faster and better results when you are fasting.

It is formulated with scientific backing that combines super foods in one product, allowing you to enhance the effects of your fasting, while reducing your natural hunger on those days.

After a year experimenting with various mixtures, tastes, and ingredients, the team behind the tea has finally found the perfect combination of taste and effectiveness.

The Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free.
  • Dairy free.
  • Organic (USDA certified).

What Are The Ingredients in the Eat Stop Eat Tea?

Each of the chosen superfoods are perfectly combined to increase fat burning and cut hunger, all with a delicious taste.

They are also scientifically backed by research, proving their effectiveness.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: Green tea-leaf extract delivers polyphenol EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is a powerful extract proven to kill existing fat cells and prevent new fat cells from forming. It also increases metabolism while enhancing your fat burning capabilities. It has also been shown to boost mood and is used by many cultures worldwide to suppress appetite.
  • Organic Blueberry Extract: Blueberry extract has been proven effective at clearing sugar from the blood, which positively affects insulin sensitivity, making it more difficult for your body to hold onto fat. It also is known to act as a potent antioxidant and reduce blood pressure levels.
  • Organic Red Raspberry Extract: Red raspberry is be effective at reducing inflammation and appetite. It has also been shown to reduce fat in the liver, remove fatty acids from fat cells and generate power factories within the body, which means your body will burn more calories with this than it would alone.
  • Organic Nutmeg: This little element of tea gives it a bit of kick and suggests the nostalgia of the holidays. It also happens to be a good source of Myristicin. This is a fancy way of saying it kills fat cells.
  • Quercetin From Organic Japanese Pagoda Flower Buds: Quercetin, which means Oak Forest, is a plant pigment that is considered a flavonoid. It has many health benefits and is the nutrient that enhances the vivid colors of many vegetables and fruits. It is the most potent source within the Organic Japanese Pagoda Flower Buds. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Resveratrol From Organic Japanese Knotweed Root: This ingredient first discovered by ancient civilizations is a protective substance and a potent antioxidant. It prevents diseases like diabetes, heart disease and more.
  • Bromelain From Organic Pineapple Extract: This pineapple extract has a rich history of reducing fat and preventing new fat cells from forming. This works in conjunction with quercetin and resveratrol to simulate apoptosis (fat cell death).

What Makes This Fasting Tea Different?

It has been designed with three factors in mind, which make it unique. They are as follows:

  • High quality, scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Amazing taste.
  • Less expensive when compared to fancy teas and coffee.

Cost of Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea

A 30-day supply of this amazing product comes to just $1.93 a serving or less depending on the quantity you purchase.

Keep in mind, the more product you order, the less it costs per serving.

The following are the new customer promotional prices:

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?


If you aren’t satisfied with the tea, you can take advantage of the 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

You can try a container for a whole 60 days, then send the empty container back for a refund.

That’s how much faith the creators have in this product. They are willing to allow you to try it practically for free.

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How to Use Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea?

Mix one scoop of tea with a cold glass of water. It’s that easy!

Bottom Line

The fasting tea makes the fasting process much more easy, effective, and productive. If you’ve struggled with fasting in the past or hunger or even cravings I recommend you give it a try.

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Before delving into the findings outlined in the Over 40 Keto Solution, it’s important to understand the background of the findings.

The incentive for this research and subsequent solution was started by Shaun Hadsall after his wife Karen Hadsall went through the life changing experience of fighting and ultimately beating the disease of cancer.

While Karen’s life was spared, the chemotherapy and radiation required to save her life, forced her body to go into premature menopause.” As a result, she almost immediately gained over 30 pounds.

The couple’s first thought was to embrace the trending ketogenic diet that was being touted by many in the media and even within the medical industry.

However, much to their surprise, fully embracing the keto diet did nothing for Karen with regard to weight loss and actually caused her issues to become worse. This led Shaun to launch a personal investigation into the keto diet as it is most broadly embraced and determine why it wouldn’t work for his wife.

His findings were the beginning of the 7-In7 formula, 40 Keto Solution, a keto diet hack that he explains here.

What is The Established Ketogenic Diet?

The keto diet is currently the hottest diet trend in America, and is immensely popular as a method of losing fat, rapidly.

It is also believed to reverse the signs of aging and melt stubborn fat. The basis of the keto diet is designed to force your body into ketosis, its fat-burning state.

This is achieved by removing 95% of the carbohydrates from your diet and replacing them with fatty foods like avocados, cheese, eggs, hamburgers, butter, bacon and coconut oils. The diet seems to work well for individuals under the age of 40.

However, when an individual reaches the age of 40 or greater, the established keto diet can actually be detrimental. It actually causes the body to go into a dangerous metabolic slowdown, which ironically makes losing weight even harder.

Four Hidden Dangers of Traditional Keto Diet For Those in Their 40s, 50s and 60s

When Shaun realized the keto diet his wife was following wasn’t working, he delved deep into scientific research to discover the problem. The following is the result of his hard work, these are the four little known, dangers associated with adhering to a keto diet, while in your 40s, 50s or 60s:

  • Metabolic Slowdown: As mentioned above, once you hit 40, a keto diet will do the reverse of what you would assume. It actually slows your already slowing metabolism down even further, which is the primary cause of “rebound” weight gain.
  • Elevated Sarcopenia: This is basically age-related muscle loss. As you age, muscle loss is a natural byproduct.  Unfortunately, if you practice a traditional keto diet, over the age of 40, it can make this issue even worse, increasing your risk of muscle loss due to a reduction in specific caloric intake.
  • Damages The Thyroid: Your thyroid gland is your body’s natural weight-loss accelerator. Unfortunately, it too can be negatively impacted by a traditional keto diet. The primary building block of your thyroid hormone is glucose-based carbs, such as those reduced in a keto diet. The keto diet actually is in essence on slamming your “weight loss brakes.” The thyroid gland needs glucose to properly function.
  • Decreases Leptin Sensitivity: This is likely the most detrimental side effect of all when it comes to the traditional keto diet. Leptin is the master hormone controlling metabolism. It is the hormone responsible for telling the brain to “let go” of stored fat. Ketogenic dieting basically causes this hormone level to plummet to nearly zero levels. This results in your body storing additional fat, so not only does the diet not tell your body to release the fat stored, but it actually causes it to store even more.

It’s All About The Hormones

The most basic reason that following the traditional ketogenic diet after the age of 40 is noneffective is one word…hormones.

Your hormone’s naturally change as you age, making gaining weight easier, losing weight harder, causing muscle loss, etc. The ketogenic diet aggravates this even more, making these factors even worse than they would have been.

The Solution: The Over 40 Keto Solution

So, the information above has shown why following the keto diet once you hit 40 years-of-age can be harmful or at the very least ineffective.

Shaun figured this out after his wife failed to lose weight following the popular diet. Thankfully, through extensive research, he came up with a way to counteract this effect and embrace certain aspects of a keto diet, a sort of keto diet loophole that focused on the hormonal aspect of weightloss. After figuring discovering the effectiveness of their plan for his wife, Shaun wanted to share his discovery with others.

His 7 pounds in 7 days formula was designed to target the metabolism of those in over 40s, encouraging a pound of weight loss a day.

Click Here to Learn More About the Over 40 Keto Solution

The Over 40 Keto Solution Difference

Unlike traditional keto diet, the over 40 Keto Solution allows you to:

  • Indulge in desserts or sweets.
  • Enjoy an alcoholic beverage.
  • Eat carbs, lots of carbs.
  • Enjoy fruit once again.

There is also no need to worry about consuming too much protein from overeating fatty foods like cheese, eggs, meats, etc.

Shaun explains the details here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of the Over 40 Keto Solution and why you should look into this extremely successful and scientifically proven solution is this: Total ketosis is NOT necessary for those over 40 in order to produce thousands of fat-melting ketones.

Now’s your chance to discover the method embraced with resounding success by Shaun’s wife, prompting her impressive weight loss.

This valuable knowledge of how to properly approach weight loss after the age of 40 is the Over 40 Keto Solution, which includes the 7-pounds in 7-days formula and a handbook that outlines the science and methods that can change your life.

Check out all the details here.

The Over 40 Keto Solution Product And Its Cost

You can download the digital product, Over 40 Keto Solution for only $19.00 to access this significant information about the keto loophole for those over 40.

If you act now, you will also receive additional bonuses of valuable resources, created, and be given unlimited access to a support team ready to help you navigate the process.

All these are worth an additional $149, and you get them free simply for downloading the digital version of Over 40 Keto Solution.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Capillus Ultra Laser Cap

What is Capillus Ultra Laser Cap?

Capillus Ultra Hair Regrowth Laser CapThe Capillus Ultra Hair Regrowth Laser Cap is a wearable, battery-operated, FDA-cleared, laser therapy device.

It is recommended by physicians to treat the problematic condition of hair loss and thinning due to genetics.

It can also prevent future hair thinning when individuals are genetically predisposed to hair loss.

You can check out the Capillus official laser cap here.

How to Use This Product to Regrow Hair and Combat Thinning

You only have to wear this cap for around six minutes daily to begin remedying the problem of hair thinning and loss.

The technology is designed to work equally well for both women and men.  When using laser therapy, the natural process of miniaturization is reversed. Miniaturization happens when hair follicles weaken, naturally.

This occurs on a regular basis. However, on some people, this process will cause your hair to get thinner and thinner over time and the production of hair will cease.

Laser therapy works by reversing this process and energizing the scalp on a cellular level, producing more blood supply within the hair follicles. Eventually, laser therapy will produce thicker and healthier hair.

What Makes The Capillus Ultra Laser Cap Stand Out Above The Rest?

  • Manufactured in the USA to meet the highest quality standards within the medical device industry.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Addresses the often embarrassing, life-altering problem of hair thinning and loss in a safe, effective, pain free, way.
  • FDA cleared, meaning it is deemed safe for public use without a prescription.
  • Discreet device that can be worn under a sports cap.
  • Battery-powered, hands-free device.
  • Applicable for use either on the go or in the comfort of your home.

If you’ve been looking at other laser caps on the market you know many of them have the same features.  That’s why we recommend you check out this laser caps comparison created by Illumiflow.

What’s Included in Your Laser Cap Purchase?

Capillus Ultra Package
  • Capillus laser therapy device.
  • 82 Laser diodes which work to encourage hair growth at a cellular level.
  • Fits head circumferences of up to 24 inches. If your head circumference is greater, a larger individualized size can be ordered. Standard size fits most heads.
  • Complies with FDA standards for laser products and has a 5mW CW Output of 650nm.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, with adhesive belt clip.
  • Universal AC adapter, with four interchangeable input blades to allow for international use.
  • Capillus user manual to explain how to use the product and get the best results.
  • Sports cap for discretion.
  • Lightweight, convenient carrying case.
  • Accessories pouch.

How Much Does The Capillus Ultra Hair Regrowth Laser Cap Cost?

The Ultra model of the Capillus Laser Cap costs $999.00 and up to nearly $3000 for their other models.  Sometimes they have specials on Amazon here.

You can opt for low, monthly payments of only $88 a month using affirm financing that you can learn about on their site.

Capillus Ultra Laser Cap Financing

Why Choose a Capillus Product?

The Capillus company has been in the forefront of the hair loss treatment industry. They produced the world’s first clinically-proven, FDA-cleared cap designed to treat hair loss.

Capillus has successfully helped millions of people win their battle against hair loss through laser therapy treatment.

They also provide a wide variety of complimenting products to make the laser cap treatments even more effective, such as various hair care products that work in conjunction with laser therapy to treat hair loss.

Capillus has also conducted numerous clinical studies that have proven the laser therapy technology, which proves their products, effective and safe.

Click Here to See a Full Laser Cap Comparison Table

Timeline of Hair Regrowth When Using The Capillus Ultra Hair Regrowth Laser Cap

Unfortunately, hair regrowth isn’t always a fast process. In fact, going through the laser therapy in an effort to regrow or thicken hair does require some patience.

Here is an outline from Capillus on what to expect from their products with regard to the timeline of your hair regrowth journey:

  • More Hair Loss/Shedding: (0-3 months) In the first three months of treatment it’s important to understand that you can actually begin shedding hair at a greater amount. This might be scary, as this is the opposite effect you are after. Don’t panic, this is normal, and actually indicates your treatment is working. When new, stronger hairs are growing, they will push old, thin, weak hair out of the way, thus causing shedding. You might also note some itchiness as well.
  • Reduction in Hair Loss: (3-6 months) By three to six months into laser therapy you will note a decrease in hair loss. You might not notice a significant change in the amount of hair you have, but don’t give up. Even a reduction in the hair you were losing is a win, so keep up the treatments, it’s working!
  • Noticeable Changes: (12 months) By 12 months into laser therapy, you should be able to see noticeable changes. This is a good time to take a photo and compare it to your “beginning” photo and marvel at the changes.
  • Impactful Results: (24 months +) After 24 months of laser therapy, you should have achieved impactful results. While you likely won’t achieve additional hair growth past this point in time, whatever hair growth you have achieved thus far, should be maintained with continued therapy sessions.

There is no risk in trying this treatment system as there is a satisfaction guarantee offered by Capillus you can take advantage of as many as six months into laser therapy.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle For Another Product

Admittedly, there are likely other hair regrowth products that are priced cheaper.

However, the FDA clearance and the backing of the storied company Capillus is what makes the Capillus Ultra Hair Regrowth Laser Cap a worthwhile investment. Yes, you might find something cheaper, but you likely won’t find something as effective, so keep that in mind when contemplating your purchase.

==> Click Here to Secure the Best Price on Your Capillus Laser Cap <==


[+] Capillus Official Site

[+] Laser Cap Product Comparisons (R)

Our Ultimate Detox Organics Review & Guide 2019 Edition

What is Detox Organics?

Detox Organics Daily Superfoods

Image Source

Detox Organics is a plant based superfood powder, three-phase supplement that works by alkalizing, detoxifying and energizing the body, all simultaneously.

You consume this dairy and laxative-free superfoods supplement via a tasty chocolate drink that will make improving your health seem like a no brainer.

Detox Organics is recommended to anyone experiencing nutrient deficiencies, sluggishness, constipation, stubborn fat, or even bloating.

Top Benefits of Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Powder Supplement

  • Eliminates Toxins: Each of us are exposed to toxins through our water, air and food, on a daily basis. This is true even when we do our best to live a healthy life. The Detox Organic formula is designed to remove or eliminate these harmful toxins from the body, supporting overall vitality and wellness.
  • Boosts Energy & Mood: This supplement encourages a naturally healthy pH balance which is important for mood and energy levels of the body. The coconut water successfully replenishes electrolytes, promoting a healthier, happier you.
  • Destroys Inflammation: There are countless studies that proves the fact that inflammation and disease go hand-in-hand. Harvard Heath Publishing recently published an article that outlines just this point. The inflammation most of us experience inside our bodies often starts within the digestive tract. This in turn can lead to inefficient nutrient absorption into the body. The Detox Organics supplement works to support digestive health and reduce inflammation dramatically.

Here’s What a Few Folks Are Saying After Taking Detox Organics Daily Superfoods

Rachel Detox Organics Review and Testimonial Sara Review of Detox Organics

Both of these Detox Organics photos and reviews are from the official site which you can see here.  You’ll also be able to see many more reviews and customer testimonials (R).

What Ingredients Make Up this Daily Superfoods Supplement

With any health supplement, you want to know the exact ingredients that make up the formula.

Detox Organics IngredientsThe following are the 25 health boosting superfoods that are combined into this one supplement in powder form and is consumed with each serving:

  • Organic wheat grass
  • Organic alfalfa
  • Organic horseradishtree leaf
  • Organic barley grass
  • Organic chlorella
  • Organic peppermint
  • Organic spinach
  • Organic kale
  • Organic rockweed
  • Organic spirulina
  • Organic broccoli
  • Organic coconut water
  • Organic carrot root
  • Organic dandelion root
  • Organic lemon balm
  • Organic turmeric root
  • Organic acai berry
  • Organic cayenne pepper
  • Organic beet root
  • Organic ginger root
  • Organic fennel seed
  • Organic pineapple
  • Organic aloe vera
  • Organic Goji
  • Organic kelp

Why Choose a Supplement in The First Place?

We all know we should eat more vegetables and fruit on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to consume the amount of fruits and veggies necessary to get the health benefits derived from said vegetables and fruits with the busy pace of life unless you want to be munching like a rabbit all day long :-).

Thankfully, with supplements, such as Detox Organics, you can get the plant-based nutrients your body craves easily, quickly and without stress.

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How Much Does Detox Organics Cost?

If you are like most people, you simply can’t get enough fruit and vegetables to keep yourself healthy and happy, without the help of a supplement.

Detox Organics is a great way to get all the nutrients you need in a tasty chocolate drink form. The following is a breakdown of the cost you can expect to pay for this supplement, all of which come with free shipping within the USA:

  • One Tub ($74.95): This translates to around 30 servings.
  • Three Tubs ($199.95): This is approximately 90 servings and is the most popular option for Organic Detox customers.
  • Six Tubs ($387.95): This bulk value gives you 180 servings of Organic Detox.

Some times it’s easier to see it in a picture :-).

Detox Organics Buying Options and Discounts

Consider the fact that this price breaks down to around $2 a serving with the automatically applied coupons/discounts available here. In essence, that means you get 25 superfoods for less than the cost of your daily coffee.

How big is each tub of this Daily Superfood Powder?

Each tub is .9 lbs of delicious chocolate superfood supplement so it’s pretty compact.

How many servings are in each container?

Each container contains 30 servings so it’s perfect as a one month supply.

Does Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Offer a Guarantee?

Detox Organics Money Back GuaranteeTry Detox Organics for yourself and get your money back if you are less than 60 days into your trial.

In general, tubs are not returnable if opened as this creates a safety problem with ensuring the product has not been tampered with.

If you aren’t happy with the product for any reason, contact Detox Organics for more information.

Buy Detox Organics Now

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How to Best Take Detox Organics

For best results, Detox Organics should be taken from one to two times daily.

You can either mix the product with your favorite beverage or make a delicious shake.

The suggested method of taking Detox Organics is simply mixing it into water or cashew, coconut or almond milk.  I prefer almond milk.

Remember, this product tastes like chocolate, so consuming it will taste like drinking a glass of chocolate milk.

Detox Organics should be stored in a dry, cool place, but should not be refrigerated. The most advantageous time to take Detox Organics is in the morning, but it can be taken at any time throughout your day.

The Safety of the Product

You don’t have to worry about the safety of consuming Detox Organics.

This product is 100% USDA Organic Certified and is safe to use, even in conjunction with other supplements. This certification took nearly eight months to acquire and is something Detox Organics is extremely proud to offer their customers.

Detox Organics has already been successfully used by over 270,000 customers who have had positive transformations and experiences with this product.

Here’s what Annette had to say…

Annette Testimonial for DetoxOrganicsSupplement

Can You Drink This Daily Superfoods in Place of a Meal?

A supplement by definition should not take the place of a healthy diet, but should instead “supplement” it.

Ideally, you will consume a healthy whole food diet while taking Detox Organics.

However, if you are unable to eat a meal, a Detox Organics drink is certainly better than not eating at all. At the very least you will be getting the nutrition you need. Of course, relying on Detox Organics as a meal substitution should not become a habit.

How to Know if This is Right For You

In general, Detox Organics is right for most people.

After all, we all need more nutrients in our diet.

Within Detox Organics are 25 plus superfoods. To shop, buy and prepare this many types of foods for consumption is pretty much impossible. Thankfully, this product contains the nutrients of all 25 super foods, allowing you to consume all the nutrients you need in one scoop of superfood powder.

Still need more information, read this.

Is Detox Organics Gluten Free?

Yes and no.

By the strict definition set by the FDA, Detox Organics measures just over the threshold necessary for a product to be labeled “gluten free.” However, Detox Organics tests at only 21 parts per million.

Therefore, the amount of gluten within the supplement is barely traceable, yet in an act of transparency, Detox Organics doesn’t claim to be “gluten-free.”

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How to Order Detox Organics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Detox Organics made?

Detox Organics Daily SuperfoodsThe creators of the supplement are proud to make it in the USA.

They believe in having the highest quality ingredients and compliance for your health and safety.


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