Regrow Hair Protocol Review – Is It Good?

Wow!  A Simple, Low-Cost, All-Natural Method To Reverse Baldness And Hair Loss…!  Now, Doesn’t That Just Sound Too Good To Be True?  And We All Know The Saying That If Something Sounds That Way, Then It’s A Sure Fire Clue To The Fact That It Is…!

Regrow Hair Protocol ReviewListen up guys (and gals).  It’s a scary, scary moment when you first realize that your crowning glory is, well…  it just isn’t, any more.  From simply going a ‘bit thin on top’, to male pattern baldness (stupid name, that – because it happens to females as well), to full on Alopecia – there’s nothing that can tug at our emotions more than seeing our beautiful locks give way to the gleaming skin beneath.

And naturally, when you come across a product such as Regrow Hair Protocol, that promises a simple, cheap way to reverse it, then you’re gonna sit up and take notice – yes?

But hey – there’s nothing we hate more than seeing a product that tugs at your heartstrings to make you part with your hard earned dollars.  After all…  What wouldn’t you give to see that hair start growing back – within as little as a few weeks…?

But before you go signing on the dotted line, you need to hold your horses, pal.  Because we’ve gone deep to the roots of exactly what Regrow Hair Protocol is all about.  And before you part with one red cent, you need to read the following.  We promise that you won’t regret the couple of minutes you took to find out this essential information…or here is their official website.

What do you get for your money with Regrow Hair Protocol?

OK, so what Regrow Hair Protocol is, is a simple, drug free, easy to follow formula that will guide you through exactly what you need to permanently restore your hair.  And it works whether your hair is simply thinning, to bald patches, right through to full on baldness.

Rather than work on the symptoms (i.e., the hair loss), this innovative, unique system attacks the actual cause of your hair loss, giving you a permanent solution – in other words, a full head of hair – forever!

The science bit works like this:

  • The need to block the enzyme Prostaglandin D2: known for short as PGD2.  This enzyme, when in high levels in the body, literally blocks the hair follicles from producing hair.  That’s right!  It’s the fault of an enzyme that your hair is no long growing.  This is 100% proven and accepted in the scientific world as the major reason for baldness.  But hey – although there’s research being done into creating a revolutionary new drug to do just that, it’s going to take YEARS for it to come to market.
  • The proof discovered by the University of Athens: in Greece, that natural flavonoids known as quercetin luteolin inhibit the production of PGD2.  These natural ingredients can be found in certain apples, peppers, cherries, red wines, broccoli, green pepper, parsley, and even thyme.
  • Add in the scientific proof of tea: a certain type of tea, discovered by the SoonChuynhyan University in South Korea, to the mix.
  • Find a specific combination and ratio: of these two products in the foods, vitamins, and minerals that will be absorbed by the body (not too much, not too little), to specifically target and inhibit the PGD2.
  • Work a rolling program: to ensure the body doesn’t become accustomed to these natural substances.  Therefore ensuring that the hair regrowth continues forever.
  • Add in the minerals, vitamins, and supplements: that will provide the body with the very best raw materials for growing new hair at the fastest rate possible.

All this information is provided to you in the form of The Regrowth Hair Protocol Guide and it’s two companion books, Hair Raising Recipes and Hairy Smoothies.

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Who the heck is Dave Mckenna?

OK, so Mckenna saw his own hair start to thin when he was in his mid-30s.  Over the next few years this worsened, and slowly took its toll on his confidence.  He suffered…  His sex life suffered…  His wife suffered…  His marriage suffered…  It may well sound a sadly familiar story to many.

So of course he began trying all the regular hair loss solutions, such as Rogaine and Finasteride (Propecia tablets), to no avail.  And then, by chance, he came across a little known report on a startling discovery by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.  You’ve guessed it, the discovery of PGD2.

This spurred him into action to do his own research.  And to cut a long story short, he became a human guinea pig for a hair re-growth trial.  Within 4 weeks he began to see the success story of his hair regrow in front of his own eyes.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Who is Regrow Hair Protocol for?

Well, the main target market for Regrow Hair Protocol is, of course, men with thinning hair – or even those who’ve gone completely bald.  But in addition, exactly the same principle works for women who suffer too.  Hey – it even works for those who suffer from Alopecia!

The Pros and Cons of Regrow Hair Protocol

The Pros

  • Regrow Hair Protocol will see you sporting new hair growth within 6 weeks!
  • This is an all-natural, totally drug free solution to hair loss.
  • There are no nasty side effects (such as the awful ones you see with the drug regimes that are currently available on the market today).
  • The hair regrowth is permanent – as long as you continue to follow the program.
  • The guidebook is simple to follow, giving you day-by-day protocols, schedules, a calendar to follow, the foods to eat, and the specific combinations.

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The Cons

  • Well, if there has to be any con about this unique product, it’s the inability to believe that it might actually work! But hey!  It’s low cost to begin with, AND it comes with a full, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.
  • It is not an “over-night” cure and will take weeks to see the beginning results.
  • It’s a digital product which means you get nothing in the mail, but the good thing is you get it immediately.

The Bottom Line

Listen up!  We honestly thought that Regrow Hair Protocol was going to be a complete con.  But when it’s time to hold our hands up and admit that our instinct was wrong, then we’re not afraid to do so.  See them waving – up high, right now.

We really like the fact that it’s natural and drug free.  We really like the fact that it’s so easy to include the foodstuffs recommended with your daily diet.  And we REALLY like the fact that the results are, in many cases, so fast that they almost seem miraculous.

We have to say, if you’re going ‘a bit thin on top’, or are way, way past that and are as far as completely bald, then what’ve you got to lose?  And it’s a damn sight less drastic than taking toxic drugs, rubbing in poisonous creams, or undergoing dangerous surgery.  For anyone who wants ‘their’ hair back, Regrow Hair Protocol could well be the solution you’ve been searching for.  In a nutshell – it’s awesome!

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