Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review – Is It Legit?

Hold The Front Page!  Yet Another Product Comes To Market That Promises Miraculous Weight Loss And Other Life Benefits!  Excuse Us If We’re Not Overawed…

Us! Cynical! Never…!  But when we come across a product like the Red Smoothie Detox Factor that makes wild claims such as being able to ditch the high blood pressure and cholesterol medication, along with the speed in which you can drop the excess pounds, our internal siren immediately screams, Buyer Be Red Smoothie Detox Factor ReviewAWARE!…

But never let it be said that we let our world weary cynicism get in the way of providing a balanced review.  So despite our initial thoughts, there was nothing else to it but to dive into the world of Liz Swann Miller’s Red Smoothie Detox Factor to find out what it was really about.  Below are details of what we discovered.  And though we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for an interesting read…

What do you get for your money with Red Smoothie Detox Factor?

Okay, so – as the name suggests – Red Smoothie Detox Factor is all about smoothies.  We all know that drinking these is a great source of fruit and veg, and the fiber this affords.  But this program claims somewhat more than just this.  It says that by utilizing a particular mix of contents for your smoothies (including 4 red ingredients – hence the name), and some other little known scientifically proven facts, it’s possible to not only drop that unwanted fat, but to detox the body, supercharge your immune system, reduce the risk of serious health conditions, get better sleep, and forget those annoying things in life such as the common cold and headaches.

Red Smoothie Detox Factor works on 5 proven, scientific facts that cause the body to lose weight.  These provide you with the following:

  • A 14 day blueprint: That will kick start your body into removing every toxin, heavy metal and free radical from your body.  This has the effect of allowing your body to work as nature intended and revives your natural ability to lose weight.
  • Activate your natural fat burning furnace: Thanks to the delicious red smoothies that not only set your metabolism on fire, but leave you feeling satisfactorily full all day.
  • Supercharge your immune system: Because the body works as a highly intricate machine.  Once you begin to reset it with the correct nutrition, you’ll not only suffer less from minor illnesses, but you’ll highly reduce the risk of the more serious health conditions – such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
  • Give you back your pizzazz: Yep, by following the detox system and introducing the smoothies into your diet, within 24 hours you’re going to start to feel more energized – a kind of natural high…
  • Enjoy sleep again: Because the smoothies provide you with everything you need to aid good natural sleep.
  • The ability to turn back time: To when you didn’t have to live your life by the pills you have to take for conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure

And all this can occur when you understand exactly what it is that you’ve been doing wrong all these years with your efforts to lose weight.

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Who is Red Smoothie Detox Factor for?

Of course, the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is aimed at those who want to lose weight – either a little or a Red Smoothie Detox Factor Resultslot.  But what they fail to get across in the advertising (in our humble opinion), is that this is actually a blueprint for how every one of us should be providing our body with nutrition – fat or thin, young or old, male or female…  Because what it actually is, is a healthy eating plan.  And it’s that very thing that’s missing from most of our lives.

So what are these ‘proven scientific claims’?

So, these claims are the following:

  • Calorie counting might keep you fat and sluggish: simply because all calories are not created equal. If you eat bad calories, this can cause fat to be ‘locked away’ in the body tissue.  End result?  You still feel hungry.  Red Smoothie Detox Factor shows you exactly the calories you need to eat, and those that you shouldn’t.
  • Artificial sweeteners cause you to gain weight: These chemically enhanced ‘low calorie’ sweeteners are worse than sugar itself!  The are so sweet they convince your brain you’re getting sugar energy, causing your metabolism to slow (and make you even more hungry).
  • Eat fat to burn fat and slash your risk of cancer: Contrary to what most people believe, you NEED to ingest good, natural fat to lose weight.
  • Going hungry actually makes you fatter: Yep, hunger is the reason most detox diets fail.  Not only fail, but cause you to gain even more weight in the long run.   Most ‘health oils’ etc. (the omega’s, for example), are poor quality and contain products that actually slow your metabolism.  By following the Red Smoothie Detox Factor you can truly expel these chemicals and allow your body to work in natural harmony once again.
  • The colour of your smoothies might be why you’re overweight: And that’s why each and every recipe in this detox plan contains 3 powerful ingredients that combine to make a metabolism, fat busting smoothie.

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The Pros and Cons of Red Smoothie Detox Factor

The Pros

  • Every recipe in the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is naturopath approved. Not only that, but the ingredients can easily be purchased and won’t break the bank either.
  • Not only does the program tell you what to do, but it explains WHY you should do it as well. Learn how to feed your gut the good bacteria in needs to aid digestion, as well as making smoothies that are full of superfoods, anti-oxidants, amino acids and simple proteins that make the weight loss and fitness improvements feel so drastic.
  • This is a diet and detox program that doesn’t feel like one! No hunger pangs, no sugar highs and lows, no crashes of energy – in fact, just the opposite.
  • The program is suitable for everyone – even those who are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free (there are recipes included for all).
  • There’s a no hassles Money back guarantee!  So if it doesn’t work out for you…

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The Cons

  • Okay – so this isn’t a miraculous ‘cure all’ for the overweight and unhealthy. No such thing exists, Money Back Guaranteedoes it?  So there’s going to need to be some effort put in on your behalf.  Like giving up the donuts…!  But seriously – if you truly want to lose some weight, improve your health and begin to feel energized and younger, then the Red Smoothie Detox Factor really can provide you with everything you need to do just that.
  • Also, this product is purely “Digital” so you will not receive anything in the mail.  This is a con for some people but I prefer this because I can get immediate access and print out what I need to.

The Bottom Line

Well, we guess that you’ve probably got the gist that we actually LIKE this product.  And that is despite the over-hyped claims that their marketing gurus have come up with.  This isn’t a quick fix, and it isn’t a miracle cure.  But what the Red Smoothie Detox Factor is, is a genuinely sensible method of detoxifying your body and allowing it to work as nature intended once again.  And this has the effect of naturally causing your body to lose extra pounds of fat, making you feel far more energized, boosting your immune system and lowering the risk of contracting serious health issues.

Yep – if you’ve got the will, the Red Smoothie Detox Factor can definitely provide you with the way.  And with a super duper, 60 day, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee – you don’t even have to take our word for it, because it really is no risk.  So give it a try.  You really have nothing to lose – except the fat…

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