Primal Force Mobilify Review – How’s Dr Sears’ Joint Supplement?

A Simple Supplement That Promises Younger, Less Painful, More Mobile Joints In Just 5 Days…! Well If Such A Thing Exists, Why On Earth Doesn’t Your Doctor Know About It…?

primal force mobilify reviewOr could it be (call us cynical if you like) that Primal Force Mobilify simply can’t deliver on what you have to admit are pretty outrageous claims…? Well, of course, we wanted—no, NEEDED— to find out. Because there’s nothing we detest more than some silky tongued advertisers making money from people’s pain and suffering…

So we were desperate to blow the lid off and reveal the real truth behind this incredible sounding tissue and joint revitalizing formula. If you’re thinking of sending up for your supply, then be sure to read what our in-depth research into the product found out. Because being in pain is one thing. But spending your hard earned cash on a product that simply doesn’t work really is a bitter pill to swallow…

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What are the Primal Force Mobilify Ingredients & Supplement Facts?

primal force mobilify ingredients

What do you get for your money with Primal Force Mobilify?

So, what Primal Force Mobilify is, is an all-natural supplement that promises a ‘joint comfort solution’. Now, this is a very crowded market, so if it’s going to have any chance at all of impressing us, then the supplement is going to have to have a very special USP.

Mobilify has been developed by one Dr. Al Sears, MD. We’ll discuss him more later on. But first of all, let’s take a look at what these capsules contain, and any proof that the ingredients can actually do what they promise:

  •         Frankincense: Indian Frankincense, to be totally accurate. A massive 400mg in each capsule. It’s a vital ingredient that’s been scientifically proven to switch off ALL of the genes that cause age related inflammation. And does so in as little as 5 days…!
  •         Meadowsweet: This incredible flower was discovered in 1838. It sooths achy joints in a natural, side effect free manner. In fact, the key substance within the plant is salicylic acid. And this, isolated, synthesized, and processed, is the drug we know today as Aspirin. But the great thing about Meadowsweet is that you get all the painkilling effects, but WITHOUT the side effects of blood thinning and gastric problems…
  •         Chinese Skullcap: We might not know much about his potent plant in the western world, but it’s been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine for over 3000 years…! It contains a flavonoid, baicalen, that shuts off multiple inflammatory genes. In other words, it stops joint pain right at the source….
  •         Papain & Bromelain: Two enzymes extracted from the papaya fruit. The work in a similar manner to Frankincense by switching off the genes that trigger age related inflammation. Proven in multiple scientific studies to be as powerful as anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the side effects…!
  •         Arnica: A wonderful herb used widely in Europe as a topical muscle soother. That’s because it’s yet another powerful blocker of the genes that cause inflammation. Significantly reduces muscle soreness.
  •         Hibiscus: Packed full of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It also soothes aches and pains, and regulates blood pressure.

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Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears MD?

al sears primal force mobilify Dr. Sears is first and foremost a medical doctor. But actually, he’s more than that. Because he’s one of the nation’s very first board certified anti-aging physicians. He’s dedicated his whole life to challenging some of the most widely held orthodox medical beliefs, and instead bringing his patients far kinder, natural solutions that are, crucially, scientifically proven without a doubt to deliver results.

Sear’s resume speaks for itself… In addition to being a medical doctor he’s a Clinical Nutrition Specialist, an ACE certified fitness instructor, a member of the Herb Research Foundation, a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a Member of the American Medical Association, and the founder of the Sears Anti-Aging Clinic… Phew! Now that’s some list, you’ve got to agree…?

Who is Primal Force Mobilify for?

This one’s simple… Suffer from any kind of joint pain or discomfort…? (And that includes back pain). Either chronic or acute…? Then Primal Force Mobilify is by far and away the most potent all-natural supplement we’ve come across that will not only reduce your pain, but will actively help your body repair damage that’s been done. It works from within, gently yet powerfully revitalizing your tissues and joints, reducing the pain, and regrowing the tissues that need to regenerate.

In addition, it’s a wonderful supplement for anyone who suffers from muscle soreness after sports and intense exercise. And because it contains the gentlest of natural ingredients, it’s suitable for all, no matter what age you might be…

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The Pros and Cons of Primal Force Mobilify

The Pros:

  •   Reduces joint and muscle pain fast. Works within a mere 5 days…!
  •   Doesn’t just reduce symptoms. It actively targets the cause of painful joints, promoting normal healthy joint function.
  • Clears out the toxins that build up in the connective tissues, cartilage, and muscles.
  • If you’ve sustains an injury it speeds up the recovery time. It also supports the immune system, meaning you’ll be up and more mobile in far shorter time scales.

 The Cons:primal force mobilify guarantee

  • OK, so even though this is a natural supplement, we highly recommend that you double check it’s ok to take if you’re on any prescription meds…

The Bottom Line

Much as we hate the term, we’ve got one thing to say…  And that’s, OMG…! This stuff really does work… And we love the fact that it doesn’t contain a single harmful product… It’s completely natural, and therefore gentle on your whole body…

Seriously… If you suffer from any kind of joint or back pain, then Primal Force Mobilify really could be the product that’ll change your life for the better. And we love the fact that it’s totally suitable for both chronic AND acute conditions. But hey…! If you don’t believe us, then you can try it out at no risk whatsoever, thanks to the no quibble, 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. And that, we have to say, shows how confident that Dr. Alan Sears is that Primal Force Mobilify really does work. You’ve got nothing to lose—except the pain, that is… So what are you waiting for…?

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