Plant Powered And Thriving Review – Is The Robbins Program Legit?

So!  Plant Powered And Thriving Tells Us That What We Think We Know About Eating Healthy Is Probably Wrong…!  WTF…??  For Anyone Who Prides Themselves On Eating Good, Plant Based Nutrition, This Is Surely A Smack In The Face…!

Plant Powered And Thriving ReviewIf you’re reading this you no doubt already know a thing or two about good nutrition.  Yep – us too.  So when we came across John and Ocean Robbins, Plant Powered And Thriving, we have to say that our initial thoughts were that this was one patronizing father and son team.

But…. Our curiosity got the better of us (as it always does).  And never let it be said that we’re so big headed that we’re not open to further learning (although, we have to say, we don’t like to be told we’re downright wrong!).

So this left us with no option but to get down and dirty with exactly what Plant Powered And Thriving is all about.  And if you care about the nutrition of you and your loved ones, then you really should read what we discovered.  At least, read it before you spend a single red cent of your own money on what they’re offering…

So here goes – time to dish the dirt on Plant Powered And Thriving.  We think you’ll be real interested…

What do you get for your money with Plant Powered And Thriving?

OK, so what Plant Powered And Thriving is, is in essence a training course that’ll show you exactly how to eat a plant based diet and get all the nutrients your body needs to thrive.  And, it’ll dispel a few myths along the way too (probably ones that you – as we did – currently take as gospel!).

This is a 6-week course in which you’ll learn the following:

  • Week 1 – Save time and set up for success: Discover breakthrough skills for organizing your kitchen, shopping, and menu planning. This will make living the nutritious lifestyle easier – and make your food more fabulous!  Find out about a fab, dietician approved recipe collection, and learn how to use food to address health challenges and prevent disease. Plus get the real story about foodstuffs, the truth about corn, hidden GMOs, and when and if going organic is actually worth the cost.
  • Week 2 – Get the nutrients you need – deliciously: De-bunk all the myths about culinary confusion, discover nutritional scientific breakthroughs, and the most important things about food labels.
  • Week 3 Garden goodness: How to eat and love your greens: Find out about the most delicious and inventive ways to incorporate more fruit and veg into anyone’s diet – and to love doing so!  Learn about the immune system boosting and cancer fighting properties of eating right!
  • Week 4 Bring your friends and family along: Bring family together with shared meals that they’ll love, including how to eat right no matter what the situation – vacations, at work, during family gatherings…  As well as in everyday life.
  • Week 5 Carbs, gluten, and grains. What’s right for you?: Get the truth about gluten sensitivity, wheat allergies, celiac disease, sweeteners, the Paleo diet, rice and arsenic, grains and lectins…
  • Week 6 Planning meals on the move: Discover tricks for healthy eating on the move, how to understand restaurant menus, and apply all that you’ve learned to your eating habits to easily implement long-term nutrition strategies.

All of the training can be joined in live via teleconference on the Internet.  Or you can download and follow the course at any time of your choosing.  There’s a whole load of other bits and bobs too, including a private member’s community, cooking videos, fact sheets, etc…

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So who’s behind the course?

John and Ocean RobbinsFather and Son team, John and Ocean Robbins are the brains behind Plant Powered And Thriving.  And they’re joined by the founder of Responsible Eating and Living, Caryn Hartglass.  Both John and Ocean are best selling authors of nutrition books, as well as being founders and figureheads for some of the world’s most respected nutritional institutions (think The Food Revolution Network and Youth for Environmental Sanity).

They’ve also received multiple awards and accolades for their work.

Who is Plant Powered And Thriving for?

Hmmm – will in a nutshell, Plant Powered And Thriving is for every single person on the planet.  And not just vegetarians!  Because we all owe it to ourselves and our family and friends to ensure that we don’t only eat right, but that we understand how to navigate the inconsistencies (and sometimes downright lies) that the media and food industry bombard us with on a daily basis.

The Pros and Cons Plant Powered And Thriving

The Pros

  • Discover once and for all what you really need to be eating for good health. Every single aspect of the Plant Powered And Thriving course is based on scientifically proven facts – including the very latest in breakthroughs and knowledge.
  • Learn how to incorporate the correct nutrition within your diet in ways that’ll make you look forward to eating! No more forcing down foods just because you think they’re ‘good for you’.
  • Works for today’s crazy, 21st century lifestyle. After all, who on earth has time to dedicate hours of their week to work out what to eat to stay healthy?
  • The course is beautifully presented, easy to follow, and – perhaps the biggest plus point of all – can show you exactly the way to eat to improve your health and lose any excess weight.

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The Cons

  • Money Back GuaranteeSo, it’s a sad but true fact that only people who’ve already committed to a vegetarian lifestyle will even come across this course. And while it’s perfectly suited to veggies, it also offers a huge amount of knowledge to those who also include meat and/or fish within their diet.

The Bottom Line

D’you know?  We’ve reviewed a whole bunch of food and nutrition based products.  Most are simply a re-hash of the same old, same old – and to be honest, we thought that Plant Powered And Thriving was going to be one of these.

But boy oh boy, were we wrong.  Because the Plant Powered And Thriving course is probably the most advanced nutritional course accessible to all that we’ve ever come across.  If you yearn to dismiss all those, ‘eat this, don’t eat this – this product’s good for you: oh no it’s not’, dilemmas that we come across on almost a daily basis, then you NEED to follow this course.

Not only that, but the fact that it comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee means that it’s comes to you totally risk free.  In a nutshell, Plant Powered And Thriving will give you everything you need to eat healthily and deliciously, and to do so easily too.  Possible the best course we’ve ever seen on the subject of nutrition.  Awesome…!

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