Patriot Pure Shower Filter Review – Is It Any Good?

So Apparently Your Shower Can Now Give You Cancer…! But All You Need Do To Prevent It Is To Purchase This Revolutionary New Shower Filter… Ha…! You’ll Excuse Us If The First Thought That Comes To Mind Is That This Has Got To Be A Scam…

patriot pure shower filter reviewNow, we’re not a fan of this saying, but O.M.G…! Your simple daily shower is, so the makers of the Patriot Pure Shower Filter are telling us, quietly poisoning us… But guess what…? If you make a purchase of their product, all that danger of toxicity will be magically wiped away…

Excuse us if we sound highly cynical – because, hey! We truly are… But as we read through the reams (and reams…) of advertising for the Patriot Pure Shower Filter, there were a couple of little nuggets that made us realize that if we were to pour cold water (ha ha) on their product, then we had to dig a little deeper. And believe us, we’re like highly trained sniffer dogs when we get started on our research…

So if you’re considering a purchase of the Patriot Pure Shower Filter, then we highly recommend that you read what we found out. Because although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for some truly compelling reading..

What do you get for your money with Patriot Pure Shower Filter?

OK, so in a nutshell, what you’re purchasing is a simple filter that you screw onto your existing shower. And fitting it is actually pretty easy – you just need a couple of minutes and a wrench – anyone can do it.

So why would you consider using such a shower filter? Well the reasons are as follows:

       It Filters Out Toxins: This is the number one reason for fitting the Patriot Pure Shower Filter. Because, as most of us know, there’s a truly dangerous additive in our water – Chlorine. For that very reason millions of Americans drink bottled water, or use a filtering system at home so they don’t ingest toxic Chlorine on a daily basis. But it’s all very well not drinking it, when you shower in it, it also has hugely harmful effects. In fact, the heat of your shower literally vaporizes the Chlorine, meaning you breathe it in. And it’s also absorbed through your skin as well – yuk. But this powerful filter catches all the poison, meaning that the water that comes through your shower head is completely pure and harmless.

       And Other Poisons, Such As Iron, Dust, And Other Sediments: These too can be absorbed through the skin, causing all kinds of ill-health effects within the body.

       Balances The Water pH: Making it kinder to your skin and hair, and gives a far more refreshing feel to the whole showering experience.

       Certified Construction And Performance: Certified to NSS Standard 177, which basically means you never have to worry about showering in toxic substances again…

Who is Patriot Pure Shower Filter for?

That’s very simple… Because it’s each and every one of us. When you think about it, showering in water that contains toxins has got to be a health risk. In fact, when you look at drinking water, those who consume chlorinated drinking water have been proven to have a 93% higher chance of contracting cancer than those who drink un-chlorinated water.  Wow…!

So if it’s affordable and guaranteed, why on earth wouldn’t you add such a filter to your shower, to ensure every member of your family is protected from the dangers of the chlorine that our government gives us no choice but to have added to our domestic water supply?

Are there other health risks connected with regular exposure to chlorine?

Absolutely…! These include irritation of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat, not to mention higher incidences of bronchitis and asthma in children. There’s brittle hair, scaly skin, the aggravation of dermatitis and eczema, breathing difficulties, and even accelerated aging..! And that’s on top of the cancer risk…

The thing is, for most of us, 50% of our exposure to chlorine and other toxins in our water comes through drinking it. And the other 50%…? Well that’s through our daily shower…

The Pros and Cons of Patriot Pure Shower Filter

The Pros

  • The Patriot Pure Shower Filter literally removes every last bit of chlorine and other toxins, meaning that the water that hits your body is clean and pure. And all you inhale is wonderfully healthy steam – instead of harmful, poisonous gases.
  •  Each filter lasts for a massive 12 months! Or 25,000 gallons of water… That’s the longest of all filters available on the market today. Not to mention that the filter is uniquely reversible – you simply unscrew it, turn it round, and carry on using it…
  • Simple to install, and will fit pretty much every commercially available shower pipe there is. And it’s fully customizable. You can choose to use the filter and the shower head together, or just the filter and keep your existing shower head.
  •  Attractive construction, built out of chrome and nickel plated on solid brass. This makes it extremely durable as well.

The Consmoney back guarangtee patriot pure shower filter

  • Well, the only ‘con’ that we can come across is your disbelief that showering in chlorinated water can actually do the harm we’ve talked about. But hey – we’re not here to make your mind up about your own health choices, that’s up to you. But if you are unsure, we suggest doing a little of your own research before you make up your mind completely – we think you’ll be horrified…

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? We’re actually very glad we did our research into how truly bad it is to shower in chlorinated water. It’s scary stuff, once you start to delve into the facts. But hey – you probably already know that, because you’re researching how to save you and your family from the health risks it poses.

So, let’s concentrate on the Patriot Pure Shower Filter itself. And we have to say, it’s a pretty awesome product… It does everything it promises, and then some… We compared it to other similar sounding shower filters out there, and this one really does stand head and shoulders above the rest.

It’s affordable, easy to install, and lasts forever…! So if you’re looking to take a truly quick and easy way to protect your family from harmful toxins on a daily basis, then the Patriot Pure Shower Filter is probably the very best one you can buy. Guess what’s being installed in our bathroom just as soon as it arrives…?

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