Panic Away Review – Is It Any Good?

Is There Genuinely A Method That Will Help You To Shake Off The Imprisonment of Panic Attacks? Because If There Is, Then Wouldn’t It Honestly Change Your Life…

With a goal of helping 1 million people to heal their panic and anxiety issues by 2016, the guys at Panic Away have certainly got their work cut out. After all, those awful moments – from the sweaty palms of anxiety right panic awaythrough to the sheer terror of a full blown panic attack aren’t just something that can be dispelled overnight, are they?

However, if you – along with millions of others – are plagued by the terrors of anxiety, then let’s face it, you’ll do anything to get rid of it – wouldn’t you? But can Panic Away really offer a solution?
We strip away the sales schmooze from Barry McDonagh’s program to discover if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be. You might be surprised to read what we found…

What do you get for your money with Panic Away?

Panic Away is a program that helps you deal with anxiety and panic attacks in a way that’s completely different from the mainstream. Forget medication, forget that it’s a mental illness, the Panic Away program works on the pioneering approached discovered by Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes. It was these doctors who discovered that panic and anxiety was more often than not caused by and over stimulated nervous system.
By learning various techniques that de-sensitize this, anyone would be able to get rid of anxiety once and for all.

The Panic Away program provides you with the following:

  • The 245 Page Panic Away Book – It is here that you learn the unique “21-7 Technique.” This approach – and some may say it’s unorthodox, but there’s no denying that it’s helped tens of thousands of people say goodbye to their anxiety – teaches you that there’s no need whatsoever to have to “control” your anxiety. All you need to learn is the right technique. [wplapdance name=”panicaway”]
  • The Panic Away DVD – The HD quality, fast track way to discover all you need to embrace the 21-7 Technique.
  • Panic Away CDs – Ideal for those who prefer to listen to their lessons, rather than read or watch. Discover how to rid yourself of those deep seated fears, sweaty palms, palpitations, night time panics and much much more.
  • The Panic Away Forum – An essential support forum who you can talk to in real time via live chat. Not to mention connecting with those who know exactly what you’re going through…
  • Panic Away Conversations 2012 – A superb audio program featuring real words and stories from those who’ve successfully used the program to completely banish anxiety and panic from their lives.

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Who is Panic Away for?

The thing is, panic and anxiety is something that – whilst there may well be a catalyst that brings it to the fore – often creeps up on us unnoticed over time. So whilst Panic Away is undoubtedly targeted from those for whom panic and anxiety blight their lives, it can also be used by anyone who suffers from stress. And, realistically, who in the 21st century isn’t undergoing stress in one form or another.
From war veterans to policemen, corporate bosses to single moms struggling to bring enough food home for the kids. And what about the kids themselves, taking on the ever increasing burden of school, exams and qualifications to manage to grasp hold of the ever diminishing number of jobs available when they eventually leave school?

Panic Away is a program that fits every section of society – it’s without judgment, without barriers and without preconception – it works for everyone.

Who is Barry McDonagh?
barry mcdonagh

Mr. McDonagh, creator of the Panic Away program, has been working tirelessly over the past decade to help every section of society deal with their anxiety issues. From celebrities to soccer moms, children through to grandpas – he’s already reached out and changed the lives of over 150,000 people in 32 different countries. And he’s on track to hit the 1 million mark by the year 2016.

The Pros and Cons of Panic Away

The Pros

  • Panic Away turns the conventional ways of dealing with anxiety on its head. This is a method that challenges the normal and because of this ends up causing the most incredible results in the vast majority of those who embrace it.
  • Once you understand exactly why anxiety is plaguing your life, and that it’s not actually your fault, then the easy to follow and simple to understand techniques can have results that almost verge on the miraculous.
  • Because the program is provided in different formats – DVD, CD and in text form – this means that whichever way you choose to learn new information is readily available right from the word go. Many people have reported incredible results simply from their very first read of the Panic Away book.
  • Because Barry McDonagh suffered from panic attacks himself, his experience and empathy shine through in the complete program.

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The Cons

  • Probably the biggest “con” of Panic Away is that many people wouldn’t consider an unorthodox treatment until everything else has failed. This means that you might have undergone months or even years of conventional therapy – perhaps filling your body with unnecessary medication and definitely experiencing phases of panic that have blighted your life. It’s a sad but true fact that we often exhaust all the so called “orthodox” treatments before we open our minds to discover those that truly do hit the spot.

The Bottom Line

Panic Away – well, what can we say? From someone who’s suffered panic attacks themselves, this program is truly an eye-opener and inspirational. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system work in conjunction with each other; our whole body works on electrical impulses, after all. And the techniques shown in Panic Away are all about helping your body back to working in harmony – rather than over stimulating one portion of it and ending up with anxiety becoming a ruling factor in our lives.

Add in the fact of the “Keep the Program” for free guarantee if you’re not completely happy, and it makes trying Panic Away a bit of a no-brainer – in our humble opinion. 1 million people helped by 2016? We wouldn’t be surprised if the figure’s double that….

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