Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey Review

Honey! Honey…? Sorry, We’re Gonna Say It One More Time… HONEY…! That Can Protect Your Teeth… Give Great Oral Health… And, Not Only That, Stop You Getting Sick…?

WTF…! A honey from a specific type of bee that lives in Greece is being purported to have massive health benefits—more powerful than any other type of honey on the planet…

Now, this we have to see…

OK, we know that honey can have a positive effect on your health. But do you really need to purchase some that comes from halfway around the world…? Well… That’s what we wanted to find out.

After all, if you’re gonna spend good money on a natural health product, then you deserve to know the truth about it. (And not one that a clever copywriter has managed to concoct to make it seem unique…). So we made it our mission to find out more.

Below is exactly what we discovered. And if you’re thinking of sending up for some Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey, then you NEED to read what we found out… We promise that the couple of minutes it’ll take will be well worth your time…

What do you get for your money?

OK then… So Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey is from bees that live in and feed on, surprise surprise, Red Fir trees in the Pindos mountain range in northern Greece, Europe.

The important thing to understand about this pristine environment is that it’s one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Not only that, but it’s truly unpolluted and GOM-free (something that you can’t say about many places on Earth anymore—sad, but true…)

And amazing Red Fir trees grow here. And it’s these rare, protected trees that make Panabee Honey so unique. Because they produce sap that’s incredibly nutrient-rich. This is transformed into honeydew that these specific bees use to create honey. It’s found almost nowhere else in the world, and is one of the rarest and most sought-after health-giving honey on the planet…!

So what can this honey do for you…?

Well, here’s just some of the benefits:

  • Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals: Thanks to the nutrients the bees collect daily from the honeydew from the Red Fir trees.
  • Promotes oral health: Because this raw honey contains a high proportion of enzymes that kill the bacteria that attack and decay your teeth. Have you heard one of the buzzwords of the moment—microbiome? It’s the healthy bacteria that live in and on all areas of our body. And Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey keeps the microbiome in your mouth in a super-healthy state. This means you avoid decay, cavities, and have beautifully sweet breath to boot…
  • A superfood for respiratory health: It actually controls the type of inflammation that can affect your airways, and also has the ability to thin mucus and clear it from the pathways to your lungs. Eat it if you have a sore throat, cough, or cold for enhanced and fast recovery…
  • Process sugar fast and healthily: The vitamins, amino acids, and minerals it contains help your body process sugar super well. Not only that, but it’s a wonderful sugar replacement—one of the healthiest you could choose…!
  • Promote young, beautiful skin: This is because it’s acidic and can promote the release of oxygen from the blood. You can eat it (or add it to water or a hot drink) to have a great effect on your skin. Or you can apply it as a daily mask, or even smear it onto cuts and burns for a faster healing response. This honey is also a truly powerful remedy for all types of skin blemishes.
  • Eat honey, stay well: Because it contains a huge amount of healthy microbes that stimulate your immune system.

But can’t I just buy this in the grocery store…?

No, that’s not possible. And that’s because it’s so rare and hard to get hold of. But thanks to a deal struck by the provider of Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey in the US (Activation Products), you can order it and get it sent right to your door. These guys have set up a network with the actual beekeepers in the Pindos mountains and can supply you with this one-of-a-kind honey. And this is the only method by which you can get it. Unless, of course, you fancy jumping on a plane to Europe each time you need to replenish your supply…

Who is it for?

Want to take advantage of a truly natural, powerful health food product…? One that many experts consider so potent that they refer to it as a medicinal product…? And one that’s suitable for all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest. Then this honey is unique—and pretty much no other type of honey can compete.

And because it’s wholly organic, even those with intolerances and allergies can enjoy its amazing health benefits.

The pros:

  • One of the rarest honey’s on the planet, delivered directly to your door
  • Completely raw, meaning no heating, filtering, creaming, or irradiation… Strained, and contains all of the powerful healthy bacteria that nature intended.
  • Has massive health benefits—both oral and body-wide
  • Tastes delicious. And we mean really delicious…

The cons:

  • Well, because it’s so rare (and so incredibly sought after) it runs out fast…. So if you want it, buy it when you can. Because next time you try it’s highly likely that there won’t be any available…

The bottom line

Well…. We have to say that we didn’t think we’d be so impressed by a simple honey… But we certainly have been. And that’s because Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey perhaps one of the purest, most powerful health-giving honeys in the world today… It’s truly raw (not like most, that are pasteurized and therefore have all their health-giving benefits stripped away). It’s genuinely organic and free from all the risks of pesticides, GMO, and toxins that honey produced close to civilization has.

The beekeepers of the Panabee Fir Tree bees are rightly protective of their winged friends. No chemicals are ever used in their care, and they’re free to fly around and feed on the rich tree sap as nature intended.

In fact, everything about Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey pure, natural, and wonderful. So grab your jar while it’s available, and start reaping the health benefits this amazing product brings…