P90X Review – Is Tony Horton’s Workout Good?

Get A Seriously Ripped And Toned Body By Working Out At Home? Is It Honestly Possible, Or Just Another Ploy To Relieve You From Your Hard Earned Cash….?

Now then! We’ll bet there’s not a person out there who wouldn’t like to find a genuine home workout program that allows you to honestly get the results you dream of. But the problem with most of these so called ‘unique’ p90xsystems is that the only pounds you seem guaranteed to lose are the ones from your wallet…

However, being as P90X comes from elite trainer and workout guru, Tony Horton, we’ve done our best to shove our cynicism firmly to one side and give you a balanced and unbiased review. And what we found certainly makes for interesting reading.

What do you get for your money with P90X?

P90X works on an advanced scientific system known as ‘muscle confusion.’ What this means is that you get a 90 day workout program that works by utilizing the following:

  • Avoiding the Plateau. The problem with most workout and training programs is that after a few weeks your body gets used to the exercise it’s subjected to. This in turn leads to the dreaded ‘plateau’ that blights everyone at some point or other in their training program.
  • Using Short Training Cycles. P90X utilizes maximum variety and intensity changes. This means that your muscles are constantly being challenged, therefore never get used to routines.
  • Maximize Fat Burning. By challenging the body in different ways every day, the fat burning potential of your metabolism is cranked up to the absolute max!
  • No Routine Workouts – Ever! By using targeted training phases as opposed to regular workout routines, your body will continually keep adapting and growing.
  • Maximum Muscle Sculpting Training. Constantly changing and adapting muscle sculpting on a daily basis means maximum growth, toning and strength.

Who is P90X for?

One of the great things about the P90X workout is that it can be adapted to each individual’s needs. So whether you’re a general “keep fitter” who just wants to move on that one stage further in your training, or you’re a body builder who needs to ramp up the volume in preparation for your next competition, this home workout regime can be tweaked to work for your exact needs.

P90X hasn’t become the best-selling home fitness program in the whole of the US by accident. The reason it’s loved throughout the nation is down to its simplicity, adaptability and the rationale behind the reasoning. Far too many people get stuck in a rut with their workout programs, and this is even more so for those who choose to workout at home. So whatever your level of fitness, if going to the gym is definitely not your favorite pastime, P90X really could be the answer to your dreams.

Who is Tony Horton?

Tony Horton is no stranger to the world of fitness. Known as “The Master of Motivation,” Tony has over 20 years’ experience in the world of training, body sculpting and fitness. He has a string of movie star and professional athletes as his clients, as well as many more of us lesser mortals who simply want to keep fit and look the very best they can.


The Pros and Cons of P90X

The Pros

  • P90X is an ongoing fitness program. Whilst the program is designed to be followed over a period of 90 days, such is the format that you’re able to take the whole concept to a different level. This means that it can be utilized again and again, so actually lasts a great deal longer than the three months.
  • The theory of muscle confusion is as simple as it is beautiful! By varying your workout regimes to the extent that P90X does means that your body never gets the chance to become used to the challenges of the program. This in turn equals the very maximum possible in fat burning and muscle sculpting potential.
  • The program offers three different levels of intensity, dependent on your needs and levels of fitness. The more novice workouts are known as the “lean” programs. Then you can move up to the “classics,” followed by the sheer intensity of the “doubles” workouts. And yes, they are as hard as the name suggests….
  • Not only does P90X provide you with the necessary training program you need to follow, but it doesn’t lack in the nutrition and diet information as well.
  • One other added advantage of working using the “muscle confusion” technique, is that you minimize the chances of over-training and the related strains and injury that comes with it.

The Cons

  • Whilst P90X is a home workout program, to gain full advantage from all the different exercises you’ll need to purchase a few bits of equipment. These include some dumbbells, chin-up bar and resistance bands.
  • OK – make no mistake about it, P90X is a workout regime to be reckoned with. Even the “lean” programs are going to push you to the max, so you do need to have a reasonable level of fitness to begin with. Donut scoffing couch potatoes definitely need to consider a different option…

The Bottom Line

Well, Mr. Horton! We can only say one thing about P90X – and that’s that we simply love it! How refreshing to see a genuine home workout program that a) is truly as effective as going to the gym and b) is written and produced by someone who knows his stuff as much as Tony does.

Sure, you still need to get out there and actually follow the program, but if you provide the willpower and determination, P90X will provide you with the means to get that body you desperately want to have. Plus, when you add in the 90 day, no-quibble 100% money back guarantee, this makes trying out P90X a complete no brainer, in our humble opinion. Well done Tony Horton and well done Beach Body. In a word – fabulous!