Outback Vision Protocol Review – Will This Really Help You Get 20/20?

Really!  The Secret To 20/20 Vision Has Been Found In The Wilderness Of The Australian Outback?  And If You Buy Into This ‘Secret’ You Can Restore Your Eyesight No Matter If You Have Minor Visual Impairment Or Can Barely See A Thing…!  OMG!  This Has To Be A Scam…

Listen up, folks.  There’s nothing we hate more than coming across a product that makes money due to tapping into the misery of others.  And if you’re losing your sight, then that – in our book – is one of the most miserable things that can happen to a person.

the outback vision protocol review

So when we came across the Outback Vision Protocol that promises to show you how you can quickly, easily, and safely reverse years of deteriorating vision and get your crystal clear sight back once and for all, we have to admit that this really got our hackles up and growling…

Of course, this left us with only one choice.  And that was to delve deep into exactly what the Outback Vision Protocol really was.  So cue a no-holds-barred journey that goes way, way beyond the sensationalist advertising that’s necessary to fight your way through before you get anywhere near discovering what it’s all about.

But hey – we’re good at that.  And eventually we’ve got to the crux of what the Outback Vision Protocol really is.  So if you’re considering a purchase, can we PLEASE ask that you take a couple of minutes just to read through what we discovered.

Because even though we say so ourselves, we think that you’ll be glad that you did…

Here’s a quick overview video, to get more details read on…

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What do you get for your money with Outback Vision Protocol?

OK, so let’s cut past the bull of the ‘sob story’ used in the advertising.  Yeah, yeah, someone was losing their sight – won’t see their kids grow up – blah, blah, blah.  We get it.  But what we’re really interested in is what the Outback Vision Protocol actually is, and does the damn thing work?

So, what the Outback Vision Protocol is, is a guide that will show you why the American population is not eating what they need to in order to protect their eye health.

The thing is, there are two vitally important antioxidants that basically protect the retina and macular in your eyes.  If these aren’t healthy, then your vision begins to fail.  You know, scary vision problems, such as:

  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Astigmatism
  • Corneal Visual Impairment
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Near Sightedness
  • Far Sightedness…

And these two important nutrients are called lutein and zeaxanthin.  Because these provide exactly what’s needed for healthy levels of what’s known as macular pigment, that does the job of preventing damage to the macula, retina, lens, cornea, and optic nerve.

In other words, all parts of the eye.

But the thing is, the body can’t create this lutein and zeaxanthin itself.  You need to get it from your diet.  And guess what, the Aboriginal diet (natives of the Australian Outback), has a massive amount of these nutrients in it.  And the Aborigines are known to have incredible 20/20 vision.  Hence the name of the product, the Outback Vision Protocol.

So when you buy into the Outback Vision Protocol, what you actually receive is information about how to achieve and maintain 20/20 vision for the rest of your life, simply by providing your body with the correct nutrition.

It breaks down like this:

  • The Outback Vision Protocol Fast Start Guide: Containing all you need to know about free radicals (the nasty things that attack the eye tissues and cause loss of sight), the ancient Aboriginal foods that inspired the product, the toxic foods that you need to avoid, why glasses and contacts actually make your vision worse, and – most importantly – the simple, natural, and inexpensive foods you need to include in your diet to reverse vision loss.
  • The Outback Vision 21-Day Protocol: Here you’ll learn not only about lutein and zeaxanthin, but the other 6 nutrients (making 8 in total) that are essential for eye health. Consisting of delicious smoothies, this is a 3-week program that will see your eye health begin to improve dramatically.

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So is there any proof behind the claims?

bill campbellActually, yes – and then some!  For instance, the Age Related Eye Disease Study carried out by the National Eye Institute that proved beyond any doubt that lutein and zeaxanthin are essential to vision and ward off problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, near and far sightedness.

The British Journal of Nutrition has reported that high plasma concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risk of cataracts by 41%.

And breakthrough studies into vision loss (including those by the University of Florida and University of Kentucky) continue to confirm these findings…

Who is Outback Vision Protocol for?

Well, of course the people who’re going to be interested in the Outback Vision Protocol are those who’re already suffering from vision impairment.  And yes, it seems that there’s real and valid proof that the ingredients contained in this supplement honestly do cause the regeneration of the necessary tissues around the eyes.

But actually, what about those people who don’t think they have any vision problems?  Because ensuring that you have enough of the necessary ‘ingredients’ in the body to feed the delicate eye tissue THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE can only be advantageous.  After all, we never know if we’re going to be the next one whose vision starts to go a bit awry.  And in our book, prevention is surely something we should all be thinking about…

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The Pros and Cons of Outback Vision Protocol

The Pros

  • This is a lifetime reversal of poor or failing vision. By giving the tissues of the eye what it needs to protect itself and being regenerating, it can actually stop the toxic build up that’s destroying your eyesight.
  • By altering the internal health of the eye, it’s truly possible that you could get rid of the necessity to wear glasses and/or contacts – for good!
  • The ingredients included in the smoothie recipes are inexpensive and easy to get hold of. And – very importantly – they’re delicious!
  • The Outback Vision Protocol comes with a 600-day, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee. So if you’re not completely happy with your purchase after 2 months, you get every cent of your money back.

The Consthe outback vision protocol guarantee

  • Well, we have to say that the worst thing about the Outback Vision Protocol is the dreadful advertising! We have a real aversion to the ‘tugging at your heartstrings’ method of selling a product, and these guys really did go down this route.  And they really didn’t need to!  Because the product honestly does sell itself.  But it seems that this is currently the way that advertisers feel they need to draw people in to purchase.  In our humble opinion – it detracts from the authenticity of the product – and in this case, they really didn’t need to.

The Bottom Line

Well, crappy sub-story aside, we have to say that the Outback Vision Protocol is pretty damn awesome!  Once you delve into the science behind the reasons that we need to ensure that our body (and eye health) needs these particular nutrients, it makes perfect sense.

And there’s another great side effect as well – and that’s that the ingredients in the smoothie protocol have a super-positive effect on your waistline, energy levels, and heart health too!

So if you’re worried about your eye health, or suffer from failing eyesight for whatever reason, then we have to say, giving the Outback Vision Protocol a try could well be a life-changer.  You’ve nothing to lose, but everything to gain…

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