Reviewing the Benefits and Downsides of Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine Phytoplankton

Oceans Alive is an oral supplement that promises to trigger the development of new cells by providing the body with over a hundred essential nutrients and trace minerals. As a result, the aging process is delayed and users feel more energetic than usual.

Oceans Alive is touted as a superfood made from marine phytoplankton, specifically the strain known as NannochloropsisGaditona, which contains balanced levels of enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and pigments. Let’s take a closer look at the product and see whether or not it is worth purchasing.

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What Oceans Alive Offers

There are several benefits that Oceans Alive claims to provide to users, chief of these is increased energy levels to sustain one throughout the day. Aside from this, the product also offers improved digestion through body detoxification, increased brain functions, vision acuity, and stable blood sugar levels. As a superfood, the marine phytoplankton that is inside each bottle of Oceans Alive provides a complete range of nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes that serve to improve overall body function in general.

Nutrients Present in Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton

Although it can be argued that there are similar products in the market that claim to deliver all of the above benefits, what makes Oceans Alive stand out is the process used to culture and prepare the marine phytoplankton for human consumption. If you do a bit of reading on marine phytoplankton, you’ll come across various products that claim to have pure marine phytoplankton as the main ingredient. However, what most don’t realize is that not all of these contain the specific strain of plankton that delivers the most balanced and complete level of nutrition to the human body unlike Oceans Alive.

According to Ian Clark who is the developer of the product, there are several reasons why the marine phytoplankton used in Oceans Alive is better than other superfoods combined: First, planktons in themselves are food sources and are known as the precursors of life on Earth. Marine creatures feed on these microscopic organisms and gain nourishment just like humans do with food. Other superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella are not consumed by animals for some unknown reason, which is why one could question why humans consume these in the first place.

Another reason why marine phytoplankton is superior as a superfood is because it is instantly available at the cellular level. The right strain of these marine organisms contain instantly digestible cells walls, meaning it is easily broken down by the body and absorbed by the cells to receive the needed nutrition. This leads us to the third reason, and that is marine phytoplankton contains double and even triple the amount of nutrients commonly found in other superfoods. These nutrients are readily available for absorption because the minute size of the planktons allow for almost-instant absorption into the cells and muscles, providing the body with a complete range of essential nutrients without the need for additional supplements.

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How the Product Works

Oceans Alive 3 - Month Supply with Autoship SubscriptionUsers are instructed to consume Oceans Alive by directly ingesting a drop of the product through the mouth or mixing it with water or juices before drinking. Users will start off with a single drop of the product each day and increase the dosage to about 15 drops per day once the body has become accustomed to an increased level of nutrition provided by this superfood.

There is no indication that one should follow a diet and exercise plan when taking Oceans Alive, considering it acts as a nutritional supplement. However, those who wish to do so can combine usage of the product with diet and exercise if weight loss is desired. The right food and the right amount of exercise can maximize the absorption of nutrients present in the product so one can adopt a workout and diet regimen if he or she wishes to do so.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oceans Alive

Oceans Alive contains to correct strain of marine phytoplankton “in its pure, raw, unprocessed form”, meaning there are no additives or preservatives added to the product to make it viable for human consumption. Instead of being delivered in powdered form, the planktons are harvested and combined with an ionic trace solution to maintain their bioavailability. Aside from this, the product is easily ingested by the body so results are almost instantly noticeable. By having the highest number of nutrients available for absorption at the cellular level, one can immediately notice the positive changes that the product can offer.

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The main downside to Oceans Alive as I see it is its price. For a supplement that comes in a small bottle (about the size of a regular medicinal dropper bottle), it costs more than what you would expect. Aside from this, users of the product have reported a certain fishy taste when the solution is consumed, which is why most do not directly consume the product and mix it with other liquids instead to mask the taste.

Pricing and Recommendation

Those who wish to try Oceans Alive can choose to order a 2-month supply for $68 or a month’s supply for $36. Both of these options come with an auto-ship subscription, meaning the company will automatically ship out the corresponding number of bottles based on the initial order – 3 bottles of Oceans Alive every 3 months for the 3-month supply order and a bottle of the product every month for single-bottle orders. There is also a trial offer that users can take advantage of if they do not want an autoship subscription. This consists of a single bottle of Oceans Alive for $39 – slightly higher in price than the single-bottle autoship option. A 60-day risk free guarantee is available so those who are not satisfied with the results can return any unused portion and request their money back.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

It is easy to be duped when purchasing nutritional supplements because of the sheer number of options available. What makes Oceans Alive the ideal choice is its main ingredient. Marine phytoplankton has been scientifically proven to contain the most number of nutrients that can help the body overcome health issues and conditions. Aside from this, the product comes in pure form, making it more viable than tablets, powders, and capsules. If you’re looking for a supplement that can offer a complete range of nutrition, Oceans Alive is one product you should try right here.

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