The No Think Diet Review – Is Dr Charles Livingston’s Program Good?

Tried Every Diet Under The Sun? Is This Latest Offering Really The Answer You’ve Been Looking For, Or Simply Another Eating Plan That Dooms You To Failure…?

No Think DietThe thing is, when you’ve got a few (or a lot) of extra pounds to lose, it can be a challenge to first of all know what eating plan you should follow for the best chance of success. And boy, are there a lot of them out there…  We’ve tried a whole host of them (most to no avail), s when we came across The No Think Diet by Dr. Charles, you’ll have to forgive us for our automatically cynical view of the product.

However, you can’t get away from the fact that there are a whole bunch of celebs and stars who’ve lent their weight and kudos to this weight loss regime.  And never let it be said that we ‘dis’ a product without giving it a fair crack of the whip.  Hence our down and dirty look at exactly what The No Think Diet has to offer you.  And whether it really an help you lose those pounds around your waist – instead of simply the pounds (or dollars) in your pocket…

Read on to discover exactly what we found out…

What do you get for your money with The No Think Diet?

Right, so The No Think Diet is all about changing your eating habits for good – NOT, going on a diet.  Your ‘diet’ is what you eat, right!  So the first thing you need to do if you genuinely want to drop the lard and get the body you know you should have, is to change your way of thinking… [wplapdance name=”NoThinkDiet”]

What The No Think Diet is all about is giving you a fool proof plan to follow.  This means you literally follow it – and lose weight.  Some of the easy strategies used in the program include the following:

  • Rid your body of harmful toxins: The first 14 days of the eating plan are all about ridding yourself of the toxins within your body that are not only preventing you from losing fat, but are also lowering your immunity against disease, stress and energy levels.
  • Avoiding foods that contain ‘hidden’ sugars:  Such as bananas, soy milk and other common foods.  These disrupt the hormones in the body that in turn wreck pretty much all of your fat loss efforts.
  • Simple to follow healthy meal checklists:  Yep, whether you eat at home or eat out at restaurants, if you follow a simple healthy eating lifestyle then it’s not necessary to radically change every single one of your eating habits.  As long at your diet is generally good, the body can absorb the odd amount of ‘unhealthy’ food and you can still lose weight.
  • Foods that support the body’s metabolic process: and help you to shed fat in the quickest (yet safest) way possible.  By speeding up your metabolism, you actually burn more calories doing every day things.
  • A little exercise: goes a long way.  The No Think Diet gently encourages you to include small amounts of exercise into your daily regime.  And we’re not talking about you needing to sell your soul to the local gym.  No, what this program is talking about is 30 minutes, 2-3 times per week that’s no bother to fit into your routine…

And that’s just some of what’s included.  We can’t fit everything else in during this short review…

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Who is The No Think Diet for?

Do you have some pounds to lose?  (And it doesn’t matter how few or how many), then The No Think Diet could well have been written specifically for you.  But one area we think the marketing guys at The No Think Diet have failed to target, is that pretty much every single one of us in the Western world has fallen into the trap of ‘easy food living.’  In other words, you might not be overweight right now, but our 24/7 lifestyle that sees virtually every one of us reaching for the pre-packaged, easy grab food that surrounds us everywhere we turn.  And it’s these damn foods that spark off the cycle that makes us start to retains toxins in the first place.

So even if you’re not overweight, then following The No Think Diet could be beneficial for most people – and make us far more healthy and energetic in the long run.

Who is Dr. Charles Livingston?

Charles LivingstonMore simply known as Dr. Charles, this guy is well known in the weight loss and fitness industry.  He’s a board certified chiropractic physician, a certified wellness practitioner, a certified advanced nutritionist, not to mention a much respected speaker and author who’s helped thousands of people around the globe to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

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The Pros and Cons of The No Think Diet

The Pros

  • One of the best things about The No Think Diet is that it really does what the title suggests: it takes all the thinking out of what you should eat and when – because everything is set out for you.
  • Because the program deals with the underlying cause of weight gain – the toxins in your body and the immunity system – this really is an ‘forever’ cure to excess weight.  It’s not some quick fix that will see you losing pounds, only to regain them (and more) after you ditch the program.  The No Think Diet is designed to help you lose the weight at a healthy rate, and keep it off for the rest of your life.
  • Because it adds gentle exercise into the routine, this makes it suitable for any age, any weight and also people with physical problems too.  And because it adds the exercise in gradually, it matters not how fit you are when you start, because the program increases along with your fitness.
  • The program also includes video lessons, exercise and diet logs whereby you can check that you’re sticking to your targets and see your results in black and white, plus a handy section where you can set your (realistic) goals and tick them off when you achieve them – a great motivational tool.

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The Cons

  • Well, if you’re looking for a miracle that will see you ditching the extra pounds without any effort, then you’ve60 Day Money Back Guarantee come to the wrong place.  Because The No Think Diet is a strategically designed diet and exercise plan that will see the pounds melt off and change the metabolism of your body for the better – and that only comes with dedication and hard work.  But what this program does do is take all the guess work and thinking out of the equation for you.  And once you see the fat beginning to disappear, what more motivation do you need to carry on with the program…?

The Bottom Line

Well, we’re not opposed to admitting we were wrong in our initial thoughts – and boy were we mistaken with The No Think Diet.  Because we have to admit, this is one of the best all round well-being diet and exercise programs that we’ve come across in recent years.  It really is all about changing your eating habits for good, with a whole lot of no-nonsense and easy to follow advice that’ll have you feeling and looking like a million dollars.

We have to say that it’s so refreshing to find a product like this that utilizes sound nutritional advice without blinding you with science or crazy weight loss advice.  In a nutshell, we have to say that Dr. Charles’ No Think Diet is probably one of the best products we’ve come across in years – so why not give it a go and see for yourself.  We think you’ll agree that it’s probably one of the best things you could ever do for your body…

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