Niagen Review – Is Live Cell Research’s Anti-Aging Supplement Good?

A Scientifically Proven Supplement That Can Not Only Help Slow Down The Aging Process, But Improves Cardiovascular and Brain Health Too!  Surely Such A Thing Doesn’t Really Exist…?

You know, there are so many ‘uber’ anti-aging products that are advertised on the market today, that whenNiagen Reviews we cam across Niagen by Live Cell Research, we have to say that our automatic reaction was, “oh no, not another one!”

But whilst world wearily beginning to check out the product, our interest began to pique somewhat, because there’s some serious science behind Niagen.

What do you get for your money with Niagen?

Okay, so what is Niagen?  Well, it’s a one-per-day capsule that contains Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) that has been proven in laboratory studies to increase a naturally occurring compound in the body (NAD+) that’s essential for cellular metabolism – in other words, how you age.  And taking Niagen on a daily basis can:

  • Help slow the aging process: thanks to increasing the NAD+ in your body – and that’s the compound responsible for communication between the nucleus and mitochondria in your body cells.  This is believed by some of the best scientists in the world to be a crucial factor to slow down the aging process.
  • It restores the cellular communication: that then allows cells to once again produce energy at the youthful levels you took for granted during your younger years.
  • Boost your energy levels: so you can not only begin to take part in activities you thought you’d never be able to again, but also be able to return to those levels of energy that meant we didn’t come home from work truly shattered every evening.  And that we don’t have to use our precious weekends simply catching up on rest so we can head back out to work again on a Monday morning…
  • Lose the aches and pains: that we simply put up with as we get older – because we think we have to. But guess, what?  With the Niagen supplement boosting our cells from the inside, we really don’t have to.
  • Simply learn to relish life again: instead of trudging on through the days, convinced that ‘just one good night’s sleep will make me have energy again’.  Because for most of us, as we get older, that simply doesn’t happen thanks to the aging process.

And many more superb health benefits that we simply don’t have room to list…

Who is Niagen for?

Are you getting older?  Errrr, that’ll be a yes then, however young you might be lucky enough to be right now.  Have you started to notice that perhaps you feel a little stiffer in the mornings?  Or maybe you’ve just had to start slowing down a little – nothing much, but perhaps you don’t run quite as fast for the train or bus as you used to – after all, they’ll be another one along in a minute, won’t there…

The thing is, once we reach adulthood, we’re all then starting to age.  And anything we can do to promote healthy aging is a good thing, right!  No matter whether you’re male or female, 25, 65 or 85, Niagen is going to help your body age in the right way – and that means staying healthier for longer – and living the life you want to lead for longer.

Who is Live Cell Research?

Live Cell Research is based in LA, California, and is a nutraceutical company who focus on providing products that increase the quality of life.  They have their own laboratory, as well as every single product they produce being independently checked out by an independent 3rd party.   They can be contacted directly by mail, email, live chat or telephone.

The Pros and Cons of Niagen

The Pros

  • Niagen is made from pure ingredients – guaranteed. In addition, it’s completely lactose free, gluten free and suitable for strict vegetarians.
  • NAD+ has been exposed by quality media publications (such as Time Magazine) as truly giving benefits to those who take it. In fact, the scientists who brought these many benefits to light has been named by the magazine as one of their ‘100 most influential people’.
  • In addition to helping the body age in a healthy manner, Niagen also supports healthy cholesterol levels, and therefore good cardiovascular health.
  • Scientific tests are also saying that NAD and Niagen may well help the brain and help prevent premature aging.

The Cons

  • Is there a con? Perhaps the only one is your own stubbornness to believe that this is one anti-aging money-back-guarantee_003product that actually does what it promises to do.  And d’you know what, we don’t blame you, because there’s so much bull***! out there, not to mention useless products that many of us don’t want to recognize a genuine product such as Niagen when it presents itself…  But hey, it comes with a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee, so actually, there’s no risk whatsoever to give it a try…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we thought this was just going to be another of the same old, same old rubbish products that we see day in day out.  But, for once, we’ve been proven wrong – and what a delight that is, we can tell you.  It’s great to see real research and proof behind such a product, and taking it really can only boost your health.  And thanks to that super money back guarantee, you don’t even need to take our word for it.  Because if you’re not happy, you can get every red cent of your money back.  And it doesn’t come any better than that, in our humble opinion.  Go Niagen! – the supplement for those of us who really want to enjoy life to the full, for as long as we can…