New You in 22 Review – Is Dr. Jonny Bowden Program Good?

A Way To Change Your Metabolism So Your Body Burns Fat Instead Of Sugar For Energy!  Is Dr Jonny Bowden’s Controversial New Offering Honestly Something That Works?  After All, If It Were So Easy, Wouldn’t We All Be Doing It Already…?

The problem with diet and nutrition products is that we all soooo want to believe that the latest craze really is going to make us more healthy, lose fat and look gorgeous.  That’s why there’s so many tried, tested and New You In 22 Reviewdoomed eating plans out there (and even ones that had the celebs going for a while – until the next ‘food fad’ comes along).  So when we came across the so called ‘Rogue Nutritionist” and his latest product – New You in 22 – then with all the hype surrounding it you can forgive us for being somewhat on the cynical side.

However, there’s a whole lot of folks who seem to be more than happy with what New You In 22 is offering – and we’ve never been ones to shy away from controversial products (if they do, actually, deliver).  So there was nothing else for us to do, other than to get into bed with New You In 22, and discover if it really does live up to its crazy claims.

And what we discovered certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with New You in 22?

Right then, so what New You in 22 is, is a complete diet and nutritional guide.  But the difference between this little baby and everything else you’ve tried in the past, is that it takes all the staple ‘must dos’ of a low carb diet, and then turns them on their head!  In fact, turns them around so much that you soon begin to understand how Dr. Bowden has earned himself the nickname of ‘The Rogue Nutritionist…”

Here are some of the basics of how you’ll learn to change your diet (and therefore change the focus of your metabolism):

  • Carbs are not all bad: – In fact, the diet actually advocates (and explains exactly how – and with the latest scientific research to back it up) eating carbs at night time, and still lose weight.
  • The primeval approach: – Humans have not evolved much over the past couple thousand years. (Evolution need much longer than that to make big changes).  Therefore the fact that New You In 22 is all about going back to a more primeval way of eating makes sense.  In other words, begin to eat more like our ancestors did (when they had to go out and catch their food – and there were periods of feast and famine), and your body will quickly respond – and begin to work in the way it was intended to.
  • Three superfoods: – That actually fight fat.  Yes, it really is true that there are certain types of food that, if eaten in the right amounts and regularly, will actually cause your body to begin to burn fat for energy, rather than sugar.
  • How to avoid fat loss plateaus: – We’ve all been there; losing weight on our diet and then suddenly – boom!  We can’t shift another pound (or even worse, begin to pile it back on again).  And that’s all because our metabolism changes when we diet.  New You In 22 is all about changing your metabolism for good – and this completely does away with these issues, and you don’t have to follow any crazy eating plans to get there.
  • Low carb meals during the day: – In smaller portions, followed by carb feasts in the evening.  It might sound crazy (and go against everything you’ve ever been told in the past), but this really is the trigger to re-setting your metabolism and have you jet setting towards your weight loss goals (forever – because this is not a quick fix, it’s all about changing your metabolism and body shape for good).

This (and a whole bunch more), is provided to you in instantly downloadable EBook formats.  You get the Metabolic Transformation Guide, The Metabolic Meals Blueprint and the Quick Start Guide.

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Who’s New You in 22 for?

Now, you might well think that New You in 22 is only for those who want to lose weight.  And yes, it probably is targeted towards this group (and indeed, does exactly what it suggests in the title).  However, we think that the marketing machine behind the diet and nutrition program are missing a trick here.  And that’s because this is not a ‘diet’ in the traditional form (in fact, we hate the word diet, because everyone automatically assumes that it’s a method of starving yourself until you get to the weight you want.  In fact, your ‘diet’ is what you eat, each and every day, for the whole of your life.  Period!).

And because of this, this is an eating program that is designed (and scientifically proven), to switch your metabolism back to the fat burning machine that it was always meant to be.  And that can be hard in our 21st century, with processed foods, fast foods and fat and sugar laden delights tempting us around every corner.  So, New You In 22 is, in our humble opinion, a nutritional program that will suit every single person on the planet.  Young or old, fat or thin, male or female – it’s simply the way that human beings should take on board food.

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Who is Dr. Jonny Bowden?

Jonny BowdenSo, the good doctor has certainly made a name for himself over the years.  With his work being featured in publications such as The New York Times, and on shows like Fox News, CNN and USA Today (to name but a few), it’s pretty likely that you’ll be familiar with him already.  His many qualifications include a PhD in nutrition and a Master’s in counselling and psychology – and he’s helped multitudes of people work towards their weight loss and eating goals.

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The Pros and Cons of New You in 22


  • One of the best things about New You In 22 is that it provides you with the knowledge to be aware of why it works.  And this is given in an interesting and informative manner (no boring, hard to understand science stuff – just proven facts).  And after all, the more you know and understand about a subject, the more you’re likely to follow and keep to the program.
  • You never need to go hungry again!  And that’s certainly one of the biggest plus points about the program.  Because there’s nothing worse than trying to eat in a healthy manner, only to give in when you can’t take those belly rumbles and hunger pangs any more.
  • No more going to bed wishing you could have a bit more to eat…  Because with this eating plan you really can have your comfort food late at night – with no guilty feelings whatsoever.
  • The meals demonstrated in New You in 22 are actually nice – and there’s a whole load of variety as well.  After all, one of the many reasons traditional diets fail is because the food on offer is so boring.  But there’s no such worries here, that’s for sure.

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  •  So, the biggest problem you might have with New You In 22 is actually turning your mind around to eating in a completely different way from which you’ve been told for most of your life.  However, the results of ‘changing your metabolism’ are fast, and you only need to start seeing results to become hooked; because it’s those very results that will make you realize that this is an eating plan that really does do as it promises.  And how refreshing is that!

The Bottom Line

So, we have to admit that we honestly didn’t think we’d be swung by this nutritional program.  But we couldn’t have been more wrong.  Backed by sound scientific advice, as well as some amazing hints and tips that we’ve never realized before, we have to admit that New You In 22 certainly does everything it promises.

It’s no wonder that there’s so much buzz surrounding Dr. Jonny’s New You in 22 – and that’s because not only do you begin to see results really fast, but it’s also a way to eat for life.  And once you start burning that fat (without having to half starve yourself to do so), we’re sure you’ll think the same.  We’re certainly converts, that’s for sure.  Well done Dr. Bowden – you really do rock!

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