Magnetic Laundry System Review – Is This Really Better?

Seriously!  A Way To Get Your Laundry Truly Clean Without Using A Single Drop Of Toxic Chemicals (AKA Regular Laundry Detergent)…?  You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Just A Little Bit Cynical…

There’s nothing nicer than putting on clean clothes, right…?  But we have to say, us Americans are becoming more and more aware that those lovely smelling mountain scents and spring blossom aromas that regular laundry detergents imprint on our clothes probably aren’t that good for us.  And actually, according to companies such as Water Liberty (and many other proven sources), they could even be carcinogenic (cancer causing).

magnetic laundry system review

So when we came across the Magnetic Laundry System, a means that not only gets your clothes super clean, but offers a ton of other advantages (including saving you mucho amounts of money), then we have to admit to thinking, ‘is this simply a marketing ploy?’

But we can’t let our cynical nature color how we view such a product.  So there was nothing left for us to do than take a far deeper look with exactly what the Magnetic Laundry System is all about.

So before you spend a single cent of your money on the product, please give us a couple of minutes of your time to read what we discovered.  We really do think you’ll agree that it’s time well spent…

What do you get for your money with Magnetic Laundry System?

OK, so how the Magnetic Laundry System works is with – errrr, magnets (we’re pretty sure you’d already worked that out, thanks to the name).  You simply place these into the drum of your washing machine, and the magnets – inside the water – change the surface tension of the water.  And it’s this that makes the water molecules slippery and more spaced out, so pulling the grime and dirt out of your clothes.

In fact, this is exactly what using detergents do – except they come with the added ‘bonus’ of toxic chemicals.

The advantages of using the Magnetic Laundry System over regular detergents include the following:

  • The Magnetic Laundry System saves you money: It lasts an incredible 50 years!  And has a manufacturer’s warranty for the same.  Imagine how much you’ll save not having to ever purchase laundry detergent again…
  • It works in all types of washing machines: Front loaders, top loaders, plastic drums, metal drums…  Even if you have a newer front loader with electronics – the Magnetic Laundry System is still suitable to be used.
  • You can use hot or cold water, whatever you choose: Although the manufacturer recommends using hot water if the clothes are suitable to be washed at such a temperature.  But if you use cold water in combination with the Magnetic Laundry System, it incredibly leaves virtually carbon footprint whatsoever.
  • You can still spot clean stains and ‘smelly’ areas: Such as armpits or whatever, simply by making up a 3% hydrogen peroxide and plain white vinegar solution and spraying it wherever you need to.  This has been scientifically proven to not only whiten, but to control microorganisms within the wash – so you never need use bleach or harsh chemicals again.
  • Spare yourself and your family from toxic chemical: That those ‘oh so lovely smelling’ laundry detergents contain.  In addition, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment as these leave your washing machine and head down our drains – contaminating wildlife and even our own drinking water systems in some cases
  • Save even more money: Because you can skip the rinse cycle of the wash (because you don’t need to wash away the detergent).  Not only will this save money on your water bill, but also your electricity bill.

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Who the heck is Water Liberty?

water liberty

The makers of the Magnetic Laundry System are called Water Liberty.  Their mission is to help regular folk like you and us get rid of our detergent fetish – for both monetary reasons and health ones.  Water, when used in the correct way (such as with the Magnetic Laundry System) has superior cleaning powers all of its own.  There’s simply no need to add in those toxic chemicals.

The company is dedicated to providing us with alternative cleaning methods that will save us money, and be kind to the planet (and the health of all who live on her).

Who is the Magnetic Laundry System for?

Well, that’ll be all of us…  If you’re keen to save money, save the health of you and your family, and do your bit for the environment, then the Magnetic Laundry System is for you…  And the great thing is, you can do all that with

barely any effort whatsoever – you do it simply with a little shift in your way of thinking, and the use of these clever magnets in your wash.

The Pros and Cons of  the Magnetic Laundry System

The Pros

  • The Magnetic Laundry System will do away with the annoying itching and rashes that affect so many of us when using regular laundry detergents. Because it’s the toxins and chemicals within them that do this.  But with these clever magnets, you’re simply using the power of them and the superior natural cleaning of the water to get your clothes sparkly clean.
  • You’ll save money – on water bills, electricity costs, and the fact that you’ll never have to buy laundry detergent again.
  • They’re long lasting – in fact, they the Magnetic Laundry System comes with an incredible 50 year guarantee!
  • You’ll be doing your bit for the environment, and not be adding more contaminants to the water system every time your washing machine empties out…

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The Cons

  • OK, so the Magnetic Laundry System doesn’t, on its own, kill bacteria. But here’s a shocker – not does regular laundry detergent!  If you want to kill bacteria within the wash, use a 5% solution of vinegar with the wash – it kills 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold, and 80% of germs – scientifically proven.

The Bottom Line

OK, OK…  We admit it – we were wrong.  Such cynics that we are, we automatically thought that the Magnetic Laundry System couldn’t possible work.  But never let it be said that we don’t admit when we’ve made a mistake.  Because this little baby works…!  And then some.

Clothes really do come out super clean.  OK, you might have to rid yourself of your ‘mountain fresh’ fetish – but actually, the smell of naturally clean clothes is far, far better.

We’re converts, that’s for sure.  And we honestly think that if you give the Magnetic Landry System a try, that you’ll be as well…

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