Lost Book Of Remedies Review (2019) – What’s The Truth?

Did Our Ancestors Really Have The Natural Answers To Curing Most Ills…? And Can We Take Advantage Of Them In Our Technologically Advanced World…? Or Is The Lost Book Of Remedies Really Just A Load Of Old Mumbo Jumbo….?

lost book of remedies review… That’s the question first thought of when we came across the Lost Book Of Remedies. Because, sure – there must be some element of truth in what our ancestors used to treat common and not so common ailments. But can we really learn anything from them? Because surely today’s medical knowledge is far superior…

This is what we wanted to find out. And if you’re reading this review, then no doubt you’re keen to discover the same. After all, the product might not cost a fortune, but money’s money, isn’t it. And we work damn hard for our cash. So the last thing you want to be doing is sending your dollars to some charlatan who’s selling a product that’s not worth the paper it’s written on…

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What do you get for your money with Lost Book Of Remedies?

OK, so the Lost Book Of Remedies is just that – a book that details hundreds of different plants that our ancestors have used over the centuries to treat medical conditions and ailments. And in these days of failing antibiotics and shortages of drugs in countries around the world, having such a bible that can genuinely show you how to make your own cures could prove invaluable. (Not to mention if something apocalyptic were to happen, and suddenly you couldn’t get your hands on simple drugs any more…).

So let’s take a look at some of what you can expect to learn within the pages of the Lost Book of Remedies.

  • How to stop bleeding: With a simple leaf of a weed, called Woolly Lamb’s Ear, that’ll stop bleeding in seconds.
  • The Frontier Poultice: A weed that will cure an infected wound or cut faster than any modern bandage or aid you’ll every find in the drug store today.
  • How to lower a fever: With an easy to make concoction from a plant called Boneset.
  • Why thistles are your friend: And can be used as a sweetener, and are also the perfect remedy for poor circulation.
  • What to use for asthma: Or a lung infection, or the common cold. Breathing in the steam from this amazing plant’s leaves will calm the worst of asthma attacks, and help cure any shortness of breath from a respiratory infection.
  • How to cure pneumonia: With an expectorant made from a plant called Senega.
  • Marshmallows aren’t just for eating: Because the plant is a powerful anti viral, and can cure flue, hepatitis, herpes, and more…
  • The power of a common driveway weed: That can be made into a poultice and dress cuts and wounds for super fast healing.

The book is split into two parts. The first detailing how you can use the common weeds you find growing everywhere, and the powerful ways they can be used for illnesses and ailments. The second part delves into the plants you can find growing wild in forests and woodland. This includes both remedies and plants that can be utilized for foods.

For instance, did you know how delicious cattails are (you’ll find them growing by water), and can be cooked anywhere. But in addition they have a jellylike substance between the leaves. It can cure the worst of skin infections, and also can be used as a substitute for Novocaine, as it has an amazing numbing effect on moist tissues.

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Who is Lost Book Of Remedies for?

Interested in herbal medicine? Fascinated by the power of nature? Want to know what foodstuffs are growing wild, in every part of the US? Then the Lost Book Of Remedies really is a book that’s going to fascinate you. And it’s super easy to understand, with loads of images to help with plant identification. It brings the common treatments and knowledge that our grandparents swore by to the 21st century. And it’s information that, for many of us, has been lost over the years. Which is a crying shame, as it’s valid, real, and certainly something that we should take care to ensure remains with us.

Anything else I should know?

Yes…! And that’s that you also get two other companion products when you purchase the Lost Book Of Remedies. And these are as follows:

  • The Report – The 72 Square Feet Medicinal Garden: Here you can discover exactly how to grow your own natural remedies, no matter how small your back yard might be…
  • The Report – Disaster Medicine: A Handbook for When Help is NOT on the Way: And this doesn’t necessarily mean in a cataclysmic event. People have lost their lives through simply not being prepared to help themselves, so this report really could be the lifesaver you and your family should all be aware of.

The Pros and Cons of Lost Book Of Remedies

The Pros

  • You get both a digital copy and a physical copy – which is fab! Because you might well want to access it on your computer, cell, or tablet. But sometimes there’s nothing better than flicking through the pages of real book…
  • Provides remedies to pretty much ailment you can think of. Meaning that you really can become self sufficient, no matter what might happen in the world….
  • Every healing plant in the book comes with several pictures that help you to identify it. Plus a detailed description of what you need to do to use it as a remedy.
  • Many of the plants are super easy to come by – even if you live in the most built up of urban areas.

The Consone and done workout guarantee

  • Well, that’ll be your own disbelief that such remedies actually work. But ask any scientist or medical person, and they’ll tell you that even the most advanced medicine of today has it roots in herbal medicine. And that’s what makes this book so very valuable in all its information.

The Bottom Line

Wow…! Oh wow….! The Lost Book Of Remedies is certainly on our must-read list. We’ll be recommending it to everyone from now on. The art of natural medicine is truly dying out, and this is simply criminal. For many of us, our elders who had this knowledge are no longer around to instruct us. So to have a book such as this that goes into so much detail is just amazing.

We love the fact that it teaches us and explains about all these different plants in such an easy to understand way. Plus the great identification images that make it a synch to recognize the plants growing. The Book Of Lost Remedies is as fascinating to read as it is useful. And we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it as a great way to learn how to naturally treat so many common ailments. Awesome, simply awesome…

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