A Review of the Les Mills Pump Workout DVD Program

The Les Mills Pump workout is one of the more popular home-based workout programs to hit the market, with Les Mills International and Beachbody teaming up to produce this one-of-a-kind fitness program. The fitness program is actually based on successful BodyPump classes that Les Mills has going on in many gyms across the world.

As with all workout programs being marketed, it is easy to be skeptical with something that has just been released. After all, the success of these programs in gyms do not equate to their home versions. Let’s take a closer look.

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What the Les Mills Pump is All About

If you’ve already heard of BodyPump, the Les Mills Pump workout will already be quite familiar. It promises to deliver ripped abs, shapelier muscles, and a stronger core with the use of barbells and weights and high repetition exercises. It uses what they call the Rep effect, whereby lighter weights are used for the workout instead of the heavier ones. To compensate for the amount of weight being used however, one will be required to do an increased number of repetitions so as to affect a change in a person’s physique.

The program is designed for fitness buffs of all levels, and the weights can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. Repetitions for each body part that is targeted with the program can sometimes reach up to 100, and there are instances where users will need to complete 800 reps in one session alone. This means more calories burned and therefore faster results.

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What’s in the Les Mills Pump Package?

The Les Mills Pump Kit has a lot to offer to users. For starters, it contains 8 workouts that can be viewed in 7 DVDs, plus a bonus workout that can teach you how to strengthen your core and back. The first and second DVD will teach users how to set up the weights, how to get the right stance when working out, and basic exercises that one will go back to again and again in the course of the Pump program. The third and fourth DVD on the other hand will focus on the more complex moves that will allow one to target several muscles at once, thereby burning more calories and building the body’s endurance through the Rep Effect process. The fifth and sixth DVD meanwhile will teach users how to gain lean muscle through the more advanced moves being taught on the program while the last DVD on the other hand features high-intensity workouts to target various muscle areas and build strength and flexibility.

What You Get with Les Mills Pump Program

The DVDs actually discuss everything that users will need to perform the workout without hassle. From assembling the bar to handling it safely and workouts that are both for beginners and advanced users, every detail is laid out and shown in the videos. This means there is no more guesswork and no more wondering whether or not you’re doing the right thing. The 20-55 minute workouts also cover every technique that is being taught in PumpBody classes, so it will be like having your own classes without the need to go to the gym and sign up. The Les Mills Pump DVD workout program promises to help a person burn 1,000 calories per hour. Although this may be quite an exaggeration, I believe that there are indeed users who have been able to achieve this burn-rate with the intensity that these workouts can bring. In my own experience, the most calories I have burned so far is 578 while using the high-intensity training from Les Mills.

Aside from the DVDs, the Les Mills Pump program also contains a fitness guide that can help maximize the benefits gained from using the kit. The guide is more like a magazine that contains articles and tips on high-rep workouts as well as the proper stances that you need to follow if you want to get the most of the Rep Effect. Here you will find interesting reads, like facts and myths on training with weights, the Rep Effect discussed more in detail, and it also contains a calendar that one can use for the entire length of the program (90 days.)

Additional Bonuses

Instead of purchasing a set of barbells, Les Mills and Beachbody have included this in their Pump DVD kit, and the good thing is that everything is easily assemble. The barbell is made for easy gripping, plus the whole thing can easily be disassembled and stored in no time. Along with the barbell are two pairs of plates that weigh 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. respectively, and these are what you will be using in the entire program, with each workout specifying a certain combination in the amount of weight you need to carry to ensure the best results. For safety purposes, there are also clips provided for the plates to hold them in place and these can be slid off and on with ease when it’s time to combine the plates based on the workout you are required to do.

Lastly, the kit comes with a food and nutrition guide as well as a workout tracker that users can use to evaluate their improvement within the 90-day period. This means users will no longer have to guess how much weight they’ve actually lost and how much muscle has been gained, seeing that they can see their progress in clear numbers.

Pricing and Recommendation

At present, the Les Mills Pump DVD program is available on trial for $14.95 and this includes use of the Les Mills Pump system for 30 days. This is a good deal considering that other workout programs in the market cost double and even triple that price. However, if your intent is only to try the program out, I suggest that you take note of the fine print on the order page to avoid surprises. The system will cost $59.95 after the trial period is over, and if you don’t let them know about your plans to discontinue using it you will be billed this amount for 3 months or a total of $179.85.

Complete Les Mills Pump Kit

I’ve personally tried using the Les Mills Pump program and I can say that it works for me. I started with about 10% body fat and have lost over 3% since. The workout schedules are not bad either, seeing you need only work out 3 times a week, with the rest being off days if you want. I suggest that you see what Les Mills has in store in this program, and if you loved the BodyPump classes, you’ll definitely love this one as well.

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