A Review Of The Les Mills Combat Full Body Workout Program

The Les Mills Combat home workout DVD program is derived from the Les Mills Body Combat program and is by no means a sequel to the Les Mills Pump program developed by Les Mills and Beachbody. Instead of the high reps and weights, this program focuses on highly energetic routines which are based from mixed martial arts moves and techniques so you can expect a real workout when you try it.

The success of the Les Mills Combat program started in gym classes conducted by the company throughout the world. This is the same level of success that Les Mills BodyPump has achieved, so let’s see what Combat has to offer.

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What Les Mills Combat Has to Offer

Okay, so first things first. There are no weights involved in the Les Mills Combat program unlike the Pump DVD workout. What you get instead is what the developers call the fast twitch integration training system that combines several martial arts including Muay Thai, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, and Boxing – all used with increasing intensity and highly energetic patterns to trigger faster responses and better fat burning capabilities in the body. What this technique does is target the muscles in the body that can actually affect a change in several muscle areas and cause other muscles to react to the change as well. This is more like waking the muscles all throughout the body with the use of targeted workouts. [wplapdance name=”LMcombat”]

There are 7 workouts that users can take advantage of in the Les Mills Combat Program, and these are contained in 5 DVDs. From the basic moves to the most intense cardio workout that lasts about an hour long, Les Mills and Beachbody guarantee that users will be burning calories in the high hundreds and even thousands once the Combat workout regimen is followed to a T. There have been plenty of success stories with Les Mills Combat gym classes, and the company assures that this is the exact same training you will get once you decide to try the home version of the program.

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How is Les Mills Combat Different from Less Mills Pump?

Although both Les Mills Combat and Pump are distributed by Les Mills International and Beachbody, one workout program is entirely different from the other. There will be the same quality music that Les Mills has for both programs, but nothing else. Combat features highly intensive workouts using your own body as counterweight, while Pump offers the use of barbells and plates to serve as your workout equipment. You would also need to get more space with Combat, seeing you will be doing some mixed martial arts moves as well. If you plan to do this in your living area, I suggest that you clear as much space as you can so you can move freely without worrying about injury or damage to your furniture or appliances.

What You Get with Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat Target Market

In my opinion, Les Mills Combat will appeal to almost any type of fitness buff, but more so in some situations than others. For starters, those who are too conscious to join a gym class and sweat it out together with a lot of people will definitely want to give this a try, especially those who have heard of the program and are willing to try it but are prevented from doing so because of the crowd. Since there is now a home version one can easily pop in the DVD, follow the techniques being shown on the program and sweat it out just like you would in a gym but without other people observing your movements.

Second, Les Mills Combat will also be appealing to those who don’t have as much time as they wish to go to the gym and burn calories. If you have a full schedule but want to get in some workouts nonetheless, this will be the perfect program for you without feeling too guilty about missing a day in the gym. If you’ve been enrolled in Combat classes in your local gym then this home version will certainly allow you some flexibility as well.

In my opinion, those who are always on the go can also benefit from the Les Mills Combat program. If you travel often during the year and don’t have much time to go to the gym or even stay at home, the Combat DVD kit can be brought wherever you may go or be assigned to. You can get some of the routines done in a hotel room while you’re on vacation or on business so you don’t have to feel guilty about missing out on a day at the gym.

Creators of the Les Mills Combat Program

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Les Mills Combat Kits and Prices

There are three variations of the Les Mills Combat workout program, all of which are also priced differently from one another. The Les Mills Combat Base Kit costs $67.85 and contains 7 various workouts in 5 DVDs. This kit covers basic to intermediate techniques and also offers some of the more complex and advanced workouts plus a tracker and a food and nutrition guide. The Supreme Warrior Kit on the other hand will have everything in the Basic kit plus a pair of MMA Combat gloves that one can use during the workouts. These gloves are lightweight and quite wearable, and most who order the Les Mills Combat program find that they want the gloves as much as they want the DVDs. The Supreme Warrior kit will set you back $99.95. Lastly, there is the Les Mills Combat Ultimate Warrior Kit which contains everything in the Basic and Supreme kits and then some. Aside from the regular DVDs, those who order the Ultimate kit will also receive 2 DVDs as bonuses – DVDs that feature 4 different types of advanced MMA workouts that are all fast-paced and intense. This kit retails for $131.85.

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Having tried the Les Mills Pump workout, I can definitely vouch for the integrity of Les Mills and Beachbody when it comes to producing high quality and effective workout programs that users can gain from. If you’re looking for a program that offers excitement and results, the Les Mills Combat workout program is something that you should look into. The money back guarantee isn’t too bad either because you’re given 60 days to return the product and request a refund if you’re not satisfied.

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Comparing Les Mills Combat Program Kits

Comparing Les Mills Combat Program Kits