IC-5 2.0 Review – Insulin and Carb Regulator Supplement From Biotrust Nutrition

Can You Really Control Your Carbohydrates And Blood Sugar Levels To Aid Weight Loss And Your Body Image with Biotrust IC-5 2.0?  Wouldn’t It Be Fab If It Really Were Possible…?

Control your weight loss and improve your body’s fat burning along with minimizing fat storage simply by targeting one of the body’s hormones?  Sounds like something from a science book (and not a very good one, at that), doesn’t it!  But hold on a moment, it’s been scientifically proven that the peaks and troughs of insulin production can have a dramatic effect on fat storage.  So can taking the supplement IC-5 2.0 honestly aid you in controlling insulin and the way your body deals with carbohydrates?

Perhaps the guys at BioTrust Nutrition have a point.  But can IC-5 honestly make a difference?  We decided to find out.  So read on to find the dirty truth behind the supplement that makes weight loss sound so simple…

What do you get for your money with IC-5 2.0 ?

IC-5 is a product that can help anyone (yes, anyone), restore their body’s production and reaction to the hormone insulin back to how nature intended.  The thing is, over the years, pretty much every one of us has been guilty of scoffing on over-processed carbohydrates.  And this causes the level of sugar in our blood to veer up and down at almost uncontrollable levels.

This in turn causes our body to produce too much insulin, and in turn this makes the body become resistant to the increased amount.  Therefore the body begins to store fat, instead of turning IC-5 Ingredientsthese carbs into energy to be used up on a daily basis.  And this all equates to making us fatter.  Cutting down on carbs is NOT the answer.  But what is, is returning our body to the state of creating the correct amount of insulin, and reacting to it in the manner nature intended.

Taking IC-5 can help do this in the following ways:

  • Benfotiamine helps burn off and block the body’s ability to manufacture AGEs which impaired glucose function, and aging. A recent study showed taking Benfotiamine before a carbohydrate-containing meal that was also high in AGEs was effective at improving carbohydrate management and reducing harmful AGEs within hours.
  • Berberine:  This plant alkaloid has been used for hundreds of year in India by those practicing Ayurvedic medicine.  What it does is improves the signals received by insulin receptors in the body, as well as helping glucose be mobilized to skeletal muscle, instead of being stored as fat.
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract (25:1)  has been shown to improve blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin sensitivity and by inhibiting the activity of certain carbohydrate-digesting enzymes.
  • Naringin is found naturally in grapefruits and other citrus fruits. It has been shown to inhibit P-glycoprotein, which can reduce the absorption of Berberine by as much as 90%. By inhibiting it, Naringin has the potential to double the bioavailability of compounds like Berberine.Benfotiamine and Naringin both provide direct antioxidant support, which plays an important role in promoting insulin sensitivity and improving carbohydrate management.

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  • I may earn compensation for my review of the Biotrust Nutrition products discussed on this website.

Who is IC-5 2.0 for?

Okay, so there’s billions of people out there who want to lose some excess weight, but seem to get on that never ending roundabout of pointless diets and product taking that never match up to their promises.  But the great thing about IC-5 is that it’s a completely safe product that can be taken by virtually anyone who’s carrying a few (or a lot) extra pounds to use as an aid to a weight loss program.

It’s especially good for those who suffer from that awful “after eating” lull, or who use foodstuffs such as coffee, chocolate and processed carbohydrates to help them have enough energy to get through the day.  Because when you get back in control of your body’s insulin production – and more accurately, insulin resistance – then you really can fast-track your weight loss efforts.

Who is BioTrust Nutrition?

biotrust nutritionThe driving force behind BioTrust Nutrition are two guys – Joel and Josh – who were nutrition and fitness experts who got fed up with being unable to find any genuine supplements to aid nutrition and diet that actually did what they promised.  Not to mention finding supplements that weren’t stuffed full of products that were detrimental to their health.  So rather than becoming even more frustrated, then decided that if you want something doing properly, then you needed to do it yourself.  And BioTrust Nutrition was born.

Now taken by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers on a global scale, BioTrust Nutrition is THE go to place for real, safe supplements that actually do what they promise to.

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The Pros and Cons of IC-5 2.0

The Pros

  • IC-5 is a safe supplement, not loaded with artificial colorings, flavoring or any other products that can be harmful to your health.
  • Taking the supplement helps your body to regain it’s natural response to insulin, rather than having to produce more and more to have the same effect, simply because your hormone receptors have become insulin resistant.
  • By helping your body have the right, healthy reaction to insulin, when you eat carbohydrates they are far more likely to be converted into energy, rather than stored as fat.  This means less fat storage and that it’s far easier for your body to break down stored fat and convert it to energy – hence you lose weight.
  • Not only will you begin to lose the unwanted fat, but by stabilizing the body’s insulin production you’ll avoid those awful blood sugar peaks and troughs that make you so tired at various points throughout the day.
  • Once this natural series of events is restored in your body, not only will you lose weight more easily, but you’ll have far higher energy levels throughout the day – not to mention improved sleep and waking patterns, simply because the body is working in the method that it should.

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The Cons

  • Well – no supplement can take the place of healthy eating and exercise.  So if you’re looking for such a thing, then you’re going to have a long weight…  But when used in conjunction with a good diet and regular exercise, taking IC-5 honestly can help you in your weight loss and health efforts.

The Bottom Line

Wow – how refreshing is it to actually find a supplement that does exactly what it says on the label.  IC-5 is something that pretty much anyone can take advantage of, because most of us in the Western world have some level of insulin resistance – simply due to the amount of processed carbs we’ve ingested over the years.

Don’t expect it to be a miracle cure, but when used in a sensible manner in conjunction with other healthy ways of eating and exercising, IC-5 can honestly accelerate your fat loss – not to mention helping you to feel far healthier all round.  Thanks guys – IC-5 certainly gets the thumbs up from us…


* I may earn compensation for my review of the Biotrust Nutrition products discussed on this website.

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