Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol Review (2019) – Is it Legit?

Cure Your High Blood Pressure By Simply Eating A Few Selected Foods…? Hmmm… If It Were So Easy, Surely Your Doctor Would Be Letting You Know About It…?

healthy blood pressure protocol reviewLet’s face it. Having high blood pressure is a huge worry – both for those who suffer, and for their loved ones. We all know how dangerous it is for our health. And no doubt you’ll be taking a ton of medication to try and combat it.

But apparently, according to Dr. Dan Ritchie (the guy behind Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol), all you need do is be specific about what it is you eat. And, voila! Your blood pressure will miraculously return down to normal healthy levels…

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’re pretty damn disbelieving about this claim. But of course, we can’t put the product down without getting some proof. So we had to dig deep into exactly what’s on offer here. If you’re considering a purchase, then you NEED to read what we discovered. Because the last thing you need is to follow advice that doesn’t work when it comes to such an important aspect of your health…

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What do you get for your money with Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol?

So, Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol is all about discovering ways to naturally lower your blood pressure. Now, most of us are aware of why high blood pressure (hypertension) poses such a health risk. But in addition to this there’s ever-increasing evidence that the common drugs used to treat the condition come with their own risks. These include raising the chances of skin cancer by up to 7 times, and increasing your risk of having a stroke by up to 2.5 times.

The thing is, what you eat has a massive effect on the state of your blood pressure (and what you don’t eat, as well). The Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol is a 100% science backed solution that brings you all-natural methods to bring your blood pressure under control. And it doesn’t only include diet advice, but other tips that have a massive effect on your blood pressure and all-round health.

Advice such as:

  • The 5 best vitamins: You need to take to help your body control high blood pressure
  • The best fruit: To eat that’ll help lower hypertension and open up your blood vessels
  • Why fructose is your real enemy: Discover why this is the very worst component that cause high blood pressure. Find out why this is such a common addition to many foodstuffs, and choose great alternatives that aren’t damaging to your health.
  • The ‘secret’ spice: Within your kitchen cupboards that has similar effects to most of the hypertension drugs on the market today.
  • The blood pressure smoothie: That’s delicious AND will naturally lower your blood pressure
  • The leaf extract: That you can use to make a tasty tea to lower hypertension AND high cholesterol.
  • Discover why salt isn’t such the villian you think: Because it’s actually NOT the true cause of high blood pressure (it’s fructose that’s the bad guy here).
  • Learn simple tricks: That have an instant healthy effect on your blood pressure. These include breathing techniques (and only take a few seconds per day to do).
  • Find out the exact foods: That you need to eat to lower your blood pressure straight away, and keep it that way for hours.

And lots, lots more…  The whole Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol is brought to you in the following four ways:

  • The Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol: The crux of the product, and contains all you need to naturally lower your blood pressure.
  • 37 Ways To Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure; Simple tricks and tips that have a massive effect.
  • 77 Foods To Fight Blood Pressure: Get the inside story on foods that are scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure.
  • How To Get Off Dangerous Prescription Medications: Get the lowdown on the worst medications that can have disastrous side effects – and discover how to get off them…
  • 30 Day Pass & VIP Access to the online community, Ageless Vitality: Here you can interact with other health conscious individuals who all striving to live the healthiest life they can, and bring their blood pressure back to normal levels.

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Who is Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol for?

Got high blood pressure? Or know someone who does? Then the Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol really could be the life saver you need. In addition, this is a truly informative product for each and any one of us – even if you’ve not got (or don’t know that you have) high blood pressure. Because the scary thing about this health issue is that for many years it has no outward effects… It’s not called the ‘silent killer’ for nothing…

So the more you know about the RIGHT foods you should be eating, and those you should be avoiding, then the less likely you are to ever succumb. This should be a must-read for every single American citizen, as far as we’re concerned…

Who the heck is Dr. Dan Ritchie?

dr dan ritchie healthy blood pressure protocolActually, Ritchie is only one part of the team behind Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol. He and his team at the Functional Aging Institute have been working for over 20 years to help those with hypertension to naturally lower their blood pressure levels. And, we have to say, he’s had some extraordinary results with the majority of people.

Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol is part of Ritchie’s National Outreach Program designed to spread the truth about how to naturally get your blood pressure under control. The advice given uses the latest in medical and scientific research to bring you the real truth about what foodstuffs you need to include (and exclude) from your diet. The guy is a true guru on this subject, being the go-to person for experts all over the world for all things anti-aging, and lowering blood pressure levels in particular.

The Pros and Cons of Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol

The Pros

  • Can mean that you can do away with the need to use prescription blood pressure medications (and therefore rid you of their harmful side effects).
  • In addition to lowering blood pressure, following the advice has many other health benefits. These include increased energy levels, healthier skin tone, and a massive confidence boost as your whole body health improves.
  • Extends your life, and reduces the risk of you being blighted by life chancing (or life threatening) conditions.
  • All of the advice is completely backed by a large amount of medical and scientific research.

The Conshealthy blood pressure protocol guarantee

  • OK, so you will have to make a little effort to follow the advice in Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol. But hey! The results begin to be felt within days, and that’s all the boost you need to continue following the advice. And let’s be honest, once you start feeling healthier, it becomes simplicity itself to continue following your new regime.

The Bottom Line

Listen up, folks… We were absolutely blown away by the Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol… This should honestly be information that we ALL need to know. So if you have, or are worried about, high blood pressure, then you NEED to read this… And read it soon.

Of course, it comes with the usual 100% money back guarantees that you’d expect. But trust us, you’re not going to be using it. Because this could be the most valuable read of your life – and the most life changing. Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol is perhaps the best product we’ve come across this year – and that’s saying something. It truly will be life changing for so many people – it’s a must-read…!

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