Flat Belly Drink Review – Andrew Raposo’s Drink Good?

Honestly! A ‘Breakthrough Weight Loss Formulation’ That Means All You Need To Do To Ditch The Flab Is This Unique Drink!  Hmmmm – We’re Certainly Going To Take Some Convincing….!

We know all too well (and we’re sure you do too) how difficult losing weight can be.  And even if you manage to drop a few pounds, in all reality it comes back with a vengeance within a few weeks or months.  So when we came across the Flat Belly Drink, we’ll readily admit that our first thought was, ‘yeah – right!’

But there’s a whole lot of buzz going on about Andrew Raposo’s Flat Belly Drink.  So of course we couldn’t just dismiss it without finding out more.  Hence our down and dirty discovery into exactly what it was, and whether the crazy advertising claims have even the slightest modicum of truth.

Read on to see what we found out.  We think you’ll find it makes for pretty interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Flat Belly Drink?

So, when you buy the Flat Belly Drink what you’re actually getting is a complete weight loss and health giving program.  And, as the name suggests, you help your body drop the excess pounds by the use of a drink.

But it’s not just any old drink!  Because what the program does is provide you with a unique combination of natural ingredients that, when combined in the correct manner, can provide almost miraculous weight loss and health giving effects.

And it works in the following ways:

  • By treating inflammation:  Now, while this might seem an odd place to start, when you understand more about the effect inflammation has on the body, it actually makes perfect sense.  Inflammation really is, to steal a phrase, the root of all evil.  Because inflammation within the body is the cause of so many health issues.  And one being the ability of the body to use up fat for energy, instead of locking it away in fat cells.  Inflammation has also been scientifically proven to be the reason so many of suffer from 21st century health problems :  From cancers to dementia, heart disease to arthritis, internal inflammation is the culprit that can often make us more susceptible in the first place.
  • By removing poisonous toxins:  By helping expel toxins at a super-fast rate, this allows the body to then concentrate on the work of converting fat to energy to be used up, therefore helping the weight loss process become more efficient, constant, and fast.

The Flat Belly Drink blueprint has undergone rigorous tests.  In essence, the combination of ingredients that you ingest via the drinks on a daily basis (in cold drinks, or hot teas) have a number of effects.  These include:

  • Increasing the metabolism: Causing the body to burn up to 670% more calories through the day and the night.
  • Cleansing and purifying:  The complete body system, helping to reduce the internal inflammation that causes the body to hold onto fat – no matter how much you exercise or diet.
  • Reduces the risk of disease:  Such as heart problems, stroke risk, diabetes, dementia etc.

Who the heck is Andrew Raposo?

Former fat guy, Raposo, certainly creates his products from the heart.  He knows the misery that accompanies being overweight.  And he knows the challenges it brings.  He’s the creator of the uber-succesful weight loss diet, Flat Belly Overnight, that helped thousands achieve their weight loss goals.

He’s taken his own personal experiences (and this means the very real difficulties faced by all of us who try to lose weight), to create a product in the Flat Belly Drink that actually works.  It sure makes a difference trying to follow a weight loss program that’s been created by someone who understands all of the difficulties we face on the way. And who’s advice would you rather take?  A skinny who’s always ben that way?  Or someone who’s actually ‘been there’, and experienced the highs and lows (oh, those lows!) of trying to lose weight?

Who is Flat Belly Drink for?

Well, if you’ve got some weight to lose – be it a little or a lot – then the Flat Belly Drink could be just what you’re looking for.  And because it basically provides the body with a whole lot of natural products, this means it’s suitable for literally anyone.  Old or young, male or female, overweight or simply want a flatter belly, it really is suitable for all.

In addition, because it also helps the body to heal, as well as helping to prevent unhealthy  conditions to begin in the first place, this makes it literally a product that could be beneficial to each and every one of us – no matter what our state of health is right now.

The Pros and Cons of Flat Belly Drink

The Pros

  • The results of the Flat Belly Drink regime are noticed fast.  In fact, the makers (and some of those who’ve reviewed the product) have noted that you can begin to feel a difference within hours of the first drink, so potent is this natural ingredient mix.
  • The drink raises your metabolism.  And when this is raised, you burn more calories – even when you’re asleep!
  • Not only does the program effectively help you lose weight, but it also causes you to feel fitter and have more energy as well.  This is thanks to the reducing of inflammation within, as well as the flushing of toxins from the body.
  • Because inflammation is reduced, your chances of injury and fatigue also go down as well.  And if you do hurt yourself by accident, the body will be better placed to undergo a fast healing process.

The Cons

  • OK, folks!  Let’s get real for a minute.  In addition to simply drinking the Flat Belly Drink on a daily basis, to get the best results you’re going to have to make a little effort in other areas as well.  For instance, the program recommends that you cut out alcohol during the week.  And at the weekend that you stick to only certain kinds.  You’ll also see better results if you combine the Flat Belly Drink program with healthy eating and at least a little exercise.

The Bottom Line

We have to say that when we first came across the Flat Belly Drink we were convinced we were going to hate it!  But actually, as long as you’re not expecting a miracle cure for weight loss, this actually is a real and valid diet and health aid that does exactly as it says on the tin!

We particularly like the fact that the program explains exactly WHY it works.  The literature treats you as an adult, and hey – who doesn’t enjoy understanding the exact reasoning behind the magic.  You also get a complete database of herbs and spices to further increase your knowledge.

In a nutshell – it works!  Combine it with other sensible weight loss aspects and the Flat Belly Drink really can have you dropping those pounds towards your target weight.  It tastes great, and comes with a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying the Flat Belly Drink – except, that is, that excess weight…!