Fixt Water Pitcher Review – Is It The Real Deal?

A Water Filter That Not Only Makes Your Tap Water Safer To Drink, But Has Been Proven To Be More Effective Than Other Similar Seeming Ones On The Market…?  Hmm, We’re Going To Take Some Convincing…!

OK, so if you’re looking at purchasing a water pitcher that filters contaminants, you’re probably already aware that faucet and bottle water contains some pretty nasty stuff.  Heavy metals, fluoride, prescription drugs…  Not the sort of ingredients you want to be putting into your body.  But why is the Fixt Pitcher better than others on the market?  You know, ones like the famous Brita…?Fixt Water Pitcher Review

Well, the guys behind the science claim that their’s is superior in a number of ways.  And it’s all down to their unique filtering system.  But we have to admit to being pretty cynical about their claims.  So the only thing we could do is to go deep inside the science behind why the Fixt Water Pitcher works.

Read on to find out what we discovered.  We think it’s pretty interesting.  And even if you too are cynical in the same way as us, we think you should understand exactly what it has to offer, even if you then decide to purchase one of the company’s rival products…

What do you get for your money with Fixt Water Pitcher?

So, the Fixt Water Pitcher is a simple jug that you use to filter water that comes straight from your faucet.

It does so in the following ways:

  • It first uses a layer of coconut activated charcoal: The reason it contains coconut activated charcoal is because the holes in such a filter are uniform in size (unlike those that other makers have).  This means the water cannot take the path of least resistance, so allowing some contaminants to pass through unfiltered.  This is the only water filter that includes this type of activated charcoal filter.
  • Uses a gravity filter system: That lets the water through a long pathway of contaminant catching microspores.
  • The jug is made from 100% BPA free plastic: So you can be sure that the jug itself is not adding any nasty additions to the water whilst filtering.
  • Uses a 2nd filter that’s a proprietary organic filter: This uses nature’s own method of capturing and filtering water.  Its called a Nataclean filter, and the Fixt Pitcher is the only one on the market today to use such a filtering method.
  • Thousands of micro channels mean thousands of layers of filtering: What this means in practical terms is that the water is filtered through layers that, if laid out end to end, would cover half the area of an NFL football pitch
  • The ‘good stuff’ is allowed to filter through: Water needs to contain all the good elements that our bodies crave.  The filters used in the Fixt Pitcher allow such minerals to continue through to the end so that the water still contains all the products that your body needs for good health.

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What does the Fixt Pitcher actually remove from the water?

Well, there are so many nasty contaminants in our tap water today.  What the Fixt Pitcher filters out includes the following:

Who is Fixt Water Pitcher for?

Well, in a nutshell, the Fixt Pitcher is something that EVERYONE should have.  After all, who on earth wants disgusting and harmful additions in their everyday drinking water?  And the great thing is that this should be applied to people of every single age – from the tiniest baby right through to the older generation.

Why is the Fixt Pitcher better than its rivals?

There are many reasons.  These include the higher level filtering process, the fact that the jug itself is made from 100% BPA free plastic, the far-longer act of filtering the water, the higher and more advanced grade of activated charcoal system, that bacteria is removed along with the contaminants…  These are just some of the reasons why the Fixt Pitcher is superior to its competitors.

The Pros and Cons of Fixt Water Pitcher

The Pros

  • The filtering system is more advanced and more thorough than others on the market.
  • You don’t need to take the lid off the pitcher in order to fill it. The jug has a handy opening that you simply flip upwards to put the water inside.
  • Even the dirtiest water comes out clean and pure.
  • For every Fixt Pitcher sold, the company donate enough money to provide a child who doesn’t have access to clean water with enough money for 6 months worth of suitable drinking water
  • It allows all the good nutrients of water through, whilst still ensuring that the contaminants are removed.
  • The water tastes great!

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The Cons

  • Money Back GuaranteeWell, the only ‘bad’ thing about the Fixt Water Pitcher is that you do have to change the filter periodically. But that’s the same as with every similar product on the market.  After all, any filter system eventually gets full and has to be changed – that’s just common sense.  The good thing is Fixt’s filters last longer….

The Bottom Line

D’you know, when we came across the Fixt Water Pitcher we honestly thought it was going to be the same as every other one on the market.  But actually, we were wrong – because the Fixt Pitcher really does offer more bang for your buck.  And not just in terms of value.  Because what it actually does is filter water in a far more effective manner than its rivals.

Thanks to the advanced (and unique) filtration system, it really can filter out pretty much all of the horrible stuff that’s contained in the water that pours form your faucet.  Even the dirtiest, most disgusting water comes out clean, pure, fresh, and tasting wonderful.  We highly recommend this filtration system – it does everything it promises in the advertising, and more…

And the great thing is that you don’t even need to take our word for it.  Because the Fixt Water Pitcher comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.  And that, as far as we’re concerned, is putting your money where your mouth is.  If you’re looking for a new, value for money, home water filtration system that’s simple to use, in our humble opinion, the Fixt Water Pitcher stands head and shoulders above the rest – pure and simple!

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