Final Phase Fat Loss Review – Is John Romaniello’s Program Good?

UPDATE: Final Phase Fat Loss Is No Longer Available.

To see our favorite program to do instead can be found by clicking here.

A Workout That Offers Fat Burning So Powerful It Can Transform Your Body From Soft To Rock Hard In Just 6 Weeks!  Come On Guys – Get Real…!

Okay, so if you’re anything like us, you’re pretty fed up of seeing yet another “surefire” workout regime that’ll give you the body of an Adonis.  So when Final Phase Fat Loss hit the market, we have to admit that we automatically viewed it with world weary eyes…

However, the only difference about Final Phase Fat Loss is that it comes from the fitness icon that is John Romaniello.  So based solely on that fact, we decided to dig a little deeper into what this training program is really all about.

Read on to discover our no holds barred opinion on whether Final Phase Fat Loss really can live up to its outrageous promises…

What do you get for your money with Final Phase Fat Loss?

One of the good things about Final Phase Fat Loss is that it strips away all those myths and crazy promises that fitness programs have claimed over the decades.  This is a program that has been born out of the genetic code that’s within all of us to hang onto those last few pounds of excess fat – simply for emergency situations (i.e., times of famine).  But manage to optimize your workouts to not only drop fat, but build muscle and increase your metabolism, and you WILL see the fat loss results you yearn for.

  • Component 1 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Training Manual:  Covering the complete training theory, as well as the 24 hormonal response training workouts that make up the program.
  • Component 2 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Training Log Sheets:  Professionally produced to make it easy to keep records and see exactly where you’re at within the program.
  • Component 3 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Results Journal:  These are used hand in hand with the log sheets, allowing you to record your progress as well as your workouts.
  • Component 4 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Exercise Library:  Where every exercise included in the program is detailed so you know exactly how to carry them out.
  • Component 5 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Supplement Guide:  Contains exactly what the title suggests…
  • Component 6 – The Final Phase Fat Loss “Origin” Audio File:  Here you learn exactly how this program came to be.  Plus you get a whole load of information about what NOT to do, simply so you don’t waste your time whizzing towards your final goal.
  • Component 7 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Audio Interrogation:  Listen to diet and fat loss expert, Joel Marion, grill John on everything to do with why this program works.
  • Component 8 – The Final Phase Fat Loss Quick Start Check List:  Because the better you plan and prepare, the better your training results will be.

Who is Final Phase Fat Loss for?

So – the blurb that comes with Final Phase Fat Loss would at first seem to be only targeting serious body builders and fitness models.  But in our humble opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.  Because this is a program that will suit anyone who’s got a reasonable level of fitness, and want’s to see their results sky rocket at an incredible speed.

Male or female, young or old, Final Phase Fat Loss offers serious workouts for those who’re serious about fitness and expect serious results.  If you’ve got the will power, Final Phase Fat Loss has the methods you need to get that “to die for” body you’ve always dreamed of.

Who is John Romaniello?

John aka Roman is perhaps one of the biggest names in fitness and body building.  Not only for his own super toned physique, but also for providing the most cutting edge workout regimes to help everyone else get the results they want as well.  Founder of Roman Fitness Systems, author, model, trainer and fitness coach, Mr. Romaniello is well known as New York’s premier fat loss expert and has featured on Good Morning America and T-Muscle, as well as in Men’s Health and SHAPE for Women.

The Pros and Cons of Final Phase Fat Loss

The Pros

  • Final Phase Fat Loss is a complete workout program, designed to give fat burning results in an incredibly short amount of time.  But unlike many other programs on the market, this is also designed for you to stay in shape AFTER you’ve completed the program.  By working on natural hormonal responses of the body, the workouts are truly targeting a change in your metabolism, so there’s no “yo-yo” up and down of fat deposits and weight once you get to the end of the 6 week program.
  • The last thing this program includes is hours of boring cardio work.  In fact, the last thing this program includes is the need to spend hours of your day down the gym.  By targeting and strategically working in scientifically proven methods, every second of your workout counts – and you’ll be amazed at how little time you actually need to exercise when you finally discover how to workout in the correct manner.
  • Final Phase Fat Loss is all about getting rid of the dreaded “plateau” effect that plagues so many of us in our workout efforts.  With this, you can expect to blast past those awful progress slowing or stops that are probably one of the most frustrating aspects of any regular training program.

The Cons

  • Right, the biggest problem with Final Phase Fat Loss is that this is one tough workout program.  You’re going to need to be committed and work hard, but the results really are incredible.  And, as anyone who wants to alter their body shape knows, the biggest motivator you can have is seeing the changes take place.

The Bottom Line

So – we have to eat our words when it comes to Final Phase Fat Loss.  Because this truly is a program that’ll see you blitzing those “impossible to target” fat dumps that stubbornly cling to your body.  Yes it’s hard…  Yes it requires will power…  Yes your going to have to use every last ounce of effort you possess, but if you can bring this to the table, then the results you see are nothing short of miraculous.

Add to this the rock solid, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, and it makes trying out Final Phase Fat Loss a bit of a no brainer, in our humble opinion.  A home run, once again, Mr. Romaniello….