Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start Review – Isa Herrera Good?

The Secret To Healing Your Pelvic Floor, No Matter What The Problem Might Be…? Pain, Leaking, Prolapse, Or Any Other ‘Down There’ Issues – Without Taking A Single Pill…! Sounds Too Good To Be True, Doesn’t It…?

female pelvic alchemy jump start reviewPelvic problems are no joke. From urinary leaking to chronic pain, painful sex or prolapse, these might be issues that affect a lot of women… But! They’re definitely not normal… Orthodox medicine is next to useless (as you already know if you’re reading this). Plus who on earth wants to take prescription drugs to sort the problem.

Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start by Isa Herrera, promises to give you the answers you desperately seek. And not only that, the cure to all and any pelvic problems – naturally, without drugs, and to heal your pelvic floor once and for all.

We have to say… We’re going to take some convincing. But the lady promises that she can 100% heal chronic pelvic floor and bladder issues. So of course, on behalf of the millions of women out there who suffer, we wanted (needed) to find out more. If you’re considering sending up for Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start, then before you spend a single penny, please (please!) read what we found out when we dug into what the product really is. Because it might just change your mind as to whether or not you sign up…

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What do you get for your money with Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start?

OK, so Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start is a method that uses natural methods and exercises that will not only mask the pelvic floor and/or bladder problems you suffer from, but actively heal it once and for all. It’s the ONLY course of its kind available – yes, you read that right – and provides virtual training that will break the cycle of pelvic pain and discomfort once and for all.

And, amazingly, if you commit to the program, it has an incredible 100% success rate!

The program consists of what’s called the S.T.A.R.R System, and is presented in a simple step-by-step method that’ll allow you to once again trust your body, and discover once and for all what’s going wrong, ‘down there’. It’s set out like this:

  • S: Strong foundational setup: The first step is to discover the hidden triggers that are keeping you from healing. Each of us is unique, so your triggers are different from everyone else. Once you know this, you can begin to supercharge your pelvic core and sexual function, and regain a sense of control over your body once again.
  • T: Test your lady parts: Here you’ll find out which are the right exercises for you. Surprisingly, Kegels don’t work for everyone (because we’re all different), You might need to do alternative exercises, called Reverse Kegels. But the Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start system will show what’s going to work for you, and how to make your vagina a happy girl once again…
  • A: Alleviate your symptoms: By utilizing simple techniques such as massage and other easy exercise. You’ll also be able to re-activate your sex life, and begin to feel the love you crave once again.
  • R: Restore: Incorporate simple movements into your everyday routine that’ll restore both your confidence and strength.
  • R: Recapture: Feel whole once again, gain back your womanly confidence, move without fear or inhibition, and discover your ‘queendom’…

The whole system is divided into 8 multimedia modules, as well as a whole lot of other material. You can watch the video lessons whenever you want, on any device (PC, desktop, tablet, smart phone), and at your own convenience. There’s also live model demos, downloadable PDF diaries and checklists, module notes and mastery sheets with shortcuts to all the important information.

Who is Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start for?

Ladies – is your pelvic floor giving you hell…? Do you suffer from urinary leakage, chronic pain, painful sex, burning, pressure, abdominal separation, prolapse, vaginal dryness, weak or no orgasms – literally anything that isn’t quite right ‘down there’?

Have you tried everything? You know – Pilates, physio, kegels, urologists, drugs, creams, or even surgery? Well it’s time to sort the problem once and for all – naturally, non-invasively, and for good… And Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start can show you the exact way to do this. Period…!

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Who the heck is Isa Herrera?

isa herrera female pelvic alchemy jump startHerrera has become the guru on the female pelvic floor thanks to her own painful experiences. She’s a licensed physical therapist, and when orthodox medicine failed for her own problems, she decided that enough was enough… She’s spent over 12 years finding out the natural, gentle methods of healing the core of the female body – the pelvic floor – and has treated circa. 15,000 woman (and counting) at her Healing Center in NYC.

She’s a true expert in integrative pelvic floor therapies, and has written no less than five books on the subject – including the International Bestseller, Female Pelvic Alchemy. She’s also been regularly featured on several national TV shows, such as Live with Regis and Kelly, and The Today Show. Suffice to say, the gal knows her stuff…!

The Pros and Cons of Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start

The Pros

  • Works fast – you’ll be healed within 90 days or less.
  • A completely natural method of healing. Does away with the need for pain medication, muscle relaxants, the wearing of pads, and more drastic ‘cures’ such as vaginal Botox injections or even surgery.
  • Works for virtually any ‘down there’ problem. Including abdominal separation, organ prolapse, scar pain, urinary leaking, painful sex, pressure, burning…
  • This proven method has a massive 94% success rate (and it would have been higher, but the other 6% failed to carry out the exercises as instructed). So actually, if you follow the program, it’s a guaranteed 100% success rate.

The Consfemale pelvic alchemy jump start guarantee

  • Well, you do need to make an effort to make the system work for you. It’s not a ‘magic’ cure, and you’re going to have to commit to the exercises. But if you can do that, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to not only improve, but to cure your pelvic floor issues once and for all.

The Bottom Line

Well, girls… What a breath of fresh air Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start really is… And what a life changer! We have to say, Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start is something that doctors should be prescribing their patients, instead of trying to simply cover up pelvic floor problems with drugs and the like.

If you suffer from any kind of pelvic issue, then you’re going to bless the day you came across Female Pelvic Alchemy Jump Start. It’s time so get your life back on track, and for those with pelvic or bladder problems, this is the way to do it. Awesome…!

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