Exposed Skin Care Reviewed – Will This Get Rid of Your Acne?

Science and NatureIf you have acne, you know how horrible this affliction actually is.  It affects many of us and it has the ability to not just permanently and temporarily damage the skin, it also has the potential to significantly damage our own levels of self-esteem.  I have been suffering from terrible acne since being a teen and I am at the point that I have gotten frustrated with all the lotions and potions that are out there and do nothing but make me poorer.  The doctor stated that the only solution left for me was to use a steroid cream, which I truly wanted to avoid due to the various negative side effects this can bring with it.  I was almost at the point of deciding that I would have to use this cream when I came across Exposed Skin Care.  Because their product comes with a full, no questions asked, one year money back guarantee, I felt that for once, this wasn’t a company that was just after my hard-earned dollars.  So, I decided to give them a go.  Here are my findings.

What Is Exposed Skin Care?

The product is a treatment that has been designed and developed by dermatological experts as well as naturopaths, cosmetologists and chemists.  In collaborating together, they came up with a solution that helps fight acne without exposing the skin to harsh ingredients and chemicals.  Instead, it is based solely on natural ingredients designed solely to keep the skin healthy and natural, just like it is supposed to be.  The product claims that it is able to treat acne that has already flared up, as well as preventing any breakouts from happening in the future.

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How Does Exposed Skin Care Work?

BenefitsExposed Skin Care certainly is a different type of product.  This is because it isn’t limited to just one type of treatment.  It is, instead, an entire system, made up of a range of different products.  These work in synergy in order to fight skin problems, and acne in particular.  Naturally, it is a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming to use just a single product, but if you are like me, you will know by now that none of these problems truly work.  Indeed, this is due to the fact that these products are a one size fits all solution, rather than acknowledging that there are different types of skin and different reasons for acne.

The product is full of natural additives that have been scientifically proven to help unclog the pores of the skin.  It also helps to kill all the bacteria on our skin that are likely causes of acne.  Next, it makes sure our skin starts to produce sebum levels that are actually appropriate.  Most people with acne produce too much sebum, which causes acne.  In doing all of this, the product helps the skin lesions to heal, makes the face less red and diminishes irritation.

There are four different products within the system, some having to be used at night, others during the day.  The day treatment is mainly a cleaners, tonic and serum.  At night, a serum is applied to clear the pores.

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What You Get and Price with Exposed Skin Care?

The system contains the following products:

  1. ProductsThe facial cleanser, which is made up of pro-vitamin B5, sage extract and salicylic acid.  This will clean and detoxify the skin.
  2. The clearing tonic, which also contains salicylic acid, as well as sage, passion flower and green tea extract, and aloe vera.  This product restores the skin’s pH balance, protects sells from damage, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin and smells good to top it all off.
  3. The acne treatment serum, which contains micronized BP, green tea extract and tea tree oil.  This serum stops new blemishes from forming by killing the bacteria.
  4. The night time clear pore serum, made up of licorice root, green tea extract and salicylic acid.  This is effective against both white and blackheads.  Furthermore, it makes the skin appear more youthful by healing it.

The product is available for $59.95.  For this, you will receive the full system, some moisture complex, a free derm x-cloth and free membership to the Exposed Skin Care club.

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What I Liked about Exposed Skin Care

  • The treatment is helped to avoid further outbreaks of acne, as well as getting rid of the existing outbreaks.
  • It also works on other imperfections of the skin, including blemishes and scars.  In doing so, it leads to a healthier, more youthful appearance.
  • It works on the moisture of the skin, ensuring it does not dry out or develops other problems.
  • The company offers a one year money back guarantee and also guarantees visible results within just 30 days.

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What I Didn’t Like about Exposed Skin Care

  • Although I didn’t experience it, some people seem to develop some irritation when they first start using the product.
  • It is currently only available online, although the number of websites that have affiliated to Exposed Skin Care has grown exponentially.
  • Some would say the cost is quite high for a single system.  However, I would dare anyone to look into their bathroom cabinet and work out how much money has been spent on useless acne treatment remedies in the past.

Natural extracts

The Verdict

Nobody should have to suffer from acne.  It is recognized that it is a skin problem that causes tremendous issues to patients, both long term and short term.  It can lead to permanent scarring of the tissue of the skin, meaning that the effects of acne will stay with you forever.  There are thousands of dermatological products on the market, but I feel it is important to stick to something natural.  Nature is our very own great pharmacy and it is such a shame that we have become dependent on chemical and pharmaceutical products, products that generally have more detrimental effects than good ones.  Although they may solve one problem, they often cause very many more.

This is one of the main reasons why I was immediately attracted to Exposed Skin Care.  Added to this their double guarantee, and you really have nothing to lose.  I fully recommend this product.

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