Eat Stop Eat Review – Is Brad Pilon’s Program Good?

Finally a Real Eat Stop Eat Review for Brad Pilon’s program is revealed.

Anyone who’s been trying to lose weight has probably tried different diets over their whole lifespan. Admittedly some do work while some are just downright outrageous and unbelievable. Plus, not everyone has the patience to deal with daily calorie measuring or can stand spending hours at the gym just to get rid of all that excess fat. With all the hassle that other diet programs have, it just doesn’t work long enough to make you lose the weight permanently.

Eat Stop Eat is an e-book written by Brad Pilon that is one of the most unconventional diet programs in the market today. As you probably might have heard already, the Eat Stop Eat diet program involves intermittent fasting that can be done in flexible periods. It’s a program that’s also combined with weight training that will not only help you lose all your excess fat but also give you a leaner and more toned muscle build.

It takes away the old belief that eating small meals or starving yourself will slow down your metabolism. In fact, the Eat Stop Eat diet proposes the exact opposite. This program allows you to follow the type of diet that you like best. It doesn’t tell you what you can and can’t eat. Pilon’s book explains that intermittent fasting will not only increase your metabolism but it will also improve your energy without breaking down any muscle. Surprisingly, some reviews by those who follow the program say that they are more energetic during fasting days. This is probably due to the fact your body will use the excess broken down fat to fuel your energy.

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With Eat Stop Eat, you get a unique one of a kind program that you can easily adapt to and fit into your lifestyle. With a flexible intermittent fasting period, you don’t have to make drastic and unrealistic changes to your regular eating habits. This type of program will make it easier for you to follow it for a longer period.

If you thought doing nothing will not help you burn fat, then you’d be surprised how that is possible with Eat Stop Eat. Not only that, the program will assure you that you can burn fat fast and easily.

The program also initiates the release of growth hormones that are found to be essential when trying to lose fat.

Eat Stop Eat is a guaranteed success. You will be amazed at how much weight you lose through time and how your figure can change drastically. You lose all the belly fat and gain more confident attitude.[wplapdance name=”eatstopeat”]

The program has an easy to follow diet plan. As other diet plans are becoming more and more complicated, it becomes more difficult to stick to them as well. After a certain amount of time, dieters just tend to give up. With Eat Stop Eat, you learn that weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

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WHO IS Eat Stop Eat FOR?

Eat Stop Eat diet can work for just about anyone willing to try it. If you’re tired of trying to measure out every food you eat everyday and is bothered by all those complex diet instructions that seem impossible to follow, then by all means, put Eat Stop Eat to the test. Brad Pilon has even termed it to be “anti-diet” that will work best for anyone who wants to be stress free yet still lose weight. This type of program can also help you build muscle and get that washboard or six pack abs that you’ve always wanted.

Brad PilonBrad Pilon is an athlete and nutrition professional who has worked in the research and development industry for weight loss supplements. For over a decade, he has travelled all around the world helping to find a cure for obesity while meeting some of the world’s greatest experts on nutrition and weight loss. At the same time he has had access to state of the art equipment. He has also worked with athletes and has been able to perform multiple body composition tests on them. For years, he has studied several experimental weight loss programs. He has also helped in the development of weight loss pills that have proven to be effective. Eat Stop Eat is a product of his research on scientific findings on intermittent fasting when he was taking up graduate studies in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences. It is actually a simpler, easy read version of his graduate study entitled, “The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss.”

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  • -all the weight loss will come from body fat
  • -your metabolism speeds up without having to lose energy
  •  -you will not lose any muscle, and your muscle building and fat burning workouts will be just as effective
  •  -intermittent fasting periods are flexible
  •  -you are able burn fat 24 hours a day and get an additional help from the Growth hormone produced by your body
  •  -the program helps you get rid of your bad habits like over eating; you learn to adopt a real balanced diet without having to get rid of carbs and fat
  •  -your body gets trained to stop you from eating when you’re already actually full
  • you get a complete 60 day money back guarantee


  •  the fasting might be difficult to follow in the beginning but once you learn the techniques and your body becomes used to it, it gets easier.
  • you won’t get the body you always dreamed of without putting in some work.  The techniques are great but obviously you will have to put in your fair share of work to get the final results


The Eat Stop Eat program is certainly a new approach to dieting that is backed by scientific research. It can work for anyone diligent enough to follow the program. If you have the right mindset and strong will, this can prove effective for you to get rid of your unwanted fat. With this program, you lose the weight fast so you can easily see immediate results. If you’re worried about fasting, you are assured that it won’t leave you feeling tired and lethargic. Fasting days might even take your mind of food once you’ve gotten the hang of it. It’s a complete over-all body training that can give you the figure you’ve always wanted and a chance to keep your ideal weight permanently.