Chakra Awakening Review – Really? Can This Work For You?

So, If You Want True Peace And Harmony In Your Life, You Need To Nourish Your Chakras.  And While This Is Certainly Nothing New, Does The Chakra Awakening System Provide Anything More Than The ‘Same Old, Same Old?’

Let’s face it…  We’re all looking for personal fulfillment.  Be it in our professional life, personal, relationships – we’re all striving to be the very best person we can be.  And sure, there’s a whole host of self-help books out there, seminars and courses dedicated to showing you the path you need to follow…  Oh yes, there’s plenty to spend your hard earned dollars on, that’s for sure.

chakra awakening review

But the folks behind the 3,500 year old secret that forms the basis of the Chakra Awakening System promise us more than simply the information you need to unlock your full potential.  Because, so they say, awakening your seven chakras to allow them to stream positivity into your whole being is the key to true success and happiness.

Hmmmm….  Now it’s not that we disbelieve – because actually, we’re true fans of this wonderful ancient belief.  No, what we’re cynical about is if the Chakra Awakening System can actually offer us anything new from other similar sounding products out there.

So of course, this meant only one thing…  And that was that we had to get down and dirty with exactly what the product was all about.  Read on to discover what we found out.  We think you’ll find it vereeeeee interesting!

What do you get for your money with Chakra Awakening?

OK, so the Chakra Awakening System offers a collection of unique tools, exercises, and techniques all designed to help you strengthen and protect your Chakras.

The system breaks down like this:

  • The Chakra Healing Blueprint: This is the beginning of the system, and you’re shown how to get a highly individualized diagnosis of how blocked (or otherwise) your Chakras are.
  • 7 x Chakra Charge Up Sets: Each one of these 7 videos corresponds to an individual Chakra.  Custom made, these tutorials and micro-visualization sets get your mind laser targeted to instantly know what to do to unblock and strengthen each one.
  • The Chakra Toolkit Part 1: Part 1 consists of 7 Chakra care mind moves – again, each one designed for the individual Chakras.  Combining everything you need for energetic boosts, such as powerful visualizations, affirmations, music, and imagery.
  • The Chakra Toolkit Part 2: A Chakra care 360 immersion meditation audio consisting of an amazing 20 minute journey into your energetic ecosystem.  Designed to re-energize all of your Chakras – from the bottom right up to the top
  • The Chakra Toolkit Part 3: A set of 50 Chakra care affirmations to be used in your meditations, visualizations, and mind movies.
  • Raising Your Vibration: A 60 minute subliminal audio that projects hundreds of thousands of super-positive affirmations directly into your subconscious mind.

Who is Chakra Awakening for?mind movies

Well, there’s not many of us out there who wouldn’t welcome some help becoming the happiest, most successful person we can be.  From the stressed out exec to the run-ragged mom, the student desperately cramming for exams to the recent retiree struggling to know what to do with all that extra time…  When it comes to personal contentment and truly managing to thrive, we should all take advantage of every method of help that’s out there.

So what exactly are Chakras?

Your Chakras are the sources of energy within your body – and there are 7 centers of these.  They start at the base of your spine and move up to the top of your head.  They provide energy to every part of your mind, body, and spirit.  But they can become blocked and out of balance.  This affects whatever part of the body that particular Chakra is aligned to.  And if they’re not open and balanced, this has a detrimental affect on your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  This is why improving the health of your Chakras can have a phenomenally positive effect on all areas of your life.

The Pros and Cons of Chakra Awakening

The Pros

  • The Chakra Awakening system is suitable for anyone at any level of the journey. From the true rookie through to those of you who’re already well-practiced in the art of mindfulness and meditation, the system gently guides you onwards and upwards to true peace, calm, and well being.
  • Having the simple to follow tools that are provided within the system make it surprisingly easy to literally improve your life for the better.
  • You only need 3 minutes per day to dedicate to the program, making it the perfect choice for even the most time starved among us.
  • So positive are the guys behind Chakra Awakening that you’re going to love their product, that it comes with an incredible 12 month, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The Cons

  • Well, the biggest ‘con’ will be that you think that giving your Chakras some much needed TLC is simply a load of codswallop! But actually, for even the most cynical person out there, you should take some confidence that people have been doing so for thousands of years…  It’s not simply a trendy phase that’s hit the headlines – there’s actually scientific proof behind the energy centers in the body and our complete well-being.

The Bottom Line

chakra awakening guarantee

OK, so we have to say that we’re impressed!  Using cutting edge technology to literally re-program the subconscious mind into better health – both physically and mentally – this Mind Movies product – the Chakra Awakening system – is something that every single person out there has the ability to take advantage of.

There’s no long, boring reams of text to read through before you start – you simply plug in and get going.  And it only takes up 3 minutes of your day (just take 3 minutes out of the time you usually spend on Social Media – and voila!  It fits into even the most craziest of days…).

So in answer to our initial enquiry about the Chakra Awakening system…?   Yes, it really does offer something new.  And in addition to this, it’s scientifically proven to work.  So if you’re ready to give your Chakras the love they deserve, it won’t take long before you see the massive advantage it gives you on life.

In a nutshell, Chakra Awakening rocks…!