Body Boost Review – Is Fit Prosperity’s Superfood Drink Good?

A Way To Get All Your Superfood Needs In One Simple Drink!  With No Effort On Your Behalf!  Surely Such A Product Can’t Actually Be Any Good…?  

Okay, so ‘superfoods’ really are the buzz word right now.  And yes, we’ve all read the science behind why we should be filling our diet with such products.  But, and let’s face it, ingesting enough ofBody Boost Review them on a daily basis to actually do us any good is a bit of a bind – so many of them need preparing, be it by peeling, blending, juicing, shopping or simply cleaning up afterwards.  So when we came across Body Boost, a product that claims to provide you all ‘your daily nutrition in a single shot’, we were naturally pretty cynical.

But hey, never let it be said that we put a product down without giving it a fair crack of the whip.  So there was nothing else for it but to whittle down to the nitty gritty that is Body Boost, and see if it really can live up to its claims.

Below is what we discovered – and we think it’s pretty damn interesting…

What do you get for your money with Body Boost?

So, Body Boost is a single shot per day drink (1oz in total per day), that contains 66 powerful superfood ingredients.  It bills itself as a ‘natural superfood antioxidant liquid formula’.  A daily drink that makes taking all your multi vitamins and minerals a simple task taking around 3 seconds of your time each day.

Each 1oz shot contains a whole host of superfoods, including:

  • Vitamin E: The equivalent of 3 cups of chopped broccoli
  • Selenium:  Equivalent of 11.5 cups of quinoa
  • Calcium: 20 cups of almonds
  • Vitamin D3:  29 eggsBody Boost Ingredients
  • Vitamin B9:  2.2 cups of asparagus
  • Magnesium:  3.3 cups dark leafy greens
  • Vitamin B12:  6.25oz cheddar cheese
  • Vitamin B3:  10 cups green peas
  • Beta carotene:  0.5 cups spinach
  • Chromium:  6.75 cups broccoli
  • L-glutathione:  52 strawberries
  • Vitamin B5:  1 cup chopped mushrooms
  • Copper:  2.5 cups sun dried tomatoes
  • Manganese:  75 pecans
  • Resveratrol:  500 grapes
  • Vanadium:  2.66 cups peanut butter

Not to mention amino acids (L-glutamine, L-eucine, L-valine, and L-isoleucine) and antioxidants (acai plant, milk thistle, aloe vera, gotu kola, ginseng root, echinacea root, goji berry, and green tea extract…) – phew!

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Who is Body Boost for?

The great thing about the Body Boost drink supplement is that it’s suitable for pretty much everyone.  It’s fine for vegans, it’s gluten free, caffeine free and made without GMO.  That means that virtually anyone is able to add it to their diet for that much needed superfood boost.  Oh – and each daily shot only contains 15 calories, making it a great choice for those on a calorie controlled diet.

What benefits can I expect from taking Body Boost?

Incorporating Body Boost into your daily nutritional regime will have many benefits to the well being of your body.  These are too numerous to mention them all, but some of the key ones include thermogenic boosters (from the green tea extract) that are proven to help the body burn fat.  Another is the ability of the body to keep blood sugar levels stable, thanks to the vanadium, therefore avoiding those energy highs and lows that are such a common part of everyone’s day (you know, that tired, low feeling after lunch – or that comedown after your morning cappuccino…).  The high amount of antioxidants are a great way to keep those harmful free radicals under control, and in addition, many of the ingredients (including the root of ginseng) help the body and mind to remain happy and relaxed.

The Pros and Cons of Body Boost

The Pros

  • The amount of the superfoods contained in each daily shot is a powerful one, meaning that you can do away with all the hassle of juicing, blending and preparing ingredients every day.
  • The amount of superfoods contained in each daily shot is generous – and proven to be beneficial to all aspects of the body.
  • By helping the body to stabilize, thanks to the inclusion of so many vitamins and minerals that it’s easy not to eat within a normal diet, you can expect cravings to diminish.
  • The high amount of antioxidants is proven to slow the effects of aging on the body and the skin (and we all want that, that’s for sure…!).
  • By giving your body the nutrition it needs to correctly function, this also has the effect of helping all the internal organs to detoxify – simply because they learn to work correctly once more, exactly as nature intended them to.

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The Cons

  • So, probably the only down side to Body Boost is that it will take a little while to begin to see any results – this isn’t an instant fix as the body takes a while to become accustomed to its new daily dose of goodness.  And of course, to see the best results, you should combine it with a healthy eating and exercise regime too – that way you’ll give your body the very best chance to get in fantastic shape.

The Bottom Line

D’you know, we really thought we were going to be able to slate Body Boost.  But having got down and dirty with it, we have to say it’s a really good product.  If you’re looking for a way to combine all those superfood, vitamin and mineral needs into one quick and easy shot per day, then this could well become your best friend.  And we particularly like the fact that the amount of each beneficial product within the drink is enough to warrant being included in the advertising blurb.

So if you’re passionate about your health, but simply don’t have the time to shop for and prepare all those healthy superfood drinks on a daily basis, then Body Boost could be the answer.  In fact, the makers are so convinced that you’re going to love the product that they’re offering the first 30 days supply absolutely free (you only have to pay shipping and handling).  And that, in our humble opinion, is an offer worth taking up.  Body Boost – it really is aptly named, and does exactly what it says on the label.  We’re hooked…!

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