Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Review (2019) – The Truth Revealed

So What Makes This Collagen Powder Supplement Any Better than All The Others On Offer…? Because. Let’s Be Straight Here, It’s Gonna Have To Be Something Pretty Damn Special To Make Us Desert Our Other Proven Favorites…

biotrust ageless multi collagen reviewNow, we don’t know about you, but it takes quite a lot to impress us. And once we’ve found a product we know provides a combination of value and quality, then it’s gonna take something extraordinary to sway our loyalties. And when it comes to collagen protein powders, we have to say, it’s a pretty crowded market out there…

So when we came across Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen, a protein powder with a whole bunch of promises, we were mighty sure that it wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to many of the other excellent products on the market.

However… It would be narrow minded of us to simply assume this was the case. So naturally, we had to find out more. Cue a down and dirty deep dive into exactly what Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen had to offer. Was it really as good as the advertising blurb was promising? Or is it simply, ‘all mouth and no trousers’, as the saying goes…

The following is what we found out…

What do you get for your money with Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen?

So, you probably know that the reason we need a collagen supplement as we age is because we naturally produce less of the protein as the years go by. It’s a sad fact of life, and it’s been shown that the levels of collagen in our skin decrease up to 13% with each decade (from age 20 onwards). This means that by the time you reach 80, you only have a third of the amount of collagen that you did when you were in your 20s. Now, that’s quite scary stuff…!

The collagen levels in your body are responsible for many aspects of health, including:

  • Healthy, smooth, youthful skin
  • Glossy, strong hair
  • Strong, healthy nails
  • Gut health and good, effective digestion
  • Strong healthy ligaments and tendons

Collagen makes up a massive 70% of the protein in our skin, is one of the primary structural proteins in the joints, hair, nails, blood vessels, spinal discs, bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, blood-brain barrier, intestines, and more.

But the thing is, for your body to effectively gain from a collagen protein powder, it has to deliver not one, not two, but FIVE essential types of collagen. And sadly, most such supplements fail to come even close. But with Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen protein powder, you get all five types.

These are:

  • Type I: The most abundant type of collagen in the body, and is essential for healthy digestion, bones, organs, tendons, and skin.
  • Type II: This is used by the body for healthy cartilage, such as that found between the bones to form joints.
  • Type III: This type of collagen helps form the tissue of the heart and blood ves It also gives the skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Type V: This is crucial for the very best of skin formation and health. It also plays a large role for healthy hair.
  • Type X: Crucial for formation of bones and their health.

Who is Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen for?

As already mentioned, we naturally lose collagen as we age, from our 20s onwards. But in addition to this there are other lifestyle and environmental aspects that mean collagen also breaks down more rapidly. These include our diet, excess sun exposure, smoking, stress, changes in digestion and hormones, our level of physical activity… Some of this we can avoid, some we can’t… But in general, anyone over the age of 30 could benefit from including a high quality collagen protein supplement in their diet.

But I’ve heard that bone broth is the best collagen supplement?

The biggest reason that this isn’t so is because the bone broth doesn’t break down the collagen proteins. This means your body can’t fully digest it. And if that doesn’t happen, you simply don’t get all the benefits. Secondly, most bone broth only provides collagen from a single source (for example, chicken bones or beef bones). You need collagen from a range of sources to ensure you get the five different essential types to get a full benefit from your supplement.

And thirdly, bone broth isn’t the best tasting, and you certainly couldn’t add it to your shakes or coffee. This makes it very limited in how you take it on a daily basis.

The Pros and Cons of Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen

The Pros

  • A complete protein, containing the 5 different essential collagen types necessary for full benefit. Each service provides 10 grams of Collagen Protein, including BioActive Collagen Peptides, and 140mg of Tryptophan.
  • It never clumps. Really – never! Which is pretty unique, and thanks to containing hydrolyzed collagen peptides that make it more mixable with any liquid you choose. But even more importantly, it enables your body to digest it far more efficiently, meaning much greater benefits.
  • Tasteless and odorless, meaning you can add it to any drink you choose, and never know it was there.
  • Made from grass-fed, happy cows. So you know you’re getting an ethically sourced powder.

The Consbiotrust ageless multi collagen guarantee

  • Well, it’s not going to be a product that vegetarians are going to use. It also is made in a factory that also processes such products as soy, peanuts, wheat, and tree nuts. So if you have any allergies, you’re not going to be able to use this.

The Bottom Line

Well, we never like to admit that we were wrong (but then, who does..?). But on this occasion, we certainly were. Our initial thoughts that Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen was simply another bland product have been blown out of the water. Because on close inspection, this is collagen protein supplement that far surpasses most of the others on the market today.

So if you’re in the market for such a product, we think that Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen will impress you as much as it has us. It’s certainly made us have to re-jig our list of ‘favorite supplements’. Give it a couple of weeks, and you’ll be impressed with the results, that we guarantee. Biotrust Ageless Multi-Collagen certainly gets the thumbs up from us. Awesome…!