Anabolic After 40 Review (2019) – Does This Really Work?

Hey Guys… And Guys Over 40, In Particular… Want To Build Muscle Faster Than Guys Half Your Age…? Of Course You Do… But Let’s Be Serious Here… How Can That Even Be Possible To Achieve…?

anabolic after 40 reviewLet’s face it… Getting older sucks. And when it comes to looking fit and ripped well into your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond…? Well, that’s a pretty tall order, wouldn’t you agree…? But apparently, according to the advertising for Anabolic After 40, if you do it right, it’s easy…!

Hmmm… Well we’re gonna take some pretty hard convincing…

But we have to admit there’s a helluva buzz going on around Anabolic After 40. And if you’re reading this, then it seems you’ve heard it too… So of course, we just knew we had to find out more. And not only more… We had to uncover if there was really any proof behind the claims, or if it was simply a scam for the makers to get rich quick…

What we found out was pretty eye watering… So if you’re considering a purchase, then you really, REALLY need to read what we discovered… And be sure to do it before you sign on the dotted line…

What do you get for your money with Anabolic After 40?

OK, so Anabolic After 40 is all about targeting a natural decline in the male hormone, testosterone. As we age, this drops, causing unwanted symptoms such as muscle decay, strength loss, diabetes, weight gain (yep, that beer belly and love handles), and even erectile dysfunction. In fact, there’s a ton of scientific research that shows that men’s testosterone levels are at the lowest they’ve ever been in the history of man…!

Now that’s scary stuff…

But there is an answer. And it’s a specific exercise program designed for guys over 40. Forget what else is out there, because most of it’s directly designed for the younger guys. What you actually need to do is target this testosterone nose-dive. Do this, and your physique issues will literally disappear (not to mention melt away the fat and your performance in the sack will revert to how it was in your 20s…)

It’s all down to a harmful little hormone called cortisol. And the thing is, the harder you work out, the more of this your body makes.

It goes down like this:

  • The Cortisol Tipping Point: When you’re in your 20s you can train like crazy, gain muscle, and lose weight. But once you hit your 30s and above, all this does is flood your body with cortisol. And this literally smothers your natural testosterone production, and puts your body into a catabolic state. This means your muscle and hormones begin wasting away. So you walk out of the gym with less energy, testosterone, and therefore muscle mass than you came in with. And that’s the complete opposite of what you intended your work out to achieve.
  • Marathon Cardio Sessions: Did you know that it’s been proven that testosterone levels are lower in those who undertake endurance work – even lower than in guys who don’t take any exercise at all…! And it actually damages the male reproductive system, and can even cause erectile dysfunction…! And sadly, this is exactly the kind of exercise prescribed by the medical profession for men over 40…! Once again, these sessions cause high cortisol levels, low testosterone, and this eats away at your muscle mass…
  • Too Many Gym Sessions: It’s been proven that recovery time between workouts slows with age. In other words, you need more rest between training sessions. Fail to do this, and you can suffer from overtraining syndrome, causing chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, disturbed sleep, and an increased risk of injury. It also causes cortisol to skyrocket, and testosterone production to reduce.

Anabolic Over 40 shows you exactly how you need to work out to totally combat all of the above. And it’s presented in the following format:

  • The Anabolic After 40 Muscle Size Manual: Shows you the unique ‘XRX’ method that literally revamps your testosterone and reshapes your body. This includes the ‘Anabolic Override’ that uses proven strategic short rest periods between sets that prevents the Cortisol Tipping Point and gives a massive testosterone spiked. Anabolic EPOC, the will boost the amount of calories you burn post-workout, and Anabolic Recovery and Phasing, that means you’ll get incredible muscle gain through only working out three times per week. Plus a great testosterone level and a lowering cortisol response.

XRX stands for X-rep X-celleration, which is a powerful and unique combination that activates both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers in a single set, and therefore maximizes muscle growth in minutes, rather than hours, of exercise. This in turn boosts testosterone levels and wards of that hazardous cortisol that robs you of your desired results.

  • The Anabolic After 40 20lbs In 10 Weeks Blueprint: Here you’ll discover how to pack on up to 20 pounds of pure muscle in less than three months. You get the training, the nutrition, the supplements, and a complete exercise illustration and execution guide.
  • The Anabolic After 40 Bodyweight Edition: Training you can carry out anywhere using just your bodyweight. Perfect for when you’re travelling, or for those who don’t want to head to the gym. These bodyweight only exercises work in exactly the same way and will literally transform your physique.
  • The Anabolic After 40 X-traordinary Arms: Discover the exact sleeve splitting and vein popping training combinations that’ll add an extra inch to your arms in just a few weeks.
  • The Anabolic After 40 24-Hour Testosterone Surge: This incredible morning solutions that will boost testosterone levels for a whole 24 hours, without going to the gym! Simple, quick routines, effortless eating tricks, and a daily checklist that’ll see your sex and muscle building hormone spike by up to 530% – immediately…!

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Who is Anabolic After 40 for?

Hey guys… If you’re over 40 (or even in your mid 30s), then you’re already suffering from lowered testosterone. And you need to do something about it – now… Anabolic Over 40 shows you the unique training necessary to prevent those levels further dropping, AND to reduce those massively damaging cortisol levels.

But hey… Even if you already suffer… Even if you’re fat, over 40, are on prescription meds, and have no sex-drive whatsoever… You can still turn it around…! Yes, you really can. With these easy to follow, fast, and non-time consuming exercises that you can even carry out from the comfort of your own living room.

Put simply, if you want your youth back, Anabolic After 40 give you all the info you need to take back control of your looks, life, and lovin’…

Who the heck is Jonathan Lawson?

jonathan lawson anabolic after 40Lawson is the guy behind Anabolic After 40, and we have to admit, he sure knows his stuff. This 45 year old is a world-renowned fitness author who’s been multi-published in place such as, Livestrong, Iron Man Magazine, and Testosterone Nation.

And he’s now dedicated his life to bringing us – the ‘forgotten over-40s’ – the very Intel we need to decrease our cortisol levels, increase our testosterone, and literally get us firing on all cylinders once again…  And the thing is, you can’t do this by following most workouts. Because these force our bodies to make a lot of cortisol – and it’s this sucker that’s killing our efforts and making us old, fat, and sexless before our time…  That’s also why he created Anabolic Sleeping and Anabolic Running 2.0.

The Pros and Cons of Anabolic After 40

The Pros

  • Works however many years you’re packing. Scientific research has proven that older men using this style of training can build more muscle than guys half their age (yep, even if you’re aged 65+…!). Plus it helps ward off age related muscle loss, causing you to look and feel years younger than you actually are.
  • Will supercharge weight loss. Even if you’ve got more than 30 pounds to lose… Works whatever your current physical shape.
  • Increases the natural levels of free testosterone within the body. This causes muscle growth, fat loss, AND will make you a demon within the sheets…!
  • Can also help fix various health problems, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. This therefore can do away with the necessity to take dangerous prescription meds…

The Consanabolic after 40 guarantee

Well, to be honest…? It’ll be that you simply don’t believe that the results claimed by Anabolic After 40 are possible. But to this we have one thing to say… More fool you… Because more and more research is showing that as we age, we need to train differently. And that doesn’t mean harder… It means smarter… And If you want to learn exactly how to do this, and reap the results…? Well, Anabolic After 40 shows you everything you need to know.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we’re totally gobsmacked… But we’ve done our research, and much to our utter surprise, all this stuff about testosterone, cortisol, and methods of training are 100% true – pure and simple. And the makers of Anabolic After 40 are so sure that you’ll see the results you need, that they offer a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

So you can try out Anabolic After 40 at absolutely no risk whatsoever. WE have to say, this is the one program that’s gonna make some very happy, ripped guys out there. Unique, powerful, and awesome, that’s what Anabolic After 40 is. And so will you be, once you get with the program…

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