Alpha Brain Instant Review – Truth About Onnit’s Supp

A Drink That Can Honestly Improve Mental Performance, Focus, And Improve Your Memory?  Surely Such A Product Doesn’t Really Exist?  Or At Least Not Without Using Stimulants…

We’d all love to get that extra brain power: You know, be right at the sharp edge when it comes to remembering names, places, Alpha Brain Instant Reviewreaction time, and the ability to focus on complex tasks.  So when we came across Alpha Brain Instant, a drink formula that promises to do just that, we have to admit to being extremely cynical.

But, of course, there’s no way we can judge such a product without getting to know every last fact.  So that left us with no choice but to get down and dirty with the drink that promises to ‘ignite your brain’.  Below is what we discovered.  And even though we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Alpha Brain Instant?

So, what Alpha Brain Instant is, is a clinically tested formula consisting of nootropics with earth grown nutrients that deliver firepower directly to your neurotransmitter system (in other words, your brain), in a refreshing powdered drink format.  The product does the following:

  • Supports memory, focus, and processing speed: in healthy adults, thanks to the combination of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids contained within the drink.
  • Uses earth grown nutrients: These are plants that have grown alongside mankind, and in many cases the health benefits of these have been known about and used for millennia.
  • Improves memory: proven in 2 clinical trials using word recall.
  • Improves focus: once again proven in a clinical trial, the use of Alpha Brain Instant showed improvements in executive function.  In other words, the ability to focus on a goal and execute various tasks in as short a time as possible.  In addition, brain wave patterns were improved after taking the drink.
  • Improves processing speed: significant because the faster the brain can process the information it’s given, the quicker it can then respond.
  • Certified drug free: by the banned substances control group.  Alpha Brain Instant is tested for more than 392 drugs, including 207 that are banned from sports use, and a further 184 over the counter and prescription drugs.

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Who is Alpha Brain Instant for?

So, Alpha Brain Instant is recommended to be used by healthy adults.  In other words, for those of us who simply want to improve the way in which our brain works.  This could be in a work situation (especially good for those in highly technical or stressful jobs), in play situations (such as when you’re enjoying whatever sport you undertake), or simply for those who want to have more energy and to improve the functions your body can already cope with

Who is Onnit, makers of Alpha Brain Instant?

Onnit are a company committed to providing the very best supplements, foods, Onnit Supplementspersonal care and fitness products to the everyday guy on the street – in other words, that’s you and me.  They pride themselves in only selling the very best of products – those that are scientifically proven to improve the lifestyle of the healthy adult.  In fact, they’re so confident about the products they sell, that they offer a ‘like it or keep it for free’ guarantee – no questions asked: no forms to fill in: and valid for up to three months after purchase.

The Pros and Cons of Alpha Brain Instant

The Pros

  • Alpha Brain Instant comes in a handy powdered sachet form, meaning you can easily carry it with you, and simply mix it with water when you want to take it.
  • Being in powdered form it means that the nutrients within the drink are delivered immediately to the stomach, are quickly absorbed and can then cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • It can be used daily, and in 4 years of use and multiple clinical trials has shown no significant adverse effects in any of its users.
  • Onnit, the makers of Alpha Brain Instant, are the only company in the world that has the right to use the herbal extract, AC-11 (from Cat’s Claw – an Amazonian herb) in nootropic formulations.

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The Cons

  • The biggest drawback, as far as we can see, is the fact that the drink contains Soy. So if you’re allergic or react to this, you Money Back Guaranteewon’t be able to use Alpha Brain Instant.  But on the plus side, it’s non-GMO, and contains no caffeine or gluten.

The Bottom Line

D’you know, we thought we were going to hate this product.  We see so many similar sounding items come to market, most of which aren’t worth the packaging they come in…  But we have to admit, Alpha brain Instant is not one of them.  As with any product, if you suffer from any medical conditions or are pregnant, you should consult with a medical professional before taking.  But in general, this is a great supplement for anyone who needs to be right on form at any given time.

And because there’s no banned substances involved, it means you can use it whenever you like.  Imagine boosting your brain power before an important exam, or prior to a stressful presentation.  You can even use it to help you focus on your upcoming workout!  And we all know the better prepared for training you are, the better the training efforts will have on your body.  And because the ingredients are delivered so quickly to the brain and body, the results can be noticed very soon after drinking.  Definitely a product to keep on you 24/7, because in today’s tough world, who knows when the next challenge will be upon us?  Well done Onnit, we think Alpha Brain Instant rocks!  Keep up the good work…

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