Alexapure Pro Review – Is Water4Patriots Water Filter Good?

Do You Really Know What’s In The Water That Comes Out Of Your Tap?  And Is There Really A Cheap Method Of Turning Deadly Contaminated Water Into Something That’s 100% Safe To Drink…?

You know, we’ve all become pretty complacent about the fact that we can get safe drinking water simply by turning a faucet.  Alexapure Pro ReviewBut can you really be sure that it’s honestly safe to drink?  After all, we’re all aware of events such as the Toledo, Ohio, incident when the water literally turned green – and everyone was told not to even touch it, let along drink it.

But it’s not just that.  The FDA have failed to set enough standards on drinking water that make it truly safe to drink.  This means that right now, when you fill your glass, that you’re ingesting over 200 pollutants (such as metals, toxins, and drugs) every time you take a sip.  But a breakthrough technology by Water4Patriots can honestly change all that – so they say – and all at a price that’s honestly affordable for all.

Hmmmm – can it really be so simple?  Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?  And if you’re anything like us, you know that when something seems that amazing, it all too often isn’t.

So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with exactly what Water4Patriots and the Alexapure Pro water filter was all about.  And what we discovered may well surprise you…

What do you get for your money with Alexapure Pro?

OK so Alexapure Pro is a water filtration system that sits neatly on the tabletop and claims to remove up to 99.9999% of harmful bacterias, toxins, heavy metals, and all that nasty stuff that’s responsible for so many of the health issues that blight our society today.

    • Scientifically proven:  By Envirotek Laboratories – a nationally known water testing lab who’ve proved that this filtration system can turn even the most contaminated of water into something that’s truly safe to drink.
    • It doesn’t just filter, it PURIFIES:  Yep – it uses brand new, undiscovered up until now technology, that quickly and easily removes pretty much every nasty from any source of water.  And that means from anywhere – from your faucet, from streams, rivers…  you name it, it purifies it.
    • A purifying system that works solely on gravity:  So what this means is that especially in a time of crisis, you don’t need any form of power (such as gas or electricity – or even fire), to quickly provide you and your loved ones with water that is safe to drink.
    • It even removes fluoride:  A truly harmful additive that over 70% of US states insist on adding to the water supply.  Something that’s so damn harmful to health that 97% of Western European countries have stopped adding to the water.

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Who is Alexapure Pro for?

Do you care about your health?  Or the health of your kids?  Of course you do…  And if the government isn’t going to do anything about the harmful quantities of toxins in our water supply, then it’s down to us to take control.  Water4Patriots does just that – allows us – they guy (and gal) on the street, to ensure that we have truly safe water to drink – each and every day.

So who the heck is behind Alexapure Pro Water Filter?

It was a guy named Frank Bates who wanted to ensure that he and his loved ones had safe water (and, amongst other things, a stockpile of safe food to eat) to drink – not only in the case of a national emergency, but all the time.  So he founded the Food4Patriots group of companies.  With a lot of time and effort, he sourced and created exactly what he wanted for his family.  And from there, his company has grown.  They’re a truly US based company – using only US products – that provide both day to day and emergency situation products to those who care enough to do something about it…

The Pros and Cons of Alexapure Pro

The Pros

  • It removes all traces of fluoride from water – a product that, despite scientific proof that it causes not only a lowered IQ in children, but significant brain damage, our country deems a perfectly safe additive for us to be drinking on a daily basis…  Oh yeah, and it also increases the chance of your kids getting ADD, ADHD, depression, and learning difficulties.
  • Oh – and even the Chinese have stopped adding fluoride to the water (they stopped back in 2002!).  Instead, they sell it to the US!
  • The Water4Patriots Alexapure Pro purifying system removes not only the above mentioned fluorides, but also toxins, prescription drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers that are poisoning every single drop of water that’s coming from your faucet right now!
  • Not only will the system ensure that the water from your tap is truly safe to drink, but should the unthinkable happen (think war, natural disaster, or even government created disaster), then you’ll be able to simply dip into any water source – such as a river, lake, or stream, and purify the water within minutes – without any form of external power whatsoever!

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The Cons

  • Is Money Back Guaranteethere a con to Water4Patriots’ Alexapure Pro?  Well, the only one we can come across is your own disbelief of quite how bad our water supply really is.  But hey – we’re not here to do your research for you.  A simple Google search will soon show you all you need to know to be convinced…

The Bottom Line

Wow!  We never thought we’d come across a product that took us so completely by surprise as the Water4Patriots purifying system.  This is, without a doubt, one of the best products we’ve seen come to market in a long time.  In fact, having done our in-depth research, we’re actually pretty alarmed at quite how contaminated our drinking water really is.

This is a product that is not only a smart tool to have in the background should the worst scenario happen. but also one that you can use – right now – to improve the health of you and your loved ones.  In addition, Alexapure Pro makes the water taste great too!  But hey, as you’d expect from a quality company, you don’t need to take our word for it – thanks to the 100%, no-quibble, money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

We’re convinced.  And if you give it a try, we think you will be too…

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