Advanced 5×5 Review – Is Elliott Hulse’s Workout Program Good?

When it comes to training, Elliott Hulse says that he gets the same questions over and over again, and they are usually about plateaus. He also says that the problem lies within the fact that people are getting overexposed to various training and diet methods, and when they try to add in various elements or delete certain aspects because of what they hear, their results slow down.Advanced 5x5 review

Elliot has been doing the same program for over 20 years, and his body is proof that it works. He calls the program the 5×5 program. His uncle introduced it to him, and, even though he’s been introduced to many other methods throughout the years, he has stuck to the one program that works. In fact, he says that nothing he has found has come anywhere near his method of training, which is why he is introducing the Advanced 5×5 program to the public.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Advanced 5×5?

You get an optimized system according to what Elliott knows works to build up to 40 pounds of muscle in one year. The types of exercise, exactly how to do them, the days to do them on, the order to do them in, how long to rest, where to put your feet when squatting, and much more is included.

Even bodybuilders will benefit from this program and get insight into how to activate the two type of hypertrophy required for their already big and functional muscles.

You will learn things that Elliott teaches his clients in his gym every day, such as:

  • How to grow muscle without doing a ton of reps
  • How to take your current strength to the next level
  • When you should push yourself and when you should back off for optimal gains
  • How to get through plateaus no matter where you have plateaued
  • Exactly what you should be doing with your core when you are doing squats
  • So much more

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In short, the Advanced 5×5 system will have you getting the results you want from Elliott without having to pay the coaching fees. This guy is up front and center in the fitness world, so you know that his word and advice in this system is going to have to be spot on or he will get called out on every bodybuilding and strength forum around. That simple fact should give you some peace of mind that this program is going to help you get the strength you want.

Who Is Advanced 5×5 For?

This program is good for newbies and experts alike. As said, Elliott has been introduced to every type of system out there, and this is the best one he has found. Think of it this way: If something is going to work better than what you are using, then it is worth trying even if you are almost at the size you want to be.

And, obviously, this program is for anyone who wants to move past plateaus once and for all. That is the main problem in the fitness industry according to Elliott. Doing the work is easy until the plateau comes. It is important to have a proven system to help you get unstuck and get motivated to keep doing the hard work for more results.

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Who Created The Program?

Elliott HulseWhile you can find Elliott Hulse coaching at his Strength Camp gym in Florida, you can also find him on YouTube. He is a charismatic and intelligent man who has a lot of good advice for guys who want to improve their strength and their life. You can also find him goofing around with his twin brother on YouTube answering questions. A lot of people think he’s one of the most informative guys on the Internet when it comes to advice, and that’s probably because he knows his stuff. In fact, he charges $1000 for an hour skype session. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk too.

The Pros and Cons of Advanced 5×5

The Pros

  • If you want to reach new personal records each week, this program can help you do it
  • This is what works for one of the biggest and most well-known training gurus online
  • Add up to 40 pounds of muscle in one year
  • Move past plateaus in your strength training
  • An affordable price for the amount of information you are getting
  • All the information is available immediately upon purchase
  • If you have any questions about the program, you can contact Elliott through YouTube or Twitter
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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The Cons

  • If you have every watched Elliott train, you know that he is not for the faint of heart and you will need to do some seriously hard work to get the gains and work through the plateausMoney Back Guarantee
  • No information is going to be delivered directly to your house with this program as it is all digital
  • Training with Elliot personally would be better than just learning about his system as he could support proper technique

The Bottom Line

Elliott Hulse says that his mission in life is to help you become the strongest version of yourself, and this is not just some talk he’s selling to get you to buy his program. This man is online consistently handing out real, solid advice that helps people get the results in life that they want. He can be a little bit of a show-off, but that’s because his confidence is high in what he does, the advice he gives, and the results you can get from him. He knows that he’s the man who can help you, and all you have to do is take his help.

The Advanced 5×5 program can help you get the strength and gains you want. Reviewers say that if you stick to what the program lays out, increase your calories slightly, and get the rest you need, you will be seeing strength gains in no time, even if you’ve currently plateaued.

But the trick is to stick with the program until you see the results. As Elliott has made very clear, too many guys jump around from idea to idea or add or subtract little things into their routine that end up hurting it. If you want to follow Elliott’s advice for training, follow all of it and see this program – and only this program – through for at least close to 60 days before you move on to something else. But, chances are you should see results long before that.

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