The Way To The Most Abundance In Your Life?

Is it Really Possible to “Think” Yourself Wealthy?  Come On…. You Don’t Really Believe This Kind of Bull, Do You?  But, and this is a Big But, Suspending all Belief, What if There Honestly is Something in it?

Okay, there’s probably not anyone reading this right now who can’t think of at least one person who seems to have it all.  You know, the money, the lifestyle, the “toys” that are the trappings of a successful lifestyle…  So what makes them different from you and me?

unlimited abundance review

Well, according to Christie Marie Sheldon, it’s all about our state of mind and consciousness.  And if we could only break through this we could honestly discover how to attract wealth of all kinds into our lives.

Mmmmm, OK then, this immediately gets our radar raising a cynical eyebrow.  But, hang on a moment, because there really are people out there who have it all.  And what if Ms. Sheldon does have a point, and the only thing holding us back is our mindset?  Worth a look, don’t you think?  Well, we thought so.  So if you’re as curious as we were, read on to find out if Unlimited Abundance is simply a load of hogwash, or if it really does offer something we ought to be considering…

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What do you get for your money with The Way To The Most Abundance In Your Life?

This is a life coaching program that works on the principle of what Christie calls “Abundance Blocks.”  A pretty self-explanatory name for what this healer and energy coach
says are the 25 stumbling blocks to the financial and emotional wealth you crave.

Using the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program you can begin to remove these from your life, and start taking full advantage of everything it is that you need to make your life complete.

The training program is presented in an audio format, and consists of 25 separate coaching sessions.  These include the following:

  • Clearing Resistance – The first step uses a three step system to open your energy fields and basically kick start you into the right frame of mind to get started.
  • Clearing Doubt and Fear – here you learn to understand the four different types of energy, and how to literally tap into the correct type to take full advantage of every kind of life situation.
  • Clearing Fear of Success – because subconsciously many of us have this block preventing us from reaching that very success we so crave…
  • Clear Clutter – the bane of modern life.  And it’s time to take action to get rid of it!
  • Discover the Ultimate You – and you first need to meet that person by unlocking all your true skills and the characteristics that make up the real you
  • Clearing Lack of Self Worth – this is where you learn how past experiences affect you today, including the love (or lack of love) you received from your parents.
  • Clearing your Uncertainty – the very last coaching session of the course that shows you how to continue on your journey towards the success and wealth that you previously only dreamed were possible.

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Who is The Way To The Most Abundance In Your Life for?

Wow – now there’s a question!  Much as we’d like to just say an all-encompassing “everyone,” there might well be a few people (somewhere, someplace) who might not be ready to start striding out down that road towards success and self-worth.  Ever wondered why there are “winners and losers” in life?  Yeah, so have we.  And, to be brutally honest, Unlimited Abundance is really only suitable for those who honestly come under the banner of “one of life’s winners.”

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to already be successful, or in the financial place that you’d like to be to take advantage of the Unlimited Abundance program.  Oh no, far from it….  All you need is to WANT to be in that place.  It doesn’t matter where you are on your life journey so far.  You could be ticking along okay, or completely down on your luck.  You can even be doing pretty well – and just looking to take it up to the next level.  The one most important thing as to who Unlimited Abundance is for, is that it’s for anyone who truly wants to be more successful than they already are.

Who is Christie Marie Sheldon?

Christie has already proven to over 10,000 people that her life and energy coaching really can make a real and positive difference to your life.  She’s an intuitive healer and energy coach – successful producer of the already successful “Love or Above” program, as well as Unlimited Abundance.  By using her unique talents she helps people connect to their inner self, channel their energy and create real and positive change in their lives.

The Pros and Cons of The Way To The Most Abundance In Your Life

The Pros

  • Unlimited Abundance is presented in audio format, meaning that you get to actually listen to Christie herself, so getting the full benefit not only of her knowledge, but also her tone, positivity and energy channeling methods.
  • By changing your mindset you will suddenly begin to experience a passion and motivation to excel in all areas of your life
  • Once you’ve opened the channels of success, you’ll be amazed by the amount of creative ideas that occur to you, allowing you to reach even more of your dreams and further abundance
  • Abundance truly does lead to more abundance, and you’ll also discover exactly how to gain the correct work-life balance, meaning your family and friends will also become happier and more contented as well.
  • Once you begin the chain of events that allows positivity to take over your life, things honestly never will be the same again.
  • You can take advantage of your audio sessions on any multi-media device – including your iPod and iPad
  • You get to connect with other positive minded souls via the members’ private online community.
  • You can study at your own pace – so Unlimited Abundance truly does fit around your life – and doesn’t control it.

The Cons

  • Okay – so you do need to make a conscious decision to take full advantage of the program.  A mindset change needs to be total, so if you go into the program with the attitude that nothing like this can possible work, then you’ll probably be right!  But head in with an open mind, and the world really can become your oyster…
  • Once you begin to reap the benefits of Unlimited Abundance, you can fully expect everyone around you to notice the change.  Expect to spend a good deal of time telling others exactly how they too can experience the powerful difference of correctly channeled energy and positive thinking.

The Bottom Line

Well, considering that we expected to write a review that blasted Unlimited Abundance into the ground, completely the opposite has happened.  If you have even an inkling of wanting to change your current circumstances, then this is a life coaching program that can only have a positive effect.  Plus, when you add in the astounding 90 day, no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee it makes trying this out a bit of a no-brainer, to be honest.

If you’re honestly looking for that much needed boost towards the success you’ve always dreamed of, then we thoroughly suggest you give Christie Marie Sheldon’s program a try.  After all, if you don’t give it a go, then how can you ever know…

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