Ab Strength Guide Review – Is It Any Good?

Neuro Fat Loss Training to get those “To Die For” Flat, Sculpted Abs? What’s that All About Then? A Genuine Method that can Truly Provide the Results you Dream of – or Simply a Load of Psycho-Babble Designed to Relieve You of your Hard Earned Dollars…..? [wplapdance name=”abstrength”]

Well, there can’t be a person out there who wouldn’t love to have a set of perfectly sculpted abs. However, as soon as you start to mention a method that goes by the name of “neuro fat loss training” then we have to admit that Abs Strength Guideour hackles to tend to rise a little. Blinding us with pseudo-science is not something that we appreciate when it comes to getting that perfect body.

However, we’ve done our best to put our cynicism to one side and to carry out an unbiased review of Dr. Kareem Samhouri’s Ab Strength Guide. Read on to find out exactly what we discovered or go to the official website here.

What do you get for your money with Ab Strength Guide?

Abs Strength Guide is a program that’s mainly comprised of video tutorials and workouts. The regime is made up of five separate workout programs, and each one is demonstrated by the creator himself.

  • Component #1 – Fast and Functional Abs. By training your abs and body in a balanced method, this allows the body metabolism to raise and therefore melts away more fat both during and after your workouts.
  • Component #2 – The Secret to Sculpting Abs. High intensity and full body training – because you can’t just expect to work your abs to reveal that beautiful six pack hidden beneath that layer of fat.
  • Component #3 – Unstable Surface Training for Abs. Working first your core muscles and then moving to the muscles of the body’s extremities.
  • Component #4 – Speed Training. Because it simply isn’t necessary to workout for an hour or more per day to get the results you need…
  • Component #5 – Bodyweight Workouts for Faster Fat Loss. Using your own bodyweight for resistance is a powerful method that is often ignored or under-utilized in many workout regimes. Not so here, as Ab Strength Guide makes full use of this often little-used workout gem.

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Who is Ab Strength Guide for?

Well, one good thing about Ab Strength Guide is the sheer versatility of the program. This means that it’s suitable for virtually anyone. Well, you might want to have a general level of good fitness to begin with, because as with any program you don’t get the results you crave without putting in a decent amount of effort. But if you can run for a bus, chase up a couple of flights of stairs and keep up with the kids when playing in the back yard, then you’re fit enough to gain full advantage of the Abs Strength Guide.

But don’t think that this means it’s a beginner’s workout program, because nothing could be further from the truth. Ab Strength Guide continues to increase with your own level of fitness, meaning that there’s probably not a person on the planet who wouldn’t gain a great deal of results from following the program.

Who is Dr. Kareem Samhouri?

Kareem SamhouriNow, the Dr. at the front of his name isn’t just an affectation. This guy is a doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Miami, as well as being an extremely experienced fitness trainer. His specialties are the areas of metabolic workouts, fat loss and joint health, and “Neuro Fat Loss” is his own creation based on every aspect of his knowledge. He is well known in both the fitness and health industry as being an expert in his field, and certainly has produced some excellent fitness products and programs in the past.

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The Pros and Cons of Ab Strength Guide

The Pros

  • Because all of the exercises are produced in video format, this makes it simplicity itself to see the perfect technique and replicate this as you carry out the exercises yourself.
  • Don’t be mistaken by the name of the program, because Ab Strength Guide is a complete body workout program. After all, you can’t just work one muscle group in isolation and expect to get the all over body results you want.
  • Whether you’re male or female, this is a program that works and gets the results that we all so desperately want to aim for.
  • Comes with a no quibble, 100% money back guarantee. So you can purchase with full confidence that you can literally “try before you buy.”
  • The Abs Strength Guide workouts don’t take up a huge amount of time and don’t require you to have a whole bunch of equipment at home either. This is a true home workout program – although naturally there’s nothing to stop you following the course at the gym if you so require.

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The Cons

  • One thing that the good Doctor likes to do is give quite a lot of scientific detail about exactly why the program and exercises work. Now – we personally like this aspect as we enjoy understanding about the science behind the exercise. But some people might find this not quite to their liking.
  • Okay, so you can’t expect a workout regime to give you results without putting in the necessary effort. Make no mistake, Ab Strength Guide will have you working hard – but if you follow the program then it’ll do exactly as it says in the title, and you’ll have those abs that most people can only dream of….

The Bottom Line

We love it! Dr. Kareem Samhouri certainly knows his stuff, and the program is delivered in a visually appealing and easy to follow manner. We just think that the program is perhaps not that well named. Because although it certainly does work on strengthening up those core abdominal muscles, it might well give many people the wrong impression about the program, and they’ll think that it solely works on the abs.

But nothing could be further from the truth, because Ab Strength Guide is a true all-round workout program – and one that will, if you follow it, honestly give you the results you want.

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