illumiflow Discount Code

Are You Looking for an illumiflow Deal, Coupon or Discount Code for the illumiflow 148 or 272 Laser Cap?

If so, I’ve got some good news for you today. The good news is I was able to find an illumiflow discount code that is actually working.

This coupon allows you to save $25 off your purchase of their 148 laser cap or 272 laser cap.

It’s verified as working of October 22nd 2020.

So if you are looking to use LLLT for hair regrowth and you want to save $25 on the illumiflow 272 or 148 laser cap here’s what you need to do.

Go to the illumiflow site right here and add the 272 or the 148 to your cart.

  1. At checkout use the illumiflow coupon code: DISCOUNT25

That’s it.

You’ll see the $25 discount applied and will be all set.

Any questions or if you used it please let us know in the comments.