How Laser Caps for Hair Growth Actually Work

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), over 89 million American women and men have alopecia or hereditary hair loss. This sometimes embarrassing problem can be life-impacting for the people it negatively affects.

Most times, when people experience early onset or even normal levels of hair loss for their age, they want a solution to the problem. If you can relate and are experiencing some level of hair loss or thinning, you have likely looked into the possible remedies and/or treatment options.

Laser Cap Therapy as a Hair Loss Treatment Option

One innovative, less-invasive strategy to combat hair loss is laser hair caps or a laser hair growth device. Perhaps, you have heard about it. Thankfully, we will tell you everything you need to know about these laser hat devices, allowing you to make an educated judgement on these technologically advanced devices. Read on to learn more about how laser caps for hair growth work:

What is LLLT & How Was it Discovered?

Virtually all laser caps work by utilizing low level laser therapy (LLLT).

This technology, which has been proven effective at stimulating the hair follicles and promoting growth, was initially discovered in the late 1960s by cancer research scientists trying to create an effective cancer therapy. The research mice used in the cancer experiment showed signs of exponential hair growth due to LLLT.

Of course, this was an unexpected byproduct of laser use and surprised the scientists, prompting them to engage in more targeted research studying the use of LLLT in hair growth.

Since this accidental discovery, there have been countless clinical studies that prove LLLT is a safe and effective way to counteract hair loss and promote hair growth and thickening.

Do Laser Hair Growth Devices Work to Regrow Hair?

LLLT caps work by awakening a tired scalp.

The cap directs the laser to the scalp. It treats the base of each hair follicle via red light energy, described above as LLLT.

This then re-energizes the mitochondria of the cells in the base of the hair follicles. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells, so by boosting them, you are in essence awakening a tired or dormant scalp. After this awakening, your mitochondria is once again able to reproduce and repair your scalp, resulting in healthier, thicker hair.

It is also possible to see new growth from previously dormant follicles.

Are Laser Caps Effective For Hair Regrowth? Do Laser Hats Really Work?


As mentioned above, laser caps using LLLT have been proven effective in various clinical studies.

However, how you use your device will largely impact its effectiveness. For example, consistent dosages of LLLT is needed in order to achieve the desired results.

Therefore, establishing and then adhering to a treatment regimen is very important and greatly correlates with a person’s hair growth results.

How Laser Caps Work to Re-Grow Hair

There are five basic ways that LLLT works to boost hair growth via laser cap usage. They are as follows:

  • Inhibits 5-Alpha Reductase: The 5-alpha reductase converts testosterone into DHT, which is called the hair loss hormone. Scientists have proven a correlation between DHT and hair loss. The more DHT someone has, the more likely they will suffer with hair loss. Therefore, laser caps attack this hormone, blocking DHT production.
  • Oxygen Booster: Another way LLLT caps work is boosting the oxygen levels of the scalp. This combats NO and CCO development which can inhibit cellular respiration. Oxygen boosting also provides essential nutrients for hair growth.
  • Promotes Shock Proteins: Shock proteins have been shown to aid in cellular health. LLLT activates the HSP27 shock protein, which boosts stem cell growth in the hair follicles.
  • Increases Blood Flow: Another benefit of LLLT is the process vasodilation. This means ensuring the foundational requirements for healthy hair through various methods including promoting blood flow and oxygen delivery.
  • Encourages Acute Inflammation: Although inflammation might be considered a negative element in other parts of the body, in terms of hair growth it can be a good thing. This is because the natural response to inflammation can encourage hair regrowth. Of course, the dosage is vitally important as too much inflammation can have the opposite effective and impede hair growth. Thankfully, hair laser caps have just the right mixture to help promote hair growth, without unwelcome side effects.

What Are The Best Laser Caps on the Market Today?

In our opinion, the very best company for laser caps for hair growth are the illumiflow products.

While other companies like REVIAN, Bosley, Cappilus and Theradone also have great laser caps, there is no substitution for the Illumiflow caps.

In fact, illiumiflow was one of the first laser cap, LLLT companies to achieve the coveted FDA clearance. This means illumiflow products have been deemed medically safe and effective to treat hair loss.

Illumiflow also has CDRH Registration, which is another step to ensure consumer safety that most new or less known companies do not have.

Bottom Line

Implementing laser cap therapy is a safe and effective way to counteract hair loss. The above information outlines how this technology works and why you should try it if you are currently experiencing unwanted hair loss.